10 Huntley St
Toronto, ON M4Y

Found 2 reports:

Bedbugs discovered in 2014. Management notified and extensive remediation was taken. Now is 2015 roaches have been found on same level (16th).

Management is not proactive and only seems to clean when asked.

Great location and reasonable rent for area but there has been a lot of turnover in the last year.

There is a bedbugs in the building when notify the management, he just shrug it off stating "what do you want, there is no building in Toronto without bedbugs".
There is a contraction going on right next door, so there is some bugs from the outside comes to visit you from the digged-up earth not to mention the noise from constant drilling and no ending dust in the apartment.
The neighbourhood is shabby as right across from street there is a Casey house for Palliative HIV people,so there is a

lot of sick people will sit in groups and smoke in front of the building, and the constriction next door, is another house for those people.

Some night it very loud, as people(the Casey house neighbours)will just scream their lungs out or will have a "friendly brawl" @ 2 A.M

The building has a pool and some limited parking space,the elevators is very thin and petite, so no big groups of people in it at once, or any bulky stuff that need to go up to your apartment, there will be no space in the elevator for anything except you. Location is good as it right in the middle of everything.
So if you don't might to pay 1,000$ and to leave with bedbugs, because as per management this is a normal conditions to leave in and pay your money for it, and have funky neighbours from Casey house leave next door, this is great place to rent and leave with your family.

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