33 Isabella Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 1M7

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Finally moved out of this location a month ago and I can finally go to bed without feeling itchy. When we first moved there about a year ago things seemed very promising but things went south quickly. Never saw any rats or anything, but we did see bed bugs in our mattress. We take very good care of our unit so we were surprised when we saw them. It was an absolute nightmare to deal with, other tenants have had the same problem as well and a solution has yet to be found. The balconies are very ol

d, so they attract a lot of different bugs especially in the summer. Not bug related but some of the tenants are just plain rude at the elevators.

I'm very happy to be out of this place. Beware! don't let the ads full you unless you want to throw away half your wardrobe and mattress!

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