36 Maitland St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Found a bedbug crawling on my wall one night. We called the building manager, the rental company, made verbal requests at the rental office, and submitted multiple maintenance request forms. Nothing happened. We never found any additional bedbugs, which was lucky, and have since moved out, discarding mattresses and furniture as a precaution.

This building has undergone extensive (and noisy!) renovations over the past year beginning every day at 8am, and occasionally before. It was frustrating

to see that our requests were ignored for 2 months, but they wasted no time in getting into our unit to renovate after we left.

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I moved into this apartment four years ago and since then it has speedily gone down hill. Mice, bed bugs and an incredibly rude superintendent are just some of the features this building has. The management does NOT care about it's tenants.

Everything always breaks because the building is so run down, and unless you've got some duck tape and do it yourself, it ain't getting fixed. My window broke from closing it and I had to wait a year before it was replaced.

Living here has been an awf

ul experience.

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This building has bed bugs and the superintendent and building management could care less. It was very difficult to get cooperation from either party when trying to eradicate this pest infestation. This building may look cute and affordable, but there is a reason. We have had mice for a while but bed bugs are the bigger concern. DO NOT MOVE IN TO THIS BUILDING!!

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