3 Linden St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Hi, everybody,

Please allow me to introduce myself and the new 3 Linden Street.

I am the new owner of the property. We assure you of our best effort to provide guests the most satisfying living condition in the house.

We have fully renovated the house. We now have high speed WIFI and cable TV in the common lounge. You also have the choice to enjoy our breakfast service (food handler safety certified).

Please refer to our Facebook page.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile

If information hasn't been fully presented in the page, please feel free to contact us.

I wish to have the opportunity to serve you in the near future. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Tel: +1(647)343-8719
Email: [email protected]

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Avoid this place. Shirley is crazy, hoards, lies does not really understand what looking after a property means, will ALWAYS blame a tenant whenever an issue arise, and will try to screw you over. The place has bedbugs, likely hiding in the materials taken from the streets. Avoid, avoid, avoid

I lived in the house in 2011, and yes there were bedbugs. Shirley tried to blame me but the issue is her. Shirley has a hoarding issue, picks up mattresses, furnitures from thrift stores or even the streets and does not look after the property well. I am sure the bedbugs come from one of the used furniture or mattress she brought in. I promptly left the house as she refused to acknowledge responsibility for any issue in the house and would always blame a tenant.

I am shocked to hear all these stories! I moved to 3 Linden street in April 2009. Before moving in I asked Shirley if there were any problems with the house - break-ins, bed bugs, etc. She had flat out said 'No, never it's safe and clean'.
The first month I moved in, I experienced SEVERE bump rashes on my arm and on my stomach. My boyfriend who would also stay some nights had it the worst - red bumps all over his arms, back and stomach (I felt so awful).
When I asked Shirley that my bed was po

tentially infested with bed bugs, she was alarmed and insisted that that was not the case, and that my room was clean and there was no such thing. When I asked her specifically if there were any other rooms in the house infested with bed bugs, she reluctantly said 'yes, one room upstairs, but never in my basement room'. I told her that I found a bug on my bed, and left it on my bed for her to see, but she shuffled my bed and said that she didn't see anything.

As soon as I found out that the rashes were a result of bed-bug bites, I immediately washed all of my clothes to the near-by laundromat. I ended up doing 4 loads of laundry. I also moved my stuff out of the house, threw out my blankets and pillows, vacuumed the inside of all of my boxes, and made sure that everything that was in the room was clean and bug-free. I had to stay overnight in a hotel. I was furious. Thankfully, I was able to move into a friend's apartment the day after.

I called Shirley about a week later to see if I had any mail, and she said that I didn't. Then she said 'you were right, your bed had bed bugs'. Then she blamed it on me and said that 'it was my fault because I should have cleaned the sheets!!!!!' I was floored by this response, because cleaning my sheets wasn't the issue! (Also, I cleaned my sheets on a regular basis!!) The issue was that that bed, that room, and that entire house was infested with bed bugs and she REFUSED to do anything about it. I'm so surprised that there was an entry made in 2008 about this issue, because this means that Shirley was well aware, but chose to do nothing about it. I was so glad to move out. I wish I could warn other people about this place. There should be a warning on View-It.ca, where I found this place. Anyways, that's my story.

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You should report this building to Toronto Public Health. They do not monitor this page but the fact that your son has travelled on a plane and is now home means that the bugs have travelled with him. This is a terrible story. You should also contact a columnist at the Toronto Star named Joe Forito who has been writing numerous stories about the terrible bed bug epidemic the city has. I'm sure he would be interested in this story and the lousy landlord.

I would like to complain about an apartment. 3 linden st. Toronto,ontario. My son came to toronto April 17th 2010. For a placement for college. He found an apartment complex that has rooms with shared accomadations. We had searched for months for a place for him but being as his placement was a month, it sort of made it difficult to find a place. My son then decided that he wanted to stay longer after his placement so he was looking for somthing a little more permanent. He found the pla

ce 3 linden st. With a nice landlady named "shirley Temple" (this is what she told him). My son gave her 1st and last $1600.00, for a student this is alot of money. He moved into the unit on april 19th 2010. this apartment was quite conveninetly around the corner to where my son was to do his placement. My son is now home he arrived at midnight last nite. As of April 25th 2010 ,,7 days after moving in he had bed bugs. He went to a walkin clinic in the area and the doctor confirmed bed bugs. My son then informed the landlady who said she'd clean the bedding etc. My son had to take his clothing to a laundromat ($3.00 a load). The landlady put him in another room for one nite, while the other room was vaccumed and cleaned,, but becuz they hadn't seen any bugs he'd have to go back into it. My sons bites are quite bad and there are many. His placement sent him home telling him for safety of the other workers bed bugs can travel on clothing and that he would have to leave and maybe find another place to live and then he could continue his placement. THis place he was staying sorta was hard enough to find. who would take a bed bug bitten college student in for 3 more weeks. My son could not finish his placement as the lady "shirley" had told him she'd return all his money if he wasn't happy living there because he had only been there 15 days, (10 of which he had bug bites)but that wasn't the case..he had no more money to move or to even come home. On Monday may 3 2010 my son informed them he was leaving they returned 800.00 to him. He lost his placement basically, which could jeopardize him graduating as he needs so many placement hours, he was out 800.00 he didn't and wouldnt be able to finish his placement, he didn't have enough money to move, he had been on benedryl for how many days and anti -itch creams etc.. and we booked him flight home . The unit on 3 linden place was not properly cleaned. The landlord was a very rude and ignorant man. He said he could rent the room out again tomorrow if he liked and no one would complain about bugs. He said no one has ever had bugs from his unit. (a boy from the unit that my son had met through living there had moved out 3 days before , becuz he had bug bites.) I informed the landlord my son was and is not the first, nor if they didn't clean the room and units properly he would not be the last. At this point i asked if he would at least return another 400.00 to my son he'd been there 14 days only .. he said no and hung up on me. This experience has soured my son on toronto, He never slept for the last few nights there, he was tired itchy and uncomfortable. He liked it there in toronto. I have been to toronto and have never had an experience as my son. The unit should be checked out. The landlord should also be checked out. My sons room is legally rented out till May 19th,2010. As they kept his months rent. But Firstly the health and safety of other renters.. my son has infections in many of the bites now, and is on antibiotics. I would hope that you will take this letter serious as i am seeking other revenues in dealing with this landlord and the conditions of living and the situation as he left it with my son. As i do not live there, if you have any suggestions on contacts that i may use to resolve this issue, they would be greatly appreciated.

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Landlord will not treat bedbug problem and has refused to compensate tenant expense for caulking and insecticide. Landlord has also removed boxsprings from room and now tenants have to sleep on floor. Outrageous.

This is a high traffic house that two on my good friends from France moved into a few months ago. About a month ago my friend experienced bites/rashes that were not explainable until just recently. Myself, living accross the street have experienced one bite. This house is run by someone contracted by the owner, as the owner is never present. I feel this may transpire to be a fast growing infestation in this immediate area and something needs to be done right away. Is this something that the

city needs to take care of? or is it up to the house owner?

I feel many people may be subjected to this and it is very unpleasant to deal with, especially when you have young people like ourselves that cannot afford to deal with problems such as this.

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