100 Gloucester St
Toronto, ON M4Y

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Just avoid this place at all costs

I lived here for 1.5 years and had a pretty good experience. Bachelor unit was spacious and clean. No major repairs ever needed. Stove and fridge pretty new. Never ever once seen cockroaches or rats in my unit or anywhere in the building. Never had a single issue with bedbugs.

The building is old and management is slow to take action on certain things but that's ok no big deal. Front door and walls are not sound-proof at all since it's all pretty old. Overall I was happy with my experience an

d for the price I feel like it was a good deal. I paid $930 + hydro. No AC.

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Preamble: I am a very clean tenant, no pets, no junk, no food lying around. I work in hospital so call it 'habit'.

YES, YES YES! there are BED BUGS and will be leaving this studio as the others did. It is not worth the rent PLUS hydro which brings the rent up to over $1000. Unfortunately we are becoming more like New York: if you want a clean place with good management, you have to dish out the dollar and after research, market dictates over $1005 per month new entry!

We refrained from po

sting to give management a chance. So far, spent over $1000.00 for special dry cleaning and change of furniture. There are still bed bugs and have been bitten several time.

In order to get results, Management has to address ALL UNITS in the building and not just unit by unit. Bed Bugs can live without food for up to 1 year so tend to hide in places sometimes not addressed.

Until Management gets their act together or until the city addresses this City wide problem, I would stay away from this building. It is NOT worth the sleepless nights, hundreds of dollars, pain or time.

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Lived in the building for 2.5 yrs, no bedbugs at all - very clean buidling. management can be difficult from time to time but all in all its a good building , well maintained and very large units.

April 2012 been here 14 months never seen a bed bug or even cockroach!
All the tossed furniture from emptied apartments in the dumpster does worry me cause there's always people going thru and taking stuff!
Overall management pretty good and quick responding to work orders etc.

I had two full treatment since last report. Actually, this guys from pestcontrol started to come every two weeks for the full treatment, until I stopped them. No any bed bugs were found. I have no idea from where the last bed bug came. For now it's all clean here.

I had bed bugs. They were awful. I saw two live ones and two dead ones.

The management was not quick to respond and I incurred all the costs to have my apartment sprayed. Two of my neighbors have since been infected and I have thrown out my belongings and moved.

My building management has been very disappointing throughout this process. They did not inform other residents and were going to make me wait a week to have their pest control company come in to inspect.

This has been a horr

endous experience and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

I used Royal Pest Control and they were there a day after I called and were able to remedy the problem. Still, I could not bear to live in my apartment and have since moved.

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I see the map shows wrong address to the 100 Gloucester St. It's a next home to Jarvis. The same house as 150 Isabella, but from the Gloucester street.

Moved here in September 2011. Room seems very clean, renovation was made, old kitchen furniture was painted, bathroom tile were changed, new freezer and stove. On Saturday October 14, 2011 I have discovered one bed bug insect (pretty big!!) crawling on my bathroom curtain. I killed the beast. After report to the management pest control came on Tuesday October 18, 2011. They inspected my apartment and said there is no infestation signs right now. This bed bug is probably left from previous owner

s. As long as room was sprayed before we moved there this bed bug was probably one of the remains and was seeking for clear space with no spray (bathrooms are usually not sprayed). The other possibility (very small) is he(she) came from the ventilation hole. Pest control guy put some powder into the electric outlets and said there is no reason to spray the room again. "Let's wait if you meet them again" he said. Base board are pretty good, with all cracks fixed. Anyway, we packed all mattress in covers, bought plaster to fill all possible cracks and holes. I am going to buy some DE powder and put it everywhere. It was a first time in my life I saw a real bed bug and I have a hope it was my last one.

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