16 St Joseph St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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We found bedbugs in our fourth floor apartment in early October 2014. We decided to move out of the building in December 2015.

The building manager was helpful and very quick to respond, and arranged for an exterminator to come to our apartment within 2 weeks for two treatments.

The only problem we encountered was a lack of transparency around the issue. We notified our next door neighbours directly, however it doesn't appear that the management notified anyone else in the building, and

we discovered that there have been two other cases on our floor in previous years. We were also chastised by the management for putting a bedbug sign on our mattress when we disposed of it per City of Toronto guidelines.

(Note to Bedbug Registry: The postal code for this building is M4Y 1J9)

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December 2014 - Bedbug notice on first floor hallway door. Was removed the next day. No tenants were notified.

Any new reports for bed bugs or cockroaches for this building?

what floor/apt was affected?

Third spraying of same unit done at the end of January 2009. Tenants staying vigilant and have formed a Tenants Association.

A second spraying will take place in the affected unit tomottow, Dec. 23, 2008.
The landlord is cooperative, although a bit hesitant.
The tenants have all been informed and most are taking measures to prevent bedbugs from spreading to their apartments - use of diatmaceous earth, caulking, mattress encasements, etc.
Turns out this is the second unit, not the first, that had bedbugs. A unit was infested this past summer 2008 and sprayed then. After the tenant left the unit in the fall it was s

prayed again.
The tenants have formed a Tenants Association and are working to battle this problem.

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