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I started renting this apartment in July 2014 and problems with the unit started almost immediately. In the winter of 2014 my apartment DID NOT HAVE HEAT. After submitting tens of work orders and visiting the office almost daily nothing was being done. they would come in, inspect the apartment and then leave. Even after replacing my heater I was still not receiving heat. I only finally got the issue resolved in APRIL.
In the Summer of 2

015 that new heater that they so wonderfully installed broke and water leaked out under my baseboards and caused the flooring to be ruined. again. submitted work orders was in the office for days. I had to live without a 2meter square of flooring for 2 months before they had anyone fix it. and when it was fixed they left my apartment COVERED in sawdust and dirt.
THE FINAL straw came when I started seeing cockroaches frequently. ever since moving I would see a bug or two every month. In October 2015 after seeing one in my bed I alerted management that I wanted the unit treated. NO ANSWER. at this point I am killing bugs daily. I would go to bed crying because I could not make food without cockroaches crawling on my counter despite having a clean unit. THEN two months later. out of NOWHERE I receive a notice that I need to be out of my apartment and have everything boxed up the next day because it was being treated. Which I could not do since I was in my finals week at school.

I moved out the following week and when I went back to give the keys I was not at all shocked to see there were still roaches in the unit. oh and rent went up $160 since I moved out.

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I moved into this building in May 2015. I regretted my decision from the 2nd day I moved in. Though I did not see any bed bugs or mouse, my apartment stinks. All my neighbors smoke. And despite my effort to seal every corner in my apartment, the 2nd hand smoke keeps entering my apartment. The bathroom smells incredibly disgusting, even though the maintenance helped seal the ventilation. The hallway smells much much worse, every single day! If it's leak of smoke from someone's apartment, the door

must been broken. I asked the property manager to put on some non-smoking signs, and I was told that they cannot find them!!! I asked if they can do anything about this and they told me to caught the person who smoke myself! Just can't wait to move out!

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This is the absolute WORST place I have ever lived. Really poorly maintained despite the fact that it is "new management" and "fully renovated". They lied about having solved the issues with bugs, the laundry isn't maintained so we end up washing things multiple times. The ventilation is really poor ventilation systems so you never want to cook anything in the winter because the smell stays forever. Everything is done poorly, cheap paint jobs, cheap materials. DO NOT RENT HERE. It has caused mor

e stress than you can imagine.

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I have dealt with so much crap from this company it is ridiculous. I have asked for countless things to be fixed in my unit and not one issue has been touched.They started renovating the building to become condos about 2 Years ago.I highly recommend that you do NOT rent a unit in this building and don't fall for the "renovating condo high-rise living" bull that they're trying to sell.
There attitude in dealing with customers with questions i would say is poor at best, every single one i have sp

oken with or dealt with has been snippy and completely inappropriate. (weather its a super, or building manager). I have over 1 inch of paper (notices) since July.
I am happy to say I am out of there soon and moving into a brand-new house. I feel sorry for the people who live there and who have no other place to go, and no one to speak on their behalf.

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Thank you for your comments and concerns. Timbercreek takes the issue of bed bugs and tenant safety extremely seriously. Many improvements are being made to this property, and we are continually working with our residents. Unfortunately, all residential apartment buildings experience pest issues from time to time. We are currently undertaking a pest-control treatment at this property which will also include an on-going preventative maintenance program. We urge any tenants who are having iss

ues with bed bugs or have any other concerns to contact our resident relations department at [email protected] so that we can work to resolving these issues.

Thank you,

Timbercreek Asset Management

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NOT MOVE THERE!! 392 Sherbourne Ave is a rental property. The building is dirty always doing construction even till 9pm on most nights! My new unit
falls apart all the time.What I hear from other tenants they harass the older tenants and even the seniors!
The place always smells like piss and smoke! There is no security, they keep the back door open all day for the
construction workers. What I hear, there was a homeless person sleeping in the basement all summer pissing and shitting every

where! The price to rent is crazy!!
Totally not worth the money. If you are reading this do yourself and family a favour by looking elsewhere!
Oh, yeah.. Can you say BED BUGS!!

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"Mark on 05/14/2012

I'm happy to report that after moving in fearing/preparing for the worst, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of bedbugs. After chatting up the building rep I found out that the entire building was fumigated in February 2012."

The rep lied to you. Bed bugs are still an issue in this building.

They also just gave me less than a weeks notice to come in and spray. Not too happy about that.

I'm glad you're bug free, because I'm sure not!

DO NOT rent an apartment here!
I DO NOT want you to go through the same troubles I have!

Been living here for a few years and I've always had an issue with bedbugs and the occasional cockroach. Lost count on how many pieces of furniture I had to throw out.

The place was sprayed and it seemed like they were gone for good. I was wrong. They have returned.

This issue will not be solved even if every unit is sprayed at the same time. The building is under new management so we shall see ho

w they handle things. Best of luck to them. I'm saving money to move out ASAP!

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I moved in at the end of 2009. While inspecting the unit the previous tenant was present and informed they were moving due to bugs, specifying cockroaches.

In the first quarter of 2010 I started noticing dead bedbugs, but not the bedroom, in other parts of the apartment (kitchen, bath, near the front door). I began to periodically check my bedding. When I spotted live specimens I notified the Super (the wonderfully brittle Sandy who has since gone on to better things) and two rooms including

bed structures, furniture and closets were sprayed (twice, two weeks apart). At this time, Sandy was quite adamant that the unit be sprayed, implying that management was taking the situation seriously. My examination findings were confirmed by the pest control expert; that there was no infestation (he was surprised when I told him about finding the dead bugs in non-sleeping areas of the unit, and laughed when I told him I'd found one in a candle).

That seemed to take care of the problem, until the first quarter of the next year (2011) when I noticed live bugs again in my bedroom. The professional was called in again and sprayed. This time the professional only sprayed once as he indicated there was no sign of infestation so a second spraying should not be necessary. To be safe, I purchased a commercial product (I recommend ProLine) and sprayed myself.

Again, no sign of bugs until earlier this year (2012). I checked with the current building rep. who informed me that units around mine had been treated. Based on my experiences to date I did a self-treatment which seemed to control the issue. I also took the added precaution of caulking the baseboards (something a friend in another building had done). Unfortunately this won't prevent the bugs traveling via radiator pipes, electrical lines/outlets, since having done this I noticed, just a few weeks ago, a couple more live bugs one day. I checked with the rep. to see if any fumigation had been conducted and was informed no. Again I self-treated and have not yet seen any more.

My attitude now is vigilance and self-treatment. Should I notice a marked increase in activity I'll request professional treatment.

A couple of side notes:

Clearly bedbugs are still and issue in this building, and I suspect will always be. However, an inspection of my unit was conducted a few months ago based on the findings of infestation in neighbouring units; no sign of specimens in my unit at the time. FYI...this was between the time of early 2012 when I found specimens and when I asked was told treatments were being done in other units and the instance of a few weeks ago. The inspection would appear management is beginning to take this seriously and adopting a more proactive response. Also, our building was just purchased by a new company, which based on a quick web search, doesn't appear to be related to previous management. From what I read this new company manages its own properties as part of its corporate mandate so hopefully diligence in dealing with bedbugs will be maintained, or even improved (though it was researching the new company that led me to this site...so, maybe not?)

As for cockroaches, they were distressingly numerous in the kitchen when I moved in. Shortly thereafter there was a building-wide treatment which drastically reduced the population quite quickly. Treatments have been conducted annually (after a fashion) since then. I rarely (practically never) see cockroaches now.

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I'm happy to report that after moving in fearing/preparing for the worst, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of bedbugs. After chatting up the building rep I found out that the entire building was fumigated in February 2012.

I live 4/Y and i don't mind it.So far no bed bugs. The building is decent, my apartment is at the 10 floor with a nice view. Some of the neighbors are stupid (i.e. can't figure out that garbage goes in the garbage chute, play music loudly, etc.), but you'll get that anywhere. In general, I'd say its mostly students, young and old business people, and families that are fairly new to Canada. The people that work there are friendly enough (i.e. the building manager usually says hi,and when I've had

problems, the new super (Jason} is always there.

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November 2011
This building is full of bedbugs. The entire building needs to be treated!!! Right now what Property Management is doing is treating only the apartments of people that complain. What about the neighboring apartments?? Some tenants are not helping either. They do not report that they have bedbugs or they try to eliminate them by themselves and do not say anything because they are too lazy to do the prep or because they will be leaving soon.
This building is a no no. Elevators alwa

ys broken and stocked, dirty facilities, etc, etc.

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In May of 2011 I found bed bugs in my apartment. I'm a pretty clean and careful guy, so my guess is they came in from a neighbouring apartment. I notified the landlord, TransGlobe, but the management is completely uninterested. They don't consider bedbugs their problem.

TransGlobe is definitely a slumlord and does not care about the tenants, who are treated as cashcows. I have asked to have repairs done and been ignored. I have complained repeatedly about a persistently loud neighbour -- for

months now. When I talked to the neighbour, he told me to "Fuck off." TransGlobe's response was much the same: "If you don't like the noise, move out."

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Management is fully aware of the problem. Staff are required to expose themselves to bites in order to have the room cleaned. Nothing has been removed from the room which means that the eggs are always there. Naturally this means that the problem continues to exist.

I have moved into the building recently and have found bed bugs. landlords are fumigating, but tenants also need to take steps to prevent re-infestation and the ppl in this bldg are not the type i would count on to do this (low income, low education, drug dealers, etc etc... all the issues that come with cheap rent).

Don't Live at 392 Sherbourne St.

During October of 2010 I noticed grouping of bites on my arms and legs each morning. After researching what the bite looked like and felt like I was 99% sure it was bedbugs. Although the slum landlord tried to refuse me I called in a professional who confirm that it was in fact bedbugs. He also warned that the rest of the units in the would most likely be infested as well. After paying the exterminator out of pocket, the landlord tried to tell me that the prob

lem was my responsibility as a tenant and made various attempts not to pay me back. DO NOT LIVE HERE - LANDLORD IS A SLUM AND THE PLACE IS A DUMP. Bed Bug infested house, crack and halfway houses surrounding, not to mention the granny hookers that stand on the front lawn at night.

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well ive been living at 392 sherebourne for about 5 years. and i have not seen a bed bug. what i do know is that some nutcase is obsessed with bed bugs in the building and constanly writing on the walls of the elevators about the building having bugs.

That is WAAAAY more of a problem than some bugs which I have never seen or others have never seen. since I've talked to many others about it.

since transglobe has taken over the buiding looks better, and if i have any issues I have told the

m in the past and have gotten whatever problem resovled.

There do seem to be a few really angry folks who live here, and im assuming are the main people on here speaking badly about this building.

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I lived in this building for 4 years on the 2nd floor. I finally got out ... numerous fumigations for roaches,being left without a 'super' for months which created a disgusting infestation (roaches everywhere!!)and I was told of bedbugs in an apt across from the'super's' on the main floor right hand corridor if your asking!
Roaches, bedbugs and Mice ... oh my!
A tenant told me they installed a garbage compressor a few years back which allows them to store garbage for longer periods of time b

efore removing?? ... I had an acquaintance in Unit #201? which is above where the garbage is collected, he didn't stay long ... he had constant bugs, disgusting odours from the garbage, especially in the summer ... which I was witness to... yeuck!

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Bedbugs are definitely back at this location. A year ago, with the major bedbug infestation going on, the building hired exterminator to spray the apartments that were complaining of bedbugs. Unfortunately the bedbugs just moved to adjacent units, since not all units were done.

Now, you can see bedbugs (or really small roaches - never bothered to pick one up) in elevators and in hallways, and bedbugs coming up bathtub drains (definitely bedbugs here - found/killed them in a bathtub).


g out soon, so my only concern here is making sure none of that vermin gets transfered to my new apartment, but definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND this place to anyone.

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My sister lived AT 392 Sherbourne St.in a nice apartment, until Transglobe took over. We all were under the impression they'd improve it, but their management sucks, and trying to get a hold of any of the upper management is a waste of time because they keep saying oh talk to this person, or talk to that person. Never ever stay in a Transglobe building. Nothing will ever get done for you! They're just a lot of talk, and no action!Not everyone can afford to throw down cash to get their apar

tment fumigated, least of all people living in low-income housing like Transglobe's buildings.
9 months ago 2 If you LIKE having undue stress caused by your home rent with Transglobe: elevators that don't work, unkempt main areas, laundry machines that don't work, repairs that don't get done, etc, etc....Otherwise run.

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I lived in Suite 812 for 2 years in 2006-2008 and had lots of problems - mice, roaches were on and off and bedbugs. I did get rid of bedbugs eventually, but it took perhaps 4-5 months to do that. The management was cooperative at that time, but back then this was not a Transglobe building. When Transglobe moved in, I moved out...

New bed bugs in apt. #507.we are family of 4 People.Property maintenance,and security issues sucks.Strange people at the Loby all night
Transglobe has a bad reputation as slum management., The Property Manager stay in the office, spent time with his Laptop all Day, Special now with out Super,when our lease is up at the end of November gone.
Thank you

The City Of Toronto Public Health sent the lead Specialist fro the bed bug project and found bed bugs in apt. 109 and ordered transglobe to spray this apartment in july 2010 and transglobe has refused to spray to this day september 12, 2010 now more tenants are reporting them in their apartments.

Lived in this building on 10 floor since Aug 2008.
no bed bug activity was noticed.Transglobe Property Management are terrible, no mail boxes on lobby, Many complaints from tenants related to property maintenance,and security issues.Provincial inspectors are dispatched to inspect properties and, if necessary, issue Work Orders to ensure premises are brought up to the provincial Standards.
The Super quit two Days a go.

My fiancé and I have lived in this building for 7 years. After the first year we started noticing roaches, but that's not very surprising anywhere in Toronto rental properties. MetCap (previous landlords) started regularly putting poison down; problem solved.

Flash forward to December 2008, Transglobe Property Management buys the building. within 1 month we have a roach swarm, and start seeing mice.

By June 2009 mice and roaches are brazen about being in hallways, foyer, laundry room. I

think there were just too many to stay in the walls.

June 2010 -We have bedbugs for the first time... threw out our $1500 mattress and box spring set once the infestation was exposed bought and new mattress & box springs on sale at sears and left it in the plastic vacuum sealed wrap. We had terrible rashes as we were allergic to bed bugs... only short term exposure cause viral exanthem and general sickness.

DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. The cost is enticing but not worth it. My fiancé and I have been there for 7 years but when our lease is up at the end of September WE'RE GONE!

Transglobe should not even be allowed to rent parking space let alone residence. I would suggest not renting anything from them in general. If you must, make sure you're on a month to month lease!

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Any updates at this location?

Lived in this building on sixth floor since Aug 2006.

Jan 2007: Rashes started appearing, we did NOT know what was going on.

Feb 2007: Noticed bed bug in the mattress.
The then super swore that there was no other unit that had a bed bug infstation. Made us believe that we got it somehow.

The super got a pest management company sprayed something. Lots of bed bug were seen dead.

Nearly for 4 months no bed bug activity was noticed.

Aug 2007 Bedbug reappeared.

Threw away our ma

ttresses and all of bed room furniture. This time management did NOT do anything.

Dec 2007: Threw away everything including 3 sets of couch. Moved.

Everything we took from the apartment were washed twice, kept in the dryer for an hour, packed in two trash bag (air tight), left in Cold Toronto weather for three months.

Bedbug free in our new place since then.

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I live on the main floor and starting March I'm having problem sleeping in my bed because it is very itchy and I have marks on my body and my head, I dont know what to do, I asked a lot of people and they said its bed bugs or dust mites but I don't see anything, could the specialy mattress cover help??? I will try it and let you know, also, is there a spray or something to control this thing????

I had bedbugs, cockroaches and mice while living in this building between aug 07 - aug 08. The problems were reported to the building management who would only spray one apartment at a time, letting the pests escape tp another. I was told to deal with the mice myself.

Transglobe has a terrible reputation. They're the worst management company there is right now.

Might I suggest bagging some of the live bugs and sending them to the Drimmer brothers? Maybe if they know what they're dealing with they'll spend a little more money on their properties, instead of the executive lunches and all the free gifts they give to employees.

Bedbugs on the main floor and first floor so far. Tenants have reported this to management and they have done NOTHING to help tenants.

This building used to be owned & operated by Metcap Living, but in the last six months of 2008 they stopped doing any sort of preventative maintenance. The cockroaches & mice are out of control.

In December 08 Transglobe bought this building, along with number of other buildings downtown. Transglobe has a bad reputation as slum management. This month,

tenants have started to notice bedbugs. Since this place can do nothing to control the roaches & mice, there is NO WAY they can deal with bedbugs effectively.

The building's current super has done nothing to assist tenants with getting rid of bedbugs, except to blame other tenants. People on average are spending $100 - $300 of their own money to control them.

Stay away.

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