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I lived in this building for about 2 years in apartment 204, the management just doesn't care, they told me it was clean, first time getting bedbugs in 27 years (I'm 30 now)and Carol tells me "you must've brought them with you" BULLSHIT! STAY AWAY FROM THIS GROSS PLACE!I called the City of Toronto Health Inspector and they issued Carol and Irving (landlord) a $3500 fine. Disgusting place!!!

"Just a girl" lmao..

What you described seems like a story from an anime rape erotic stories. I bet you read them, replacing bed bugs with some guys name, invisible mode, perfectly fits your story. haha

Im sorry you are going through this, once infested all your furnitures are pretty much rendered useless. Move out, buy new clothes, enough said.

I came here to check if this building is safe to move but there goes my hope.

Thank you for the updates guys.

Late July of 2012 I saw my first bed bug. I was heading into the bathroom. Where in the corner of my eye I saw something fall on the floor. That's when I saw IT!. This little round flat bug. At first I was in denial, hoping i was seeing it wrong. But after researching my fears were confirmed. It was a bed bug. Please keep in mind I have only been living here for 3 months, and have NEVER EVER had bedbugs before.

Weeks passed and I did not see another, until early to mid August I saw my second

one. I was laying in bed when I noticed this putrid little creature crawling over my blanket towards me. My eyes went wide open and I entered attack mode. I grabbed it with a tissue and killed it. I was still not paranoid at this point... a week later saw the third one. Since mid to late August it has become a constant problem... Stopped sleeping in my brand new bed for fear of them, not realizing I was just luring them into the next room... I am in a state of full paranoia. Constantly feel as though there are bugs crawling over me and biting. Constantly scratching, thinking everything is a bite. Obsessively checking every corner, every wall,all my clothes, the ceiling, dishes, shower and toilet paper. Haven't had a proper nights rest in weeks.... Somone help me...

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Can someone give me update on this building? I'm thinking of moving in if building is fine?

Thank you!

August 3rd 2012. I have bleached, comet, scrubbed down every inche; literally even the ceilings of my apartment and I haven't a piece of furniture in it yet. I found a large dead bug in my dust pan, I had heard the rumours about the building having bed bugs so I googled it and the pictures confirmed it was a bed bug. I had some hope that maybe the place had been fogged recently and this was proof but as I went to put my shoes on at the door there was one scrambling around my shoe. I was very di

sappointed, and felt like crying. If the little bitters are still skittering about without anything in my apartment made of cloth, and no crick or cranny, crack or hole left undusted bleached and filled with silicone I'm left thinking my apartment is going to eat me alive. I'm sure I will be proven correct, and I can't afford to move again. fml :'(

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The whole building is infested. If you have any doubts, there is always a TON of furniture getting thrown away on garbage day. Just take a look.

The answer is diatomaceous earth powder at Green Roots (near Chester Station). It cost around $15 and works like a charm. You will need to dust the entire apartment with a light coating. I use a swiffer to distribute the powder on the floors. Pay extra attention to the bedroom area. Also, dust baseboards, door entrance, cupboards and the mattress. It's a good idea to take apart the bed and dust in the joints. The best advice is declutter and place things in air sealed bags for at least 8 to 12

months. Buy a mattress protector to lock in the existing bed bugs. After you've done this... expect the bugs to disappear in 2 weeks.

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I have lived in apartment 206 for about three years now and didn't have any problems with bed bugs until June of 2009.

I noticed two strange insects in bed with me when I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I had heard of a previous insect problem in apartment 201 months before, though not bed bug specific. I put the two bugs in a ziploc container and brought them to the property manager the next morning. The property manger confirmed that they were indeed bed bugs, an

d informed me that the apartment across the hall and down one unit from me (203) had had them for a few months now and that they had not gotten rid of them because "they refuse to do their laundry". The property manager suggested that the bugs most likely migrated down the hall to my unit. The property manager also mentioned that they had had bed bugs themselves and had had to throw out their furniture several times. Their apartment is two doors down from the landry room shared by both 387 Sherbourne and 383 Sherbourne.

They had a "professional"(who arrived in dirty clothing in a beat up pick-up truck with no company signage or name on it) fog the apartment two or three days later. They told me to have my cat out of the apartment and to do all of my laundry and that they would check back with me in four weeks. According to the sites I have consulted since, the pest control company should have sprayed again two weeks later whether there were more bugs present or not.

When the apartment needed to be fogged again, I wanted to be rid of them for good, so I threw out clothing, my (new)couch, my (new)chair, my bed, my rugs, and two suitcases. I washed and bagged every item made of cloth in the apartment and they remain bagged after laundering to this day. It is worth noting that I also had to pay $60.00 to board my cat for the day because the fog could harm him.

It has now been TEN months that I have been living with these things. My income is Disability/Canada Pension so I can not afford first and last months rent on a new apartment. So, I am stuck here, being eaten alive every time I lay my head down to rest. My apartment has been fogged countless times, each time costing close to $100.oo between the boarding of the cat, transportation to the vet clinic where I board him, the laundry and food for the afternoon spent out of the house. Not once was the fogging repeated within the recommended amount of time. Every day, when I decide what I am going to wear, I dig through trash bag after trash bag looking for my outfit, which leaves you feeling like a crazy person after a few months!

The land lord himself admitted to me that there were several apartments in both buildings under his managment (that share a laundry room!) that were infested with bed bugs. With him refusing to pay to have the entire building fogged all at once by a REAL professional pest control company, this problem is NEVER going to be fixed. I have since seen cockroaches and mice. I have a cat, so the one mouse I had in my unit has been dealt with :)

Now the property manager has the nerve to suggest that I was not doing MY laundry (the same tired explanation they had given for the infestation in 203). I have done everything in my power, followed every recommendation the City of Toronto website has to offer, all to get rid of these things, all at my expense - they most definitely can not say the same! They behave aggressively and act annoyed and inconvenienced by my complaints now.

Living here is like camping. Cockroaches, mice, bed bugs. The water is shut off frequently due to problems with old plumbing and a half-assed apporach to maintenance in general. I can't afford to live elsewhere right now. If you can - DO SO!

If anyone would like more details, or to share horror stories, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

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Bed bugs 2009

I lived in unit 201 of this building for 3 weeks in July 2009. When I first moved in my boyfriend and I saw a bug crawling on the wall by the front door, not even thinking of bedbugs I wrote it off as an "outdoor bug that got lost." Upon moving in the place has been empty for a while, cleaned, painted, and re floored in the bathroom; there were no visible droppings, smell of bug spray or bugs. While the hallways are carpet, the units are hardwood for the most part. It is washe

d down with bleach once a week. The walls were repainted to the point they almost seemed hollow, and when you hammer into them you can hear things falling behind.

On the Monday of my 3ed week living there I noticed a few bites on my neck, I wrote it off as misquotes from the nature walk. By the Thursday, my neck, the bottom of my face, and my hands were covered. I instantaneously threw out my pull out couch which my parents had so kindly bought me. The landlord attempted to be very calming when I showed up at here door crying and covered in bites. The husband-wife supers told me they would come spray with some "heavy duty" stuff that he sprays his unit with every other week to keep bugs out; he then offered to come spray my place every other week. I really didn't think my cat and rabbit would approve of that, nor their lungs. I was told they would have someone come the Monday and spray professionally.

I returned Monday evening and nothing had been moved, there was no smell nor was there any indication that anyone had been in my unit. I would have assumed the furniture would have been pulled away from the walls. after bagging all of my clothing, winter gear and life (21 garbage bags to be exact), spraying the inside of those garage bags with bug spray I stood outside waiting for a cab to take me to a laundry mat. As a man walked out of the building I asked him if things bite him in his sleep. He said "yes, you just gotta spray once a day." my positive outlook on the situation then faded. I was going to move for the second time in a month.

I broke my lease with out issue, but was refused my deposit. I have read that so long the super does something; they legally have to give you nothing.

When I was moving out a plumber pulled in to do repairs to the building. He spoke to my father while I carried my life to a pick up truck. He told my father that it was good that I was getting out of the place now. That he found cockroaches, dead mice, bugs he didn’t know the names of, and bedbugs. He said he would go into many of the units and they would be riddled with trash, cockroaches and mice.

I made a list of the money lost through out the adventure. I cried for almost a week. Gone: couch, pillows, mattress, over stuffed chair, some bedding, and wicker-wood things. I did 21 garbage bags of laundry, in hot water then to dryer destroying all that was once wool. I rotated my shoes and purses in the freezer for 3 days at a time each. I left a lot there. I will not add the time I had to take off work to rush find a house and move again.

The one thing that was not going to happen was for me to move with them and infest something new. I have now moved to forest hill. My rent only went up 20$ and my place is 4 times the size. I still wake up and think about things crawling in my bed.

Best suggestion for prevention: vacuum vacuum vacuum steam clean. Steam clean. And don't move to Carlton and Sherbourne ;)

On a side note: a spider also gave birth in my shower resulting in my looking up on day while showering and finding 40 -50 baby spiders crawling all over the ceiling and tops of the walls. Bleach.bleach.bleach.

There was also a girl living in the unit before me whose name I got off a piece of mail. If she reads this. My email is [email protected] I would like to try to contact you to hear about your stay in this lovely building.

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