240 Wellesley St E
Toronto, ON M4X

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someone said it is like third world. Not all third world countries are like that . We even have better buildings than developed countries with lots of space and big gardens size of a park all for one family. So please dont be racist.
Even canadian borns are annoying when they leave dishes in the sink for days and they stink and dont take showers in winter.
It has nothing to do with thrid world people .It is the upbringing and they say charity begins at home.

All human beings are created ea

qual . If you are filthy it starts from your parents.

This whole society is screwed up any way.

Go get a shower before you comment on third world people.

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i have been living in 240 building for 8months and cant afford to get out of here trying to save to get out as soon as possible place is a dump there is roaches everywere. every night i kill at least six they keep hiding in my cupboards trying to eat my food. i had the place sprayed twice and they came back the same day so they must been immune to whatever there using. also the people living here are animals they leave garbage everywere on hallway floors,lobby and the hallways smell terrible. i

am ashamed to bring anyone near where i live. dont be atracted buy the lower rent like i was pay the bit more and stay somewhere thats proven to be clean and well maintained.

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My roommate and I are at our wits end. The building is out of control with cockroaches. We can't break the lease, but management can't get the bugs under control. We're likely going to have to get rid of all our furniture. It's been a brutal experience.
stay. away.

Have been living in bulding 240 for almost a year and just started to get bed bug everywhere. Bites all over my body, arms, and legs. Itchy and gross. Do not move here. Stay far away. Going to try and get out of lease! they are everywhere. Garbage and cockroaches are a big problem in this building. I am a clean person and it doesn't matter when living here!

A dive. Lived there for a short time. Paid to break our lease. Bites all over me and my husband. Definitely bedbug infestation. Couldn't figure it out until talking to others living in the building. Cockroaches about everywhere. Disgusting. No one really in command to clean up the building. Its just a place to take money off people and nothing in return. High rent. Tenants in the building just leave their garbage in the hallways, in the elevators. Ignorant people. Part of the probl

em is the tenants. Most part is landlords that don't care. One of many buildings in this area that should be condemned.

So glad to be out and living in a clean, well maintained building with superintendents that care about cleanliness and landlords that care about the tenants and the building.

Get out if you can. Don't rent here unless your use to living with cockroaches, bugs and other creepy things.

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240 Wellesley St E.
Toronto, ON, Canada

Just moved my daughtter of that building. Disgusting. The building is falling apart. Dirt everywhere. Apartments look like they are from third world countries. People are pigs in this building. Leave their garbage everywhere except the garbage shoot. Simply falling apart. In need of lots of money to restore otherwise it is going to just turn in to a festpool of disease......and the rent isn't cheap for what your getting.

I paid $925 for a be

autiful one bedroom, oversized apt. in Etobicoke/Toronto border and a beautiful apt. building, well maintained by both landlord and tenants, clean building.

I wouldn't recommend this building to even my worst enemy.

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It is horrible building! we got the bugs in bed and couch. I use steam cleaner to get rid of them. Seems NOT work. So the bugs must come from somewhere else.

Besides the bugs, we don't have balcony (under repair) from March till today (June 30, 2009)! Meanwhile, we have to suffer the noise due the balcony repair almost every day these days. I called rental office, the property manager (D. Sartell) can do nothing to address our concerns.

So, you have to think carefully before you move in 24

0 Wellesley St. E. appartment.

Also, pls advise who can help to esclate this kind of issue.


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They are infested! We moved out from there 1 1/2 years ago and had to get rid of our bed and couches. Most units report a similar problem so there is no real way to control the infestation.

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