100 Wellesley St E
Toronto, ON M4Y

Found 67 reports:

I've been here since 2014. Upon moving in, other tenants warned us to watch for bedbugs, overcharging the electricity and generally bad upkeep. Within 2 months all 3 things became huge problems. Bedbugs, ants and roaches seem to live in the walls. No matter how many times I have it all sprayed and then try to seal up the holes in the walls these creatures find a way back in. They say they're renovating the rooms but even the fully renovated rooms are infested. They have not and will not st

op the bugs as long as they pretend paint and new flooring will kill them. You can see they don't clean deep enough, the bathroom walls are all the proof needed. Under the paint and patchwork it's deep and even structural mold. I can't believe what people pay to live with bugs and mold.

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We moved in on Feb 2014, and had no problems until now, July 2015. Me and my husband woke up with bites, and a week later we found 2 bedbugs. We called pest control (who should arrive in 2 days) and are reading everything we can about how to solve the problem. I hope we can get rid of them soon.
We are on the 20th floor, and a friend from the 26th also had the same problem.

Lived on the first floor from March 2014 to October 2014 and never had any bud problems. Lived right next to the rental office ladies though, they had a few "opinions" but we're generally good to us. People across the hall complained like nobody's business about noise. It's an apartment building,, sometimes you hear your neighbours chatting. Deal. But yeah no bugs while I was there.

Bedbugs. not a lot.

I moved to 100 Wellesley Oct. 15 2012. Been living here for a few months now. Honestly the building is very clean. Elevators are working most of the time and the management team is helpful and do their best to respond to repair requests. The building is huge (30 floors or so) with lots and lots of apartments that is why some repairs take time to care of. I have not had a single bug problem or insect problem since I moved in. All in all it's a very nice building to stay in if you can afford

the rent! The building is a bit old so expect some things here and there need repairing but nothing that will make your life unlivable...

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My roommate found bugs in his room and we live on the 20th floor. The experience of spraying is incredibly stressful and costly as we through out a lot.

Ugh!!!! I'm moving on the 1st! why didn't i read this earlier!!!!!!...............................

I am about to move in on the 1st of May on the 25th floor, does anyone know if there is still a large issue with bedbugs? and if so how is it being handled?

Do not ever rent here, repairs have been done by an unprofessional, They still debit my account for rent even tho I dont live there anymore, Our toilet has been broken for months, they come and do a quick fix and then leave, Elevators never work !!

I do not live at 100 Wellesley St E but do reside at 85 Wellesley St. E. Visit my blog at http://bedbugsintoronto.blogspot.com

my partner and i moved into this place october,2008 ...we were quite please during our stay there, staff were friendly (magan, debbie, bilal, and the super.if i have something done in my unit that is not functional...they response right away .... truly from the bottom of our heart ... we hate to moved out from this place..i like it so much, made us FEEL COMFORTABLE during our stay.we only moved because our new condominium was ready ... really my last day there..i hate to surrender my keys but th

en i have too lol..that tells you, how much we LOVE 100 wellesley st. east ...to bad we didnt get a chance to enjoy the beauty after their renovation...i have no BEDBUG ISSUE DURING our stay .. JOB WELL DONE CAPTREIT management thumbs up ... special mention ... i missed the cleaners the cuban lady ... she is so sweet!

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I am thinking of moving into 88 isabella. I saw a report for the building listed under 100 wellesley st. from 2009. Does anyone know if 88 isabella still has bed bugs?

There was a report of bedbugs on our floor and building management dealt with it immediately so that no one else would have problems. We have yet to see one in our apartment, so good job management! The only problem we've ever had with this building is the other tenants. Take complaints with a grain of salt. A lot of the tenants do not have any idea of how good they have it in this building. Definitely NOT slumlords, definitely NOT children. The only children in this building are the ones

who come to your door on Halloween asking for candy and the ones who post ridiculous petitions in the lobby complaining about management. Respect management and they will respect you. This is one of the nicest buildings I've ever lived in.

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I moved out of there 3 months ago. My roommate and I never experienced bed bugs on the 12th floor thank god. But I know they sprayed one day on the floor down the hall.

I wanted to comment on what an atrocious apartment building this is. Besides being overpriced, the front desk is run by a bunch of children. I moved in September 2010 and was told my name and buzz code would be put up outside the front door. Not only was it not put up, but I visited the office maybe 20 times to ask it to be p

ut up only to be told its a "hard job". They were finally going to do it too, but I handed them my two months notice and they likely thought "screw that guy".

The pool is a nice addition but hardly worth the constant water shut downs, which sometimes last a whole day - no toilet, no showers, nothing. For whatever reason, also, cold water would disappear for 3,4,5 hours at a time during dinner time - scalding your hands if you were washing them or preventing you from even having a cold glass of water.

There are way more problems, like the constantly broken elevators, dirty appearance and slow renovations, but I don't have any more energy.

This is an overpriced, terrible apartment building - I hope everyone moves out, and they're forced to sell to a new owner so that CAPREIT can learn its leason about being slumlords that charge 1650 for a two bedroom.


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Had a bug problem on the 14th floor, possibly imported with some furniture from another tenant. The building has been pretty good about spraying when we report (once it did take them over two weeks to respond, but most times they've responded within 5 or so days). Needed multiple sprays, but have now been without bugs for over 6 months. The staff here is fine, but there are some crazy tenants who would make even the most patient maintenance person go crazy.

I'm on the 11th and my unit has been sprayed months before as a preventative treatment. I never had bed bug issues nor any issues with the management. Yeah, sometimes it takes a little while for the super to come do repairs but when I've had smth urgent he's come right away within the same day. I'm quite pleased with the building and the location is phenomenal. Cheers!

bedbugs in 12th floor apt; currently being treated. (i'm moving out and have spent/will spend a fortune on cleaning, dry cleaning, and replacing couch and mattress, bedroom furniture.)
management also disclosed bedbugs found on 11th floor last month.
they have an advise/spray 9 policy - the unit, two around it, plusthe three above and three below.
or course, all this is optional.


YYZ, could you please explain what you are referring too... I know this site is for Bed Bugs but truthfully I don't think the readers would mind if you described the problems you've faced.

The owner CAPREIT is a slumlord. Do NOT move here! You will suffer!


I am planning on moving into this building - are there any bed bug issues at this time? Mgmt mentioned that the last case was 6 months ago (beginning of the year).

I talked to residence in the building and they had nothing but good things to say about the place... any other feedback would be great.

tom shwarts is the ceo the head office is at 11 church st he lives at 3 ava court in toronto give him a shout!

This building has been superb in the last year that I have lived here. Yes, there are some problems from time to time, but all rentals will have this issue. The lobby upgrades look great, the underground is brand new and the painting that has been ongoing in the last few months makes the building look much better! Take the post below with a grain of salt. Great building!

This apartment building is the worst building i've ever lived in. They are so unbeleivably careless. Not only did we get bed bugs twice, but everything in the apartment was falling apart. They DO NOT keep up with the maintenance. We had to break our lease early because the conditions were COMPLETELY unlivable. Our fridge broke and wasn't replaced for 2 months. The lock on our door was able to be unlocked with the ENTRY key. We had 3 attempted break ins. A lot of bums and crackheads come in and o

ut of that building and roam around the hallways. Our patio door was broken, which caused all the cold air to come into our apartment, in which the HEAT was broken and not fixed for 3 months. We could always hear roadants in the walls scratching. The water always turned off at the most unconvinient times. They would post warnings for that the water would be off on a certain day, but they would turn off on the OPPOSITE days (because of the stupid construction they had going on for months which also woke us up at 8am every morning). When we signed the contract they told us the construction would be done at the latest the end of october. It was still going on in January. The noise in that building is also ridiculous. We had to call the cops atleast 4 times living there because of loud noises until up to 5am on WEEK days. God.. I could go on for hours about this building.

Capreit sucks! They tried to make me pay another month of rent after I broke the lease because they couldnt find someone for the apartment. No FUCKING WONDER! The place is a shit hole. They also didn't even bother fixing any of the things I mentioned before trying to get rid of the apartment. On another note, when I went in to move the rest of my stuff out, a bunch of it was missing. Including 2 huge armoir's my grandma gave me, a mirror, a coffee table, a room divider and my kitchen stools. Shitty, shitty place. Especially considering we payed 1200 a month for a ONE bedroom.


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Hi 'Third Floor' - it would be great to have an update from you. Did mgmt take care of it? It would also be great to know what part/side of the floor you are on - NE/NW/SE/SW?

Today, for the second time this week, I found a large bed bug in this apartment. I have no pets and keep the apartment clean. But I have now found two bedbugs this week, in two different rooms of the apartment.

When I called site management - an hour after the office's "winter hours" - I was told to get back in touch next day to fill out a work order. When asked if that would start a process that would take either days or weeks to result in action, no straight answer was given. Only, "Well, t

he sooner you fill out a work order, the sooner it can get started."

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I found the Site Manager to be very courteous and if you have issues then maybe you should go down and speak with her rather than hiding behind this website.

Bedbugs are definitely a big problem in this building, whatever one might say to excuse the management. The bigger problem is the attitute of the site administration. The site manager is as hideous as the bugs themselves, always inaccessible (supposed to be "site" manager) but always out-of-sight when you need help.

"Submitted by "Anonymous" on 08/29/2010

Anyone who has ever lived through dealing with bed bugs would know exactly how horrifying a situation it is. You cannot judge any of us for being extremely angry until you've lived through this hell. And if you think I'm exaggerating about how horrible it feels to go through it - you'll never know til it happens to you. Don't judge those of us who feel like venting our frustration here and telling the truth about our experiences in this apartment."


agree 100% with this rebuttal. I do not currently live at 100 Wellesley, but I have suffered bedbugs 2 times in 2 years, so I know the pure psychological hell that these bugs inflict.

I would vehemently argue that the psychological and emotional trauma that they cause IS their pathogen; they may not be vectors for any biological disease, but they carry a deadly psychological pathogen. And what is truly amazing is that the effect of these bugs can last for years -- it's been 5 years since my first encounter with them, and I still jump out of my skin when I "feel" a bug on me.

So please, to the posters who are questioning the validity of the anger and anguish of those going through a bedbug infestation, please do not judge so hastily. It may seem innocuous to you (as it did to me before I had them), but nothing can prepare you for the lived experience of having these bugs in your dwelling. It is hell on earth.

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Anyone who has ever lived through dealing with bed bugs would know exactly how horrifying a situation it is. You cannot judge any of us for being extremely angry until you've lived through this hell. And if you think I'm exaggerating about how horrible it feels to go through it - you'll never know til it happens to you. Don't judge those of us who feel like venting our frustration here and telling the truth about our experiences in this apartment.

In answer to the previous poster, since then I have had updates from Cap Reit - and sorry I disagree with your remarks, they do care and they act quickly.

I just posted this on out tenants' website.

Updated August 25, 2010: Cap Reit says a tenant on the 5th floor N. side reported that he had a problem on the 19 August. He did report (separately) to the Association that they were very speedy dealing with it.

Peter - T.A.E.

Cap Reit also told me of several 'scares' that either wer

en't pursued by the tenant in question or turned out to be some other kind of insect.

They block spray usually in these cases but sometimes it's a problem getting surrounding tenants to cooperate.

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Ahahah - No cases? That's hilarious!

This summer there have been sprayings on floors 5, 16 and 17 for sure - I'd recognize that chemical smell anywhere. Thee have assuredly been many, many more. The staff are extrememly uncaring and the only reason they take care of it is as a lame attempt at mitigating the problem. They don't care about anyone in the building.

Updated August 20, 2010: Cap Reit have reported that there are NO current cases in the building.
(Tenants' Association)

Always make sure that it IS a bedbug problem before panicking. There are many kinds of bugs and many do not bite and/or are pretty harmless or simply a nuisance, as in the case of cockroaches. In the summertime especially many bugs simply fly in or are tracked in on your footwear. Bedbugs bite and are most likely first spotted on/under/behind your bed, especially around power outlets where there is access. Spiders also bite if they feel threatened or trapped, so make sure it's bedbugs before

throwing accusations in all directions and remember they don't discriminate between cleanliness or dirt.

The office will arrange spraying as soon as they get a report.

Read the Tenant's Association website for more information http://www.100wellesley.org/

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In my experience the building management are pretty quick to react to any bedbug or other infestation reports.

I've been in the office when someone has reported it and they acted immediately.

James - I would like to know what floor and what side of the building you are referring to that caused you to move out.

We're moving out because the bed bugs are on our floor. The management is useless, uncooperative and arrogant. They just want to lure people in but don't care what happens to them once they're in. My advice is - avoid it like the plague.

I was seriously going to move into this building. Thank goodness I didn't. Sounds like I dodged a bed bug bullet!

Despite what management will tell anyone, there are currently several apartments being treated for bed bugs throughout this building.

Eventhough treatement of individual apartments is occuring, the necessary precautions are not being taken to prevent them from spreading. Management deals with it on a case by case basis instead of treating an entire floor area to ensure better success.

Management also lies repeatedly about how many cases have occured in the past and how many are curren

tly being treated for.

No apartment is ammune to the problem but the twelve year olds who work in the office of this building either don't know how to deal with the issue or just don't care - my bet is on the second.

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this building sucks period

My sister couldn't sleep in her room and I had to sleep on the couch for months till our contract expired. Stay away from this building. Spraying will not help, major action needed in this building!

We moved out in 2007, apparently before the infestation was major. We heard no complaints about bedbugs, and did not have them, ourselves.

I wish to be helpful, however, to anyone considering moving into this building:

DON'T!!!!!!!! They will approach the bug problem the same as any other -- extremely badly.

I have rented since 1968, all across Canada and in other countries. I have seen every kind of landlord imaginable. I HAD MORE TROUBLE WITH ALL THE CAP REIT OFFICE STAFF, AT 100 W

ELLESLEY ST.E., TORONTO (particularly the site manager who hides n a back office), THAN IN ANY OTHER BUILDING IN 40 YEARS OF RENTING.

Their usual tactic is to violently shove an eviction notice through your door, if you DARE to talk back to them, or threaten legal action, yourself. Staff members (inexperienced, rude, millenials) will actually laugh in your face and insult you, before reaching for the phone, as if to say, "Get out of here, or I'll call the police."

My advice: Don't threaten legal action; DO IT! Go straight to the Landlord and Tenant Board. SERVE THEM WITH THE DOCUMENTS. Here is Cap Reit's typical response to that:

They will become timid and frightened, and have some bumbler acting as a "tenant relations officer" call you, and tell you "We want you to be a happier tenant", trying to convince you to withdraw the Board papers. DON'T, DON'T, DON'T! Charge them, again, but this time with interference, obstruction and harassment (it's free!). Keep adding documents to your file, every time the ass call you.

Be prepared for their little dink of a paralegal to LIE OUTRIGHT on any counter-application.

Don't take this CRAP. They are playing games! They just want to get you in and get you out, so they can raise the rent to whatever they want. This is a publicly-traded company -- an income trust. They will do anything to show more profits for their investors.

We found ALL their behaviour a TOTAL DISGRACE.

Don't believe me? Look up their reviews on the Web, talk to former tenants, etc. See TV news reports on the company, on Youtube.com.

Don't even LOOK at this building. TURN AROUND AND RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

(BTW, it's fun to watch them shuffle staff in and out of the building with frequency. "Why?", one might ask).

(There was a HUGE class action against them, before the Board, a few years ago, regarding MONTHS of low hot water supply in the building. Guess who lost!).

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I am about to go look at some apartments here. Does anyone know the current status of the bed bug situation? If there's still a problem, which floors are affected?

with respect to isabella, there were 2 other units infested before I made my complaint. The solution is to have the fumigation several times, sort your stuff out carefully, wash, pack, dry clean, throw out anything suspicious and move...the problem wont go away. Its here to stay. You run a lot of risk at these locations because its the heart of bedbug country...just leave.

Apt #1902 has had bedbugs for YEARS! They have been sprayed by the landlord over and over again but with each new tenant in there they come back. I've known of at least 3 new tenants moving in and out and each had to go through the awful spraying to try and get rid of the bedbugs.


I am scared while reading those reports! After one year reporting the bed bugs in this building, now they are spreading! What happened? anyone know what is going on?

88 Isabella a Cap Reit building has them but the denial is huge. Its unreasonable to ask anyone to prep as extensively as the info sheet suggests. You need help and good health to do that. I am a victim at 88 and my health is so compromised by this that my action will be to take what I absolutely want to keep and put it in storage and only move my dishes, a few clothes that are in plastic, my papers that I have in plastic and thats it. I will be out of here to a cement room if need be. I a

m sick of sleeping in an armchair for 4 weeks. The bed, the bookcase, the dresser, the couch, chair and dining set can stay. I contacted Cap Reit about my expenses and complete anguish and there has been no response.

Your life is ruined by these buggers and I havent had a soul in my place for months, no travel, no furniture or anything else. Someone threw a mattress and box spring into the garbage here about 3 weeks before I found the bugs crawling on me one night. A futon was next so someone moved and left the bed or someone has them and hasnt reported it.

The fumigant made me ill.

see full report...

I had bed bugs about a year ago, but after an initial slow response, the building has gotten much better about dealing with bed bugs. Any large building in the downtown core has had or will have bed bugs at some time. The key is how the building management and tenants react to the problem. I can say that the proceedures in place at 100 wellesley are pretty good and should do well to minimize future outbreaks and prevent unit to unit transfer. Thats realistically all you can ask for.

Found my First one on the 5th Floor this AM

Not Happy!

Don't know what to do~!!

Is legal action possible as there was not a one mention of them when moved in and even when asked they said no no problems!>?

I'm not reporting a problem but a possible soluton for infected residence.
Neem Oil has been found to have very possitive insecticide properties.

I feel for you all and the city needs to take this infestation at hand more seriously so residence are not paying the price for substandard health and safety.

good luck.

[email protected]


Actually, my last report was incorrect. I went to the Toronto Health Department, at 44 Victoria (near Adelaide) on the 18th Floor, and they were happy to analyze bug samples to identify species and treatment.

I am happy to report that I do NOT have bedbugs. The specimens I had on the 18th floor are Carpet Beetles. The management office has been wonderful about scheduling pest control for this, which is a much less serious problem.

Also, for future reference, the is happy to schedule

presentations to tenants groups on tips for preventing and eradicating bed bugs.

Hope this helps!

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I found them in a unit on the 17th floor. I reported it immediately. It has been promised by the office staff that a treatment will be scheduled within a week or two.

on the 22nd floor. All our furniture and belongings are new or from a country without bedbugs so infestation is certainly from the building. Sprayed once, and now they're back. considering legal action to recoup cleaning costs and for inconvenience. I have no problem with walter the building manager, I've found him reasonably helpful and sympathetic. the parent company however has been a major issue from the time we moved in. several times they've misrepresented our legal rights as tenants

and were generally very unhelpful. I'm living in my living room with all of my clothes in plastic bags. getting pretty sick of it.

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I can say that this building does have bedbugs for certain. We have seen them and have just got a report that the 6th floor has them now, as well. Obviously, due to the reasons listed below, the problem has spread.

Renters beware.

I think the name calling and absurd, juvenile behaviour has got to go from this website! The truth is that anyone can add anything, so in fairness, you have to take everything with a grain of salt: however when I do see a posting on the attack, I tend to disregard it as either a rental agent or an evicted tenant trying to get back at each other.

My experiences, to clarify:
1- The building once admitted to me there had been a report of bedbugs on the 5th floor, and it had been treated.
2- I

found what appeared to be an adult bedbug in my apartment.
3- I also had experiences with mice and cockroaches in the building- expected if I'm paying $600/mo for an apartment, but not almost $900 for a bachelor!
4- In the case of the bedbug, cockroaches and mice, the building did call pest control in to deal with it. I think with bedbugs they should have informed the building so people could be on the look out for them and the problem could've gotten solved!
5- With the bedbug treatment, management sent someone up to help prep the apartment by removing all of the face plates from electrical outlets and phone jacks. However for my part, what I could do was limited because I was in a bachelor! I gave as much space around the walls as I possibly could have, and vacumned every day for weeks after the spraying!

For the person moving in in September, I can't say that the building has or doesn't have bedbugs...I just hope you enjoy the area because my opinion is that for what you get, the apartments are overpriced! And I went into the building really excited...but its an expensive place to live.

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There are LOADS of Toronto buildings without bedbugs, but perhaps not in your price range, or that of the posters in this record...

[redacted for windy abusiveness - MC]

honestly...most of this is a load of BS.

anyone with half a brain knows that you cant evict someone so easily...living their 3 months and then being evicted...there are processes that have to be filed...and it takes months to evict someone.

i had an issue...went to the office...they had the sprayers in within a few days...explained the procedure...and that was it...no activity.

if you had it sprayed...and saw activity...did you let them know? the

y dont ---- read minds you know. they're only as good as you letting them know there is an issue.

and i know that the problem on the 5th floor was because one of the affected suites refused to properly prep for the treatment. how can management be blamed for their stupidity?

this is a citywide issue...if someone tells you there is a building without them, they are bullshitting you. the best hotels..hospitals...all have them. dont delude yourself.

the city needs to step up...not the landlords...they can only spray if a tenant asks.

see full report...

Lucy - based on the information contained in these postings and the date, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that the problem has been rectified. Also, since you are moving into a vacating suite, the likliehood that it is infested is very high.

Unless you are prepared to throw away much of your belongings, break the terms of your lease, even if you lose the security deposit and first/last month's rent. You are otherwise knowingly walking into one of the worst living experiences a person can have in a C

anadian city.

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This website is not for this purpose, but does anyone have any good comments about it? I'm moving in in Sept, and was wondering if the problem with bedbugs still exists.


I lived in 100 Wellesley street East for 1.5 years on Jan 1st 2008 i discoverd the bugs - we recived 4 sprayings and were told that only 1 other appartment reported bed bugs - after contacting our own exterminator we discovered more reports. We finally moved out March 1st after 3 months of hell ... the worst part is they allowed people to move in with in hours of us moving out!

Horrible situation ... horrible building

However i have moved and after only 1 spray have been successfully bed

bug free for 5 months! There is hope!

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It seems there are at least a few of us in this building with bedbug problems. I don't know how much sway they have with building management, but perhaps we should all email the 100 Wellesley St. Tenant Association at [email protected] and let them know what's going on. If we get the word out maybe something will get done. Their website is at http://www.100wellesley.org/.

I also wanted to clarify from my previous post that it was the building manager, and not the friend

of the old tenant, who told us that the building had not had bedbugs for months.

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Im living through the the samething i had to contact the landlords head office for them to come and spray the supers said ohh next week sometime. they sprayed 2x I trying to break my lease and get compensation Ive only lived in my building for 3mths they are trying to evict me they gave me notice on the 2nd of this month which is a joke. ive gone to land lord and tennant board ive thrown out almost everything ... when i move out i will only leave the clothes on my back and some items that will b

e bagged up for the next 3yrs.
i'm leaving the city which i love ive had enough i do ask for everyone to contact the landlord and tennant board. The owners of these buildings dont sleep with the bed bugs as we do.

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The "HUGE INFESTATION" was on the 23rd floor.

The building had Magical Pest Control come in and treat the room on July 8th. We don't know yet if there has been a reoccurence as we've been staying with friends, but the building manager (Walter?) has told us that there is no need for a follow-up inspection or a second spraying. This is counter to everything we have read about bedbug infestations. A representative from Orkin Pest Control told us confidentially that multiple sprayings are ofte

n required and if an entire apartment floor or building is not sprayed a reinfestation is likely. The building manager has also told us this is not a possibility.

CAP REIT is refusing to allow us out of the lease despite the fact that they rented an infested apartment to us. The building manager is also insinuating that we brought in the bedbugs, despite that we a visit from a friend of the old tenant and he told us that the old tenant had bedbugs. As well, he told us the building has not experienced any infestations since the one a couple of months ago.

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I live on the fifth floor and they didn't spray at all. They had someone in to fog the apartment, there was no follow-up inspection and the pests have returned as bad as ever. I'm not impressed at all and we're currently studying our options.

Didn't wake up with bites or anything, however one day found what looked very much like an adult bedbug in the kitchen. I lived on the 2nd floor and had already begun packing. I discarded all of my furniture at great expense, and discarded a large amount of clothing, while some other clothing was packed to stay in thick plastic ziploc bags until December, 2009. Building management did arrange apartment spraying, however I was concerned about the fact that it seems only my unit was sprayed.

For the person reporting a HUGE infestation, which floor was that on? I was previously told by the building they had sprayed for bedbugs on the 5th floor.

see full report...


Moved into apartment on Saturday, July 5. The same night, not yet having completely upacked, the bed mattress is found crawling with bedbugs. Weekend building manager was ambivalent and unhelpful. (Advised us to relocate mattress to outside balcony because the bugs don't live outside - WTF?) Looking into terminating lease.


We are currently dealing with an infestation and the building management, after filing three reports, are finally bringing someone in to spray. This is a full two weeks after the first signs of bites.

716 bedbug reports near this address:

88 Wellesley St E 0.065 km
460 Jarvis St 0.084 km
85 Wellesley St E 0.093 km
6 Cawthra Sq 0.108 km
438 Jarvis St 0.118 km
120 Maitland St 0.127 km
432 Jarvis St 0.131 km
77 Wellesley St E 0.136 km
100 Maitland St 0.143 km
519 Church St 0.196 km
Jarvis St 0.239 km
77 Maitland Pl 0.239 km
138 Wellesley St E 0.252 km
100 Gloucester St 0.258 km
140 Wellesley St E 0.261 km
576 Church St 0.269 km
142 Wellesley St E 0.271 km
105 Isabella St 0.276 km
55 Wellesley St E 0.297 km
10 Huntley St 0.298 km
596 Church St 0.302 km
89 Isabella St 0.306 km
550 Jarvis St 0.306 km
96 Isabella St 0.318 km
58 Maitland St 0.320 km
56 Maitland St 0.328 km
83 Isabella St 0.329 km
55 Maitland St 0.331 km
88 Isabella St 0.335 km
81 Isabella St 0.338 km
120 Homewood Ave 0.345 km