391 Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M4X

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To the person on the 3rd floor

Are the bugs the small black ones with a brown strip? I don't know whether they are roaches or bedbugs but they've invaded my unit. Don't think they are bedbugs tho since they seem to run away the moment they see me.

I must kill 10 of them a day and theres no end in sight. I don't know why they've come to my unit either. I never keep food out and keep clean. Never had an issue with bugs til recently.

The problem is that the refrigerator is right next

to the entrance and those bugs have found a home right under. They come and go easily.

PS I'm on the 2nd floor.

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I haven't experienced any bed bugs, but I have seen and caught a lot of small cockroaches. I'm on the 3rd out of 4 floors so I don't know if it's worse/better on other floors Still pretty darn gross though.

i am thinking of moving into this building, what floor were the problems on?

May through November of 2010

Noticed bites in May 2010. Although the landlord was supportive, neither he nor building management informed us of the fact that several other apartments on our floor were infested. By chance, we found out that our neighbor had a major infestation for at least 2 months which had evidently spread to our apartment.

The management was diligent in setting up appointments for spraying, but the company they hired was very unfriendly and repeated treatments had very

little effect. Their biggest failing was in keeping us in the dark regarding the extend of the infestation throughout our floor, possibly trying to avoid a general exodus.

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