33 Maitland St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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I am the same poster as above and wanted to state that upon exiting the building, I threw my luggage bags into the garbage disposal area, to see that when i was leaving the building someone had taken the luggage bags inside and left them in the hallway. I then proceeded to take them back out there, and also included a note.

Hopefully the person who took them out from the garbage had enough brains to actually read the note.

I am still nervous I transferred the bugs to my new

place, in which I stuck many things in the freezer and threw the things that were lying on the ground in containers. Everything else I bagged up and threw into the dryer for an hour

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August 2011

1st floor

Bed bugs Ate me alive! Was staying with a friend who said he didn't have any problems, but I figured out why he said that because he wasn't scratching or it didn't matter to him, because when I mentioned telling the landlord he just shrugged.
I guess he didn't understand the severity of the issues with BED BUGS! I found a few skins from the bugs in his bed, I stayed for a month, but would wake up with triangular bites on my body that would itch so much I couldn't st

and to be there. I was not very happy.

Within a few of me staying at the location, I did notice a ripped apart couch sitting outside of the apartment building -- not thinking anything of it till I starting scratching myself to death the following nights.. Why would someone cut up a couch unless they didn't want anyone else to take it!!?

I checked the bed bug registry to find 0 reports for this place, but I did notice during my stay, late at night the people upstairs were constantly moving stuff around, not sure if that was anything to do with their place being infested or not..
Pretty sure the building was/is infested.. with uneducated people living there, or just not caring to have it checked out..

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