565 Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M4X

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The worst managed apartment building downtown.
Guaranteed at least once a week early morning no hot water to shower before work. Frequently laundry room
card machine is broken, call management office and get told its the tenants responsibility to call coinamatic to have it fixed. Promised 24 hour security, rarely is security seen in lobby.
Lease reads heat & water provided 365 days a year, once monthly hot water is shut of for repairs.
Always at least one elevator out of order, if not more.

Do not believe the crap that is told to you when you are viewing an apartment to rent, Drug dealers and street people asleep in stairwells,
Security will do nothing when called for any reason,
too arrogant & useless. Speak with current tenants before signing any lease if possible, the rental lady, is a fast talker and very convincing.

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Can you please tell what floor?

My apartment just get recently effected by bedbugs. Seems they came from the neighbors. due to this problem I have to throw it away thousand of dollars worth furniture. Management cooperative but make me feel like it was my fault .

anyone happen to know the name of the property management here?
i get from this the name is medallion but does anyone know the individual persons name?


After more than four years renting at 565 Sherbourne Street, with my girlfriend,we have decided to move out this year. I have also decided to write this information here and expose the real truth about the renting practices and quality of services or in better words travesty of services by Medallion Properties. It has been a terrible last two year here. At the beginning, it was not so bad,standard things that you can expect in a rental building. But, with the management change and with entrance

of a new property manager, and with new construction and renovations on the horizon, things changed radically for worse. I truly hope you will find this letter informative and that it will help you to make objective and right decision when you consider renting at 565 Sherbourne,and I really hope you will avoid renting an apartment in that building.
Deception of the lobby
Except for the nice lobby and a small gym that can be seen from the lobby, and both were additions to the building once the future construction were certain, int he last two years, everything else will make your life more than miserable inside the building. Lobby is deliberately created to lure you in and to make the first impression that building must be nice. But, don’t be mislead, it is a well constructed deception. Go pass lobby and you will see the real truth.
Elevators Malfunctioning and Lack of Service
There are five elevators in the lobby. During the weekends, very frequently, one or two elevators do not work. If you are given a tour of the building, please look for the elevators lights above the elevators doors. If you see “SV” it means that the elevator is broken and is awaiting service. During long weekends forget about

all elevators working and forget about the service coming. As a rule, at least two of them have been broken during almost every long weekend so far. You can ask any tenant in the building about it. Cleaning the elevators takes place in the morning, between 8:00 AM and9:00AM, when the most people are going to work. It means that you will have one elevator always unavailable for usage by tenants. It means you will have to wait, in average, 20% longer for the elevator in the morning.
Smells from garbage in the lobby
There is a huge garbage container just ten meters from the lobby, two doors on the back. You can see the doors right between the elevators. During the summer,and especially during the long weekends, frequently, an unbearable smell is present in the lobby from the garbage that is not taken on time.
Except few bugs I have seen randomly in the hallways I did not have any issues with bugs, however I have heard the complains that some bugs have been seen in elevators and in basement.
Hot Water and Plumbing Issues
Numerous times during the year there are interruptions in the hot water supply.At least two times every three months. You will usually receive a notice about it few days in advance for the absence of hot water throughout the day.Unfortunately, in addition to these occurrences, hot water supply have been interrupted several times during the year without any warning. When you call Security, you will receive arrogant and irritated response, since you may be the50
person calling for the info about hot water, and the Security personnel is pissed off by the calls. Expect several times during the year for your apartment to be enter ed by maintenance personnel for plumbing or other work.
Renovations of the apartments throughout the year
This is a high rise building, with more than 30 floors. There are less and less tenants in the building (that can be checked if you look through the hallway windows beside elevators, empty terraces and empty spaces can be seen) which means
renovation is an ongoing activity.
Drilling, rubbing, knocking,scrapping, hitting, hammering, wall, floor polishing, are the noises you will hear during the day, almost every day of a week. The concrete floors will transfer sounds from one floor to at least five floors up and down, so, virtually, you will be disturbed by the noise almost all of the time. In addition to that, you can hear inconsiderate contractors pushing loudly their shopping carts through the hallways, slamming the doors, yelling, laughing, ringing with their tools all along.All this can happen from 7:00 AM till 5:00PM during the week days (contractors and building maintenance workers want to start early, to leave early) and on

Saturday from 10:00AM. So, forget about sleeping in Sat morning, that won’t happen. Frequently, contractors and maintenance personnel will prolong,illegally, their work after 5pm, so you will hear drilling even around 7:00PM when you come from work or school, or even at 11pm. If you complain landlord you will be met with politics, lack of understanding, lies, and, essentially no help at all.Medallion Properties landlords of this building will not help you in many instances. Their actions can be described clearly by their motivation to save for their business and make profit in their business while stomping on your rights as a tenant.
New Construction in the Area
As any tenant knows, there will be a new building and housing development by Medallion Properties and other developers, in this and coming several years,right adjacent to this building, across to the Bleecker street, and on the intersection at Howard St. and Sherbourne, which is 100 yards from 565Sherbourne Street. Please be firm when you ask the person who is showing you apartments to confirm in writing and give you ALL the information on paper,signed, about the extension, location and duration of these huge construction development around 565 Sherbourne. Please take a minute to stroll to the intersection of Howard & Sherbourne and see the public board with details approval from the City of Toronto about the new construction in that area. What does that mean to you?
It means that you will be surrounded, day and most of the night, with roaring construction machinery noises, hammering,concrete drilling, and all the loud noises and dust that follows any building construction.

There is a pathetic newsletter that is hanged on your door every month, although you have not asked for it, that also will give out information to the opportunistic burglars, if you don’t get rid of this Medallion Properties flyer, whether you in or not in your rental unit. In addition to this security risk for your apartment to be burglarized, the newsletter is essentially Medallion Properties landlord rant about your obligations for you as a tenant, packed with obligatory rules and warnings what should you do in order not to be evicted form your apartment. Eviction, and threat of eviction is either present or implying topic in all these newsletters.Moreover, almost every month, there are warnings posted on each floor about the dangers that comes with season, and rules for you, as a tenant, to follow. In last December it was which fir tree you should to use in your apartment to how many candles and which kind you are “recommended” to light up during Christmas season, for instance. You have to keep track of and read these letters at the elevators in order not miss and be potentially warned and evicted. After the fire at 200 Wellesly Street, which is literary across and down the Bleecker Street,50m from 565 Sherbourne, landlord started sending alarming warnings what you should do in your apartment and on your terrace to avoid potential fire that happened in the building across the street.

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Had been hearing a lot of reports of bed bugs from the building on various floor (tenant talking) since beginning of February until I found a couple of bed bugs in my own Apartment!

Apt on 7th floor.

the treatment is still in 3rd round but no respite

April-Jun 2011:
I arrived at this seemingly nice and clean aprtment(moved in with my friends) and got infected with Scabies. Unfortunately when I had a chance to move out still opted to stay in the same building on a different floor. A month later my friends reported bed bugs in their apartment. They had got a treatment done twice in 10 days. Just fater that time I see bed bugs in my new apartment I had barely moved in a couple of months back.
Its crazy and freaking me out and me planning to b

reak my lease and move out.
My wrd of advice is stay away

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I moved into 565 Sherbourne in October, 2009. At that time the building was undergoing renovations and was systematically weeding out the undesirable elements. My apartment was in EXCELLENT condition with beautiful new floors. Yes I found needles in the stairwells now and then, and yes I'd see the occasional crackhead, but it got better as time went by.

I saw a few cockroaches in the first couple of months, but the entire building got fumigated, and that was the last of them. It was durin

g my second year here that I received a knock on the door and found bed bug inspectors who asked me if they could quickly take a look through my apartment. Nothing was found! They returned a few months later. Still nothing was found but shortly after I noticed some marks on my leg. I checked my mattress and found two of those little bastards! I immediately reported it to the building's management, and my apartment was sprayed a few days later, with a follow-up a few weeks after that. They came back a year later, and again management took quick, effective action to control the problem.

Yes, 565 Sherbourne was once a dump, but in the past few years it's REALLY been cleaned up. The druggies are gone, and management takes action right away when infestations are reported. I recently moved out of Toronto, but when I return I know exactly which building I wish to live in: 565 Sherbourne!

Let's face it people: Bedbugs are here to stay, so it's better to live in a building that goes the extra mile to deal with the problem!

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We have suspected there are bugs in our apartment because I would always get up with small red bites and rashes. During the summer, cockroahes almost always resurface, they are coming from balcony from your neighbours and we hadto tape up all the radiators last summer, not to mention all the chemicals we had to put in our kitchen.

STAY AWAY from 565 sherbourne st. Besides neighbourhood gunshots, drug addicts and all the weirdos in your building, you really don't want to deal with cockroaches!

I am so glad I am moving out!

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We live in 565 Sherbourne. We had suspected bed bugs for the past 2 months because we had seen one but then nothing until last week. For three straight mornings we woke up to unexpected \"housemates\". After telling the landlord, they were very sympathetic, and offered spray treatment within days.
Upon inspecting the unit, the exterminator believed, that by size and quantity of bed bugs that we had likely had them for a YEAR! Fortunately the infestation was specific to the bedroom, as they

buried into the wood headboard. We will be getting rid of the bed. After several days, no sign of bed bugs...yet

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We are on the 11th floor in 565 Sherbourne. Also in a 3 bedroom apt. There is only me and my bf living here. When we moved in here in Oct/07 we bought a brand new bed for our bedroom and a brand new futon from for the one spare room. The other room is used as a TV room..so there is no bed in there. I am probably a little OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to keeping my apt. clean.

When we first moved in we had a horrible roach problem. I of course was furious and disgusted. T

he office had an exterminator come in...and i must admit the roaches never came back after that. However i have seen a cple in the hall while waiting for the elevator on a few occasions.

Today while cleaning the window in the one bedroom i noticed a bug i had never seen before on the futon. Curious as to what it was...and hearing bed bug stories from this area i quickly went online and googled bed bugs. Sure enough it was the bug i had seen. I'm really grossed out by it all. However i have not been bit yet. Or at least i have'nt noticed any bites yet. We are moving however. 565,555, and 545 Sherbourne are all owned and operated by the Medallion Corp. And these buildings are not taken care of properly at all!!

Today's date is July 19/2008

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3rd floor, 3 bedroom apartment. Three of us live here and we are very neat. 1 of us gets several red bites, which don't itch. 1 of us gets a bite or two a week which enlarge to the size of loonies or toonies and itch/burn like crazy. 1 of us gets several bites at a time which swell to the diameter of a baseball. It is really, really terrible. We have had our possessions in tupperware containers and bags for the better part of 6 months, since this started happening. We change our sheets ve

ry often, wash everything in hot water as often as possible.

We have had the exterminator in 4 times now, but we are still getting bites.

Do not move into this building!

(It also has cockroaches, and we suspect we hear mice in the radiators sometimes, but we're not sure.)

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