33 Wood St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Living in this building since 2013, building manager is very friendly and take your matter and solve it. Never had any problem with the management. since the location is so amazing, I am enjoying with my family here and as long as this management is there, I will live continue living here.
Enjoying living here and just this year I have upgraded to two bedroom on 29th floor.
Bedbug and roaches are people problem and their housekeeping but management take care of it through professional company

, if they know about it.
You just have to talk to building manager about any issue, he will solve it v
we have none here.

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Since December 2014, we've been having cockroaches come into our apartment through the wall... not a good experience. Management is unresponsive and doesn't seem to care. In the process of getting the health unit involved.

The hookers are a place called Maximum, in unit 2805. Call (647) 989-9849.

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September 24, 2012

I am thinking of renting an apartment in this building, can anyone tell me if there is still a problem with bedbugs and which floors?
I would really appreciate any input, both positive /negative. It is so difficult to find a reasonably priced apartment in this area but I am deathly afraid of moving into an apartment building with bedbugs/cockroaches.
Thank you

Been here for a year now and I was afraid of beg bugs, but I have never seen one. Good place to live with affordable rent.

Hi, my name is Andy and my parter new is Sara. Have never seen a bed bug here in out lives:)

One of the best spacious apartment. I have been living since last year, Never heard of bedbug in my apartment. Manager of the building is very customer care and professional and all your maintenance issue is fixed very quickly. Its hard to get apt vacancy here. Good Luck

I am thinking of moving to an apartment at 33 wood st. M4Y 2P8.. Please I would like to know your advice.. Should I or should I not move there? I read about the bed bugs.. I hate them!!!!! I experienced them in life.. They suck your blood like hell!! and you find them everywhere!!! it so disgusting and irritating..

The real bed bugs are the hookers

The first night in our unit we had discovered cockroaches .. a few months later bedbugs. We have had 3 sprays and I can still find them, not to mention the company who sprays broke my bed - true. I argued to have heat treatment and even found a inexpensive company but management still insists on using chemical spray - even though it doesnt work. Ive decided to collect all the bedbugs I find, put them into a ziplock bag and send them through the mail slot for management one morning.

lived here for 7 years, just this past december got bed bugs! they sprayed once, and it's been ok since. Cross my fingers it wont happen again. Love this area, but it's not worth the drama!!

I lived in a 2-bdrm. here for about 3 years. My roommate (winter 2009) got bed bugs but I was luckily spared. Still, we had to vacate so everything could be sprayed to prevent them from spreading. I spent hours cleaning, redoing laundry, etc. My roommate's bdrm. was extremely messy though so he may have been asking for it. In the three years I lived there, that was the only time I ever had a problem. The reason why I moved out had nothing to do with bed bugs. It had to do with the managem

ent. They are very inefficient... Takes them 20 minutes to write out a freaking parking pass, for example.

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14 Jan 2011. Living in 16th floor. Management is very good.as they come to know, they take quick action.Building Superintendent MOH takes every Precautious to get ride of it and helps to educate how to get ride of it.Recomended to live here,good and spacious.

Are there any other people with issues at this location?? Please write and tell me as I am looking to move here!

Had a bit of a problem, but thanks to a biz card I picked up, spent the few cheap nights in a hotel thanks to copycraigs hotel booking service when my apartment was being treated!

ARe there bed bugs in 33 wood street. I have had this problem here on the 6th floor for 3 years now. The management are morons. Im gonna leave this place, because they do the minimum to get rid of these pests. Which floors have bed bugs?

There are still bed bugs here. I am moving out before the end of my lease due to the frustrations involved. The apartment building is old, dirty, and not well maintained. I wish I knew before I moved in in 2009 that there were bed bugs. I have thrown out my bed, furniture, and have lossed a lot of sleep due to this issue.

Are there still bed bugs at this location. I am planning to get a furnished apartment for a month (09/2010)


If building manager here is inept how do you expect them to deal with apartment issues. My friend is thinking of applying to this apartment, after reading what's written here I better tell her not to. It seems like it's not worth the trouble of living there.

Why the bedbugs in this building? It is a dirty building. Take a good look at the elevators. Management will hide the dirt and the filth but it is a badly managed building. First, they don't know how to communicate. Basic English is a challenge for the management. Second, the floors are reeking of awful smell. Avoid these apartments at all cost, management is inept.

29th floor. Third time. I can't do this anymore. Check the listings in this entire neighbourhood and see there is virtually no building without the same problem. I actually do think management is trying, but it is each persons responsibility to be vigilant. Time to leave the downtown core? Maybe, I need sleep.

The Property Management & supers in this building are very cheap and will do the very least possible. This issue has been going on for years and it has not been resolved.

I would suggest to stay away or move, just for the sake of your sanity.

They have also had severe problems at the Days Inn.

I am planning to rent an apt. in this building and viewed 2406 few days ago. Just before I sent out my application, I noticed this website and the reports here scared me a lot. Have the building been entirely sparied or not? any report on the 24th floor or #6 line? thanks.

We have had them in our apartment (19th floor) 3 times now. October 2008, twice. and now December 2009. We have also brought them back from the laundry room several times throughout the year, and were lucky enough to catch them.
I think it's important for people to know that simply washing your bed-bug infested clothes/sheets etc in regular water isn't enough to kill them. And this puts other tenants at risk of bringing bed bugs back to their own apartments when they do their laundry.
Our bui

lding needs to spray all of the apartments. I have lived other places and they do this on a yearly basis or twice a year. It would certainly save money in the long run, as bed bugs have been a major problem in this building for over a year now.

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Im on the 5th floor, and have bed bugs. What floors do you guys have them on? what line?





We're on the 14th floor. Since the second spraying in the spring we haven't seen any bugs. We got covers for the mattress, box spring, and pillows, keep the bed pulled away from the wall, and haven't been bitten since first spray.

Decluttering definitely helps. We found many of the bugs were living on items stored under the bed.

im on the 20th floor and have bed bugs. which floors do you have bed bugs on?

Found bugs in June, had the apartment sprayed twice. They're back again however, and we will be boxing up our rooms for the third time.

With so many complaints throughout the apt. complex, one would assume that action would be taken immediately. One entire fumigation of the complex surely would cost less in the long run, than the shoddy jobs they are doing on each unit.

I got the appartment sprayed twice and then threw my mattress. I still see bugs sometimes in the sofa or my T-Shrit and I cannot find another mattress that is as comfortable. Moral of the story-I am still unable to get a good night sleep.

Why can\'t the managment get the whole building sprayed?

The management asked to prep the appartment to get checked for bed bugs. I though it was a good idea. Its been almost a month now and now I am able to see bed bugs at my home. Even if I ask them to get the pesticides sprayed in my house and gothrough the moving of furniture once again, I am not sure if it will actually work.

The management asked to prep the appartment to get checked for bed bugs. I though it was a good idea. Its been almost a month now and now I am able to see bed bugs at my home. Even if I ask them to get the pesticides sprayed in my house and gothrough the moving of furniture once again, I am not sure if it will actually work.

Got Bed Bugs in Toronto?

Call Bugs'R'Gone Laundry!!!

They really helped me out.

They're great!


Cain pest control was very helpfull too!

What floors are you guys on?

Recently management had our apartment sprayed (we were getting bit and had seen bugs). Got home that night and already found two live bugs on the mattress; one walking along the floor the next morning. Not very pleased that we went to all the work to prepare for the treatment and it was apparently so sloppy!

Moved into an apartment here this past fall (2008); shortly after got a few bites, though it was bird mites from the pigeons always hanging out by the bedroom window, kept the window closed and the problem seemed to go away over the winter. But as soon as the weather warmed up again, we've been getting bit. In the last week (late March 2009) I've actually seen (and killed) five bugs in the bedroom and living room, which are definitely bed bugs. Have no idea where they're living (checked under

mattress and other usual places and have seen none there) but they're definitely in the apartment.

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My apartment received an inspection and spraying in January. I never received a report back. Was bitten in late January but decided it was all in my head. Was bitten again last night and actually saw a bug this morning. I purchased $320. worth of mattress and box spring protectors. I feel that management has done nothing to combat this on a larger scale. I know the person downstairs from me still has them after a full spray, but is not reporting this.
33 Wood Street

Bed bugs have clearly been a problem for longer than management is admitting. In my apartment we first noticed bites in the fall but did not identify the source until December. Treatments have not worked at all.

The bugs are believed to be traveling between floors from one apartment to another through the heating units. That is, in a vertical line (ie. from 606 to 506 and 706 and so on). Don't know what the hell they can do to stop that short of spraying the entire building. And I suspec

t management will do everything possible to avoid that.

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Well it looks like the property management is doing something... they are having an information session on Monday to tell us what we can do to prevent bed bugs.

Hopefully they will do more then just hold an information session

I heard the new superintendent in this building talking to one of the ladies that work in the management office about spraying for bed bug in the summer of 2008 ( and a couple of units were mentioned). This is obviously a problem management is aware of but chooses not to do anything about.

Just like every other issue in this building you have to fight tooth & nail to get anything done.

Management should be proactive and put up notices warning the tenants as well as providing information as

to what should be done if bed bugs are found in your unit.

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Bedbugs were first spotted in July 2008 and management didn't take any action until months later. After multiple complaints were filed management finally arranged 2 bug sprays for us but we still suffer bedbug problems afterward. Bed bugs are still found sporadically since winter hits but they aren't as active now.

bed bugs were found initially in september 2008 and I rented a furnished apartement there and got bed bugs brought home with me. the problem persists.

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