24 Dundonald St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Once I moved in, I discovered bites all over my body every morning. I wasn't sure, as the previous tenants had cats so I thought there may be fleas in the carpet (which we planned to pull up anyway), or since the windows had no screens - mosquitoes getting in during the night.

Of course, it was excessive, so I was getting concerned.

Last night, about a month and a half into living here, I went cleaning the area on my bed, only to discover the telltale brown spots and little critters walki

ng around my mattress. Along the wall, there is a wedge taken out of the baseboard with what seems to be a hole into the wall, a number of them were clustered in that spot. I vaccuumed them up and am about to pull up the carpet altogether.

I have spoken to my landlord, who (as always) is very understanding and more than willing to pay for the matter. Still, I have to talk to the other apartments, see if this is an isolated problem. I'm certain I didn't bring them in with me (despite being at 55 Cosburn previously, which seems to have had complaints - this never happened before), so want to get rid of them ASAP.

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