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The pest control came in to treat the unit on two occasions. This was done on the 11th floor of the building. They only treated the unit below, above and on both sides of us. The residents, occupying those units, however, were apparently not informed of the type of bug their unit was being treated for, as my roommate and I had spoken to a couple of our neighbours and this is what we were told. Both my roommate and I cannot be certain whether or not this situation

still exists. We have not seen any bed bugs nor have either of us been bitten recently, although we have not been able to fully return to the unit yet. Judging by the number of mattresses and couches that are being disposed of on a weekly basis, it would seem that we are not the only tenants affected by this bed bug issue. This does not surprise me given the current state of the building. The laundry room is filthy all the time and the elevators, floors and hall carpets are also dirty. They say they have hired a cleaner but I have yet to see the results of that. I would strongly advise continuing your search. Hope this helps.

All the best,

Concerned Resident.

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Does anyone know if the bed bug problem in this apartment has been fixed? I am supposed to move in August 15th but am worried if I should start looking at other places because of this.. Also does anyone know what floors were affected and if they cleaned the entire building?

Renter beware:

It is confirmed that this building has bed bugs. Found one on my bed today. Also, I have been getting many bites for the past three weeks or so. Contacted the Property Manager and they have made arrangements for treatment for Friday. Hopefully, this works. Not sure if the rest of the floor is being sprayed. Really they should treat the entire building.

June 8,2015

I just want to know if anyone has had any incidents of bedbugs recently in this building. I live on the 11th floor and have lived here for about 2 years. This building may have roaches and mice, but that is the least of my worries since both haven't been a problem for a while. 3 weeks ago my neighbours on both sides of me moved out and others moved in. Since then I have noticed a number of bug bites on me. I'm not entirely sure if it is bed bugs. I examined my linens, couch and

bed and didn't see anything. Even so, spent many hours cleaning. I am still very concerned and can't sleep. Please let me know if you also have heard or seen anything so this problem can be dealt with ASAP before it gets worse.

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This building has ROACHES!!!! Not an infestation but they are present and enough to notice them crawling up your bathroom walls and night, along with the kitchen.

Oh and my cat caught a mouse that came from underneath the dishwasher, yes a MOUSE!!!

I'm a very clean person and I know these roaches are coming from within the building.

There are roaches in this building. We moved in May 2012 and asked the landlord if there were any problems - he said no. We moved in and sure enough started spotting them every so often. Not an infestation, but they are definitely present.

Summer 2011. My brother had bites for months without us knowing what the cause was. At the end of August, we were in full fledge infestation. Luckily, our building fumigated twice (2 weeks apart), but it took 2 weeks for them to actually do anything and get someone. It cost us over $1000 from out own pocket between washing all the laundry and storage of the laundry for the two weeks. Plus the sheets and covers we had to purchase. It was also on the eighth floor. We did not move, we saw one or tw

o over the past year since then, and they were killed immediately. We haven't had anything else since then. But they were in our unit for at least 4 months.

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We rented an 8th floor apartment at this location from 2002 to 2005. Up to the bathroom in the night. Hit something on my back that caused me a itch, and a bug fell off my back. We fumigated our stuffed furniture and bedding ($2000 bed) and moved out. We were not impressed, given that we were paying $1500/month for a small 2 bedroom apartment!

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