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COCKROACH INFESTATION- WORST BUILDING I'VE EVER LIVED IN! I lived in a 1 bedroom apartment from jan 2015- jan 2016. The first night I moved into my apartment I saw 3 cockroaches. I informed management about the cockroaches, so they sprayed my kitchen and bathroom & told me the problem would be gone for good.

I'm a very clean working professional who lived alone. However, no matter how clean I kept my apartment, the cockroaches just got worse. Over the course of the year that I lived there, my

apartment was sprayed 8 times....which is annoying because each time they require the tennant to clear everything out from their kitchen/ bathroom, all while forcing you to be out of your rental for 6 hours (if you have a pet they state you should stay out for 8 hours).

While the months went on, the disgusting cockroach infestation got out of control. Every day I lived there I would see between 50-80 cockroaches in my kitchen alone. I was also forced to keep the lights on at night ($$$ hydro bill) because if I turned them off, and wanted to go into the kitchen during the night, I would end up seeing 50 all at the same time. Seeing 50 cockroaches running up the walls and into cracks all at the same time once the lights tunred on (if they were originally off) made me feel like I was the poorest of the poor...even though I was paying 950 per month. The cockroaches will also make nests in all your kitchen appliances, so have a lot of $ to keep replacing them. I ended up having to throw out my toaster, coffee maker, food scale, microwave, and my 470.00 breville juicer (they love dark places where they don't get distributed).

After getting my place sprayed 6 times with no progress, I told management I wanTed out of my lease agreement. However, because they were treating/ spraying the apartment, they wouldn't allow me to break my lease because they were "taking care of the matter". The tall, thinner, blonde "lady"/ manager also made it a point to inform me that if I do break my lease that they will be putting the remaining months rent into collections.

Long story short, once I gave my notice- 60 days before my lease was up, I started getting notices informing me that my apartment was going to be viewed in hopes of being rented out by new tennants.I honestly don't know how these employees sleep at night. They all knew how bad the infestation was, yet they were still trying to rent out my apartment the moment I moved out!!!!!

Sadly they did end up getting a new tennant. I tried to tell her NOT to take the apartment, but she didn't speak very good English/ couldn't understand what I was saying. I honestly feel so bad for her, these scumbags don't care about our standard of living, all they care about is how much money they can get and how fast. They didn't have to allow this lady to move in right away, they could have got the situation under control 100% first. However they didn't....why...because they truly don't care the individuals who live there.

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This building was relatively nice and charming. I lived there for three years before I got out.

The worst parts of this building:

1. Cockroaches
2. Weed
3. Mice

If you can afford a bit more rent, I suggest you find another building

*Infestation. Stay away*
See notes for 670 Parliament St. Same terrible management and ownership. Residence of Rose Park. No one reports the problems and just leave. Most of the reports are under 670 building but they are all the same. Stay away or you'll regret it.

I've lived here for almost 7 years and up until the beginning of 2012 I was infested with roaches. I've been sprayed but they are still around. When someone around me gets sprayed, they come back. Recently noticed bites, possibly bedbugs. Alot of weed smokers in the building.

The building management is excellent but really has lowered the bar with letting just anyone move into this building.

Any updates on the bedbug thing in 2012?

Great management, but yes bedbugs too.

I lived in 99 Howard until almost the end of 2009. at first we didn't have any problems with bugs. Barely even the occasional spider, until a month before our year lease ran out. They got into everything. We started to sleep on the couch and armchair and then they got there too. Can almost make you lose your mind when you can't sleep because you know bugs are going to crawl all over your skin while you're dreaming.

We didn't get sprayed for over a we

ek because the "bug guy" wasn't scheduled to be in yet. That part ticked me off, because it should have been done immediately.

Management was, otherwise, amazing, and always very good to us. But if you choose to live there, be aware that there ARE bed bugs. Several people on my floor had them as well, earlier in the year. I'd suggest spraying your place once a month when it's available. Of course, wahs the floors and walls and surfaces before letting children or pets in, and don't go in for the whole day once it's sprayed. Better yet, stay overnight elsewhere.

Good luck fellow apartment hunters!

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