168 Isabella St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Hopefully it merely reflects someone's type-o and not a random malicious statement.

I've lived at 168 Isabella Street for a few years and it's a great house. I encourage anyone to search the official city websites regarding bed-bugs (or any concern - including mice). 168 is not, nor has it ever been, listed.

As a rooming house, the building is routinely and rigorously inspected by various city departments. Every time it has been given the O

K, and I've personally spoken to more than one inspector who has indicated it to be one of the best rooming houses in the city. BTW: the inspectors also speak to the tenants during the inspection process.

If you are at all interested, you should check it out for yourself - and feel free to ask anyone living there how they like it. Most people do and are in fact encouraged to do so when being shown around. It's a great downtown location, guests from all over the world, and very safe. Some stay for a semester, some for a cpl of years (school or work). Good luck in your search either way!

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We have had 100's of tenants in this building since 1997 and we have never had a case of Bed bugs todate. We believe our pest control policy has been effective and that this one person who has reported it is just frabricating a lie in order to get back at a situation he or she may not have been pleased with. We can get testimonials for every tenant that currently lives in the buildind and they will verify that we have not bed bugs.

This rooming house is alive with vermin. The landlord is a piece of work and will deny there really are bedbugs or anything else no matter how many people show him the bites etc. on their skin. Avoid avoid avoid!

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