140 Wellesley St E
Toronto, ON M4Y

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I haven't had any trouble with bed bugs... yet. But there is a HUGE cockroach problem in this building. It doesn't matter how clean you keep your place, there are so many bugs in the walls they go anywhere they can.
My advice - don't live here.


I have not had a problem with bedbugs in this building. I don't know of any outbreak situations right now, either. I know someone who lives in the adjacent building who has also not had any troubles. There are problems with cockroaches sometimes but not if you keep the place clean and stay vigilant-- and I've just seen the odd bug or two. I put out bug traps and keep them out, and all they've caught is fruit flies. The landlords will help you if you tell them about the problem.

can anyone give an update as to the situation today...considering moving in

I'm really sick and tired of reading the reports of these tenants (victims) being blamed for all this crap by the landlords. Yes, some dirty, infested person moved in and brought the bedbugs. But blaming multiple people for them is bullshit. Enough is enough. Where is the fucking justice in Canada, anyway? Bring in a bunch of dirty immigrants to infest the country with their disease and parasites and give them our jobs, why don't you. Oh wait--that's already been done!

Land Lords lie and say bed bugs were not in the building and that (us) the tenements brought them in! Never move into this building you will regret it ! They need to get it together. Places is crawling

I had bedbugs in apartment, the landlord took action, the bedbugs came back, the landlord said it was going to be two weeks!!!! I lost my mind because they multiply so quickly and they blamed the whole situation on me. I would never ever move into this apartment building! It was around 2007


Im considering moving into a bachelor apartment in this building. Is the bedbug situation more extensive then in the one apartment noted. I do not want to set up myself from something more i can handle.


Found Bed Bugs just yesterday, Landlord has taken immediate action and will have someone in to spray at the beginning of next week

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