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I've lived here for 3 years. Been through it all. Had bed bugs once. They sprayed 3 times in 2 months. That did nothing. Bought powders and gels. Still bugs. Bought a steamer, sealed my bed in plastic. And steamed the crap out of my bedroom everyday for 3 months. No more bugs. In all honesty they were gone after a week but we were so paranoid about getting them again we continued steaming as it worked. As for mice, never see any. As for cockroaches, I see maybe 3 or 4 a year. They usually come u

p through the drain. After experiencing bed bugs roaches don't bother me at all and I've been lucky to only ever have 2 or 3 at a time. Management sucks. They are rude. But rent is cheap gotta make it work. If it helps i live on the 21st fl

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They are so bloody RUDE in the office. They act like they hate the job and we are bothering them

Hello everyone,

I was thinking to move in her in July 2015 because of rent affordability but all these bad reviews scared me.

Can anyone please tell me if i should move in?

Thank you very much for your time.

the woman in thier office are very rude..you cannot ask question..very rude..

My roommates and myself moved into the 19th floor (Unit 27), on August 1st. We saw a roach in the kitchen and then in the bigger bedroom the day we moved in. We ignored them and assumed that they had just snuck in, since the apartment had been vacant. After we moved in, we noticed a lot more of them. Then my one roommate started waking up with bites - within *days* of moving in. The population of bed bugs exploded. Then a week later we found the mice. When my roommate (who is black) went downsta

irs to talk to the rental office, the woman there yelled and blamed her for bringing in the bugs - saying that the unit was clean before hand and it was obviously her fault. We got the apartment fumigated - through a ton of hassle (the rental office woman was rarely there, and when she was, she ignored everyone). After the fumigation they didn't die at all, they actually got worse. We called the Tribunal to see what we could legally do, and they told us we could break our lease. So we went to the landlord office on 280 Wellesely and asked to break the lease. The landlord apologized and said that they would fumigate the next day, and asked us to wait a few more days to see if that worked. The woman who came in to fumigate was appalled by the level of bugs and the obvious presence of mice. We contacted the landlord the next morning - since it had gotten worse again. We ended out breaking out lease for the end of October. 3 months of hell. We spent thousands of dollars attempting to keep the infestation in check, and it didn't work. All of our furniture was garbage. The bottom of my boxspring (which I had wrapped in one of those useless bedbug bags) was black from the eggs, poo and dead bodies of the bed bugs. We also killed roaches up to 2 inches long before we left.

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I just moved into a unit on the top floor and was told that the person who lived here before me passed away and was a hoarder. Since being here I see bed bugs and roaches and even a mouse. I'm going to go to the landlord and will keep you updated.

Don't rent there, Rental office is extremely rude. They just hang up your phone by their wish. And refuse answer your phone if you call them right after.

I called them before and ask some service, the woman picked up the phone just say some "blah blah blah" stuff. When I ask more explanation, she just said "That it is. OK" then hang up my phone and no one picked up the phone when I redialing.

Unprofessional and Rude!!!!

I lived on the 15th floor 3 years ago and had a SERIOUS problem with cockroaches - you had to keep the lights on all night and even that did nothing. I moved 10 floors down to a smaller unit and had no problems for years.

Then the bedbugs started coming in. The rental office here is not very helpful because they are almost never there. They sprayed for bugs 6 weeks ago but neglected to do any of the neighbouring units making the whole thing useless! After 4 weeks of hell I had to abandon all

my stuff and leave.

If you move into this building because they are so inexpensive, do so at your own risk because each unit is a gamble and the rental office won't be of much help if you develop a problem.

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I've been living here for a few months now and I haven't seen a single bug since the move. Naturally before and after I moved in, I took all the necessary precautions: sealed up cracks, sealed up my mattress, and kept the kitchen and living room spotlessly clean. I live on one of the upper floors so that could possibly be a reason why, but I don't think it's likely I'll see anything for a while if I keep the place this clean.

Don't move into this building whatever you do!!

My partner & I had to live somewhere for one month while waiting for our house to be ready so we subletted on the 19th floor.

Worst. Decision. We. Ever. Made.

Not only are there an absurd amount of cockroaches - we even had the apartment sprayed the first week of living there and it did NOTHING...

but we also recently discovered we had bedbugs, too.

We doused the mattress in bleach and bagged it up, tossed it out. Sprayed everything

in our room, washed all our clothes, froze our books and such. Bleached everything.

We're leaving in 2 days and I cannot WAIT to get the HELL OUT OF HERE.

Basically our one month move has cost us about 600-1,000 dollars in lost effects. We have to replace our bed and bedframe for when we move into our house - it's a total and absolute joke.

This place is INFECTED. STAY AWAY!!!!!

Management is rude and doesn't really care. Mostly immigrant and low income families live there - nice people, but the building is really old and FULL OF HOLES everywhere.

Please listen & do yourself a favor - it's not worth it.

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Can anyone expand on why 650 parliament is so bad? Is it the building or the area?

Do NOT rent here! Death sentence.

What floor are you on? Is this building a bad place to live?

they are here!!


Some considerate person on the 9th floor dumped their bed bug infested mattress and box spring in front of the elevators on our floor instead of taking it out to the dumpster. As disgusting as that is, I can honestly say that I'm not surprised as dumping of garbage in the lobby on our floor is a pretty regular occurrence.

I strongly recommend that potential renters steer well clear of this building, no matter how tempting the incredibly cheap rent is! This is the last in a long

line of issues that I have had with this place and I myself will be vacating my apartment as soon as humanly possible.

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I'm living in this building since Nov. 2009 in our floor I know that there is bedbug. At this time I'm living with my two kids and my husband and I am pregenant woman we asked two bedroom apartment in last August 2010 the super(woman) talked to as to show as the two bedroom in the next Wednesdy when we went Wednesday she says unpolitely I don't have more and we were very sad and we told her she suposse to take as first(as first come first serve or by waiting list system) but she doesn't care ab

out our situation we report this for the management office they said the try to find another one finaly they offer us another one and we paid for Non. 1st also we signed the lease after that by October 12th they called and they said the appartment will not be ready for this day and they extend for Dec. 1st this is shocking because my due date will be Dec. 2nd and we don't have time to look another apartment we aare very busy family when I try to talk to her the amazing thing is she never feel guilty or sorry she said if you don't want you can look another appartment I don't know what can I do. I Never seen this kind of bad service in Toronto

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I/We my girlfriend and myself moved in to 650 Parliament Street four days late into the month with NO compensation for there slow and very poor reconditioning of the apartment , only to find old dirty closet doors and other garbage left in the apartment that we were expected to deal with , and after asking the supers to have the garbage picked up three weeks go by and after another week in the hallway the garbage finally dissapeared , upon our first night in our newly updated apartment we discov

er that the place is full of BED BUGS , coming through the walls and through the wall and window frames as there is NO SEAL around the window ledges , wall plugs etc. the supers promised that it would be taken care of and after four or five notices that they would spray on a certain date they NEVER SHOWED UP TO SPRAY ETC.EVER , the building has many many problems that MANAGEMENT WILL NOT DEAL WITH PROPERLY OR AT ALL , POWER SHORTAGES AND OUTAGES SOMETIMES FOR MORE THAN A DAY OR TWO (WITH NO COMPENSATION) WATER PROBLEMS LIKE SHORTAGE OF HOT WATER AND SMELLY FILTHY WATER ON CERTAIN WATER TRANSFER FLOORS ESPECIALLY , GARBAGE EVERYWHERE inside and outside the buildings ,bedroom windows that leak badly causing molds etc. , elevators that do what they want and when they want and are not serviced promptly sometimes weeks go by and elevators are out of service , An indoor pool when it is open and not out of service for repairs , an outdoor pool next to all the garbage and pigeon pooooo Nasty Nasty , and do not even get me started about winter snow and ice removal (that they do not put effert into cleaning/clearing up) so after 4+ years of a crappy apartment and NO or poor maintenance and repairs I/We find ourselves moving out of 650 Parliament Street (and the same people own 240 , 260 , 280 Wellesley and 77 Howard Street Highrise Buildings and they are all the same and worse SO BEWARE OF THE BUILDINGS OWNED BY PARLIAMENT RESIDENCES the corner buildings at Parliament and Wellesley Streets they are REAL SLUM LORDS , thankfully the City has stepped IN RECENTLY (THE SUMMER OF 2010) to start to make things proper for the tennants and hopefully the Management of these 5 Highrise buildings will be forced to spend whatever moneys it takes to make things proper , and perhaps they would even be fined severely so be prepared for almost everything you could imagine IF YOU MOVE INTO ONE OF THESE DIRTY , BUG INFESTED , POORLY MAINTAINED HIGHRISES LOOKING OUT FOR EVRYONE XOXO Good Luck Everyone

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12th floor huge bug found today jan 25th 2010

I lived at 650 Parliament street for two years, I noticed bed bugs 1 year into living there. I contacted the landlord and had my apt sprayed 3 times and they still came back. I got so fed up that I decided to move and toss out the bed. Be careful about moving into this building it is very old and the bugs hide in small cracks in the floors.

Invasion attacked at night one evening.
Moved into this building Jan08. Jan 20-22 could'nt figure out why I had so many itches and red spot along my arms and legs. Went to the doctors and some told me it was scabies. Until I researched this ugly bug i did'nt even know of them. I went to bed like normal and woke after an hour.I turn my light on and can see bugs beside me. I panicked lifted the bed to see about 50 or more adult sized in my futon buttons and area. I tossed it out on the balcony.

I did not report this to the landlord because I was embarassed but now that I know that they are all around the city. I felt it was normal to inform this registry of this.

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