Huron St
Toronto, ON M4V

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I was there in early 2011, and lasted 5 mnths before I gave up. Rats, roaches and OMG the bedbugs! Place looked great when I went to see it, but after a week I started getting bites all over my back. UNRESPONSIVE Asian woman, always assured she would take care of the problem, never did a thing except come thru and spray some foul smelling stuff which drove everyone out of the house for the day..

AND BTW when I called the woman to rent the place and interacted with her, she seemed great and ha

d good communication skills, BUT ONCE I MOVED IN and the problems started... all of a sudden the SAME WOMAN seemingly couldnt speak English!


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53 Huron Street Toronto

I lived here 4 months Sept-Dec 2011, and the problem got worse and worse. This is a shared house in Chinatown. The Asian landlady kept assuring she'd fix it but instead of exterminators she kept spraying herself, think she used hardware store sprays.

Towards the end all three hiousemates had gotten sick and moved out.

HORRIBLE. Avoid this house at all costs!

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