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Spotted a cockroach coming in through front when I came home one night early December. I killed it immediately and then found one on the sink. I told the landlord immediately he had me prepare for spraying immediately. I had the apartment kitchen and bathroom fumigated. For 3 weeks it seemed we we're ok and then they started to re-appear although they were quite slow. It's now January and I'm killing atleat two a night when I get home from or wake up in the morning. I'm a super clean person an

d have literally burnt my hands using product to rid roaches clean out stoves sad fridges. I have literally torn down my kitchen and emptied all drawers 3 times. I have bagged kitchen utensils, belongings in my living room and left them outside in the courtyard in the cold for hours. I've requested another treatment and maintenance to replace fridge and stove and have heard nothing back since the beginning if the week. Thus place has been very good to me for 3 years but whoever moved Into this building brought roaches with them in the last few months. The unfortunate part is they won't spray everywhere and if you don't you'll never get rid of them. The maintenance is decent not great. The hallways are dirty and carpet extremely old. Other renters let their fogs off the leash and I've seen pee and dog poop in the hallway. It's ridiculous that nothing can done or said to tenants that do not treat their home respectfully. I've seen my neighbours on the second floor doing the Same thing. They have been treated twice now. Management of the building has changed 3 times since I've been here. I would not suggest living here until the building does proper maintenance and forces those who do not maintain their apartments out!

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Dec 7th, found cockroaches in the hallway of the first floor at 11:30pm. Not impressed by the landlord's lack of action, even after a written complaint was made to the superintendant about the infestation. Don't move in here, sticky traps are vissible in the laundry and underground garage area, obviously the entire building is infested. DON'T MOVE IN HERE!

People, this is a bedbug site! Please stop posting each and every kind of grudge you have against your landlord here. Sure, cockroaches are disgusting, too. But, as a Canadian expat planning to possibly return to the Toronto area next year, I want to get a feeling for the magnitude of the bedbug problem there and all these off-topic and grudge posts are making that very difficult.

In early October, I found one adult German Cockroach in the bathroom (about 1inch). I swiftly killed it, and then called the superintendent at The Fleetwood. He was not surprised to hear about a cockroach problem, but he did absolutely nothing to address the issue. Since then, my husband has found and killed 2 adult German cockroaches in the kitchen area (about 1-inch in size). We have bought sticky traps to try to catch some so we can document it, and call the Landlord about it. Today (Nov 16th

), I found a small bug on my bedroom wall, and caught it. I looked up online and discovered it was a baby cockroach matching this description and image:


And after discovering that “Different forms of gastroenteritis (food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea, and other illnesses) appear to be the principal diseases transmitted by German cockroaches. The organisms causing these diseases are carried on the legs and bodies of cockroaches and are deposited on food and utensils as the cockroaches forage. Cockroach excrement and cast skins also contain a number of allergens to which many people exhibit allergic responses, such as skin rashes, watery eyes and sneezing, congestion of nasal passages, and asthma", I called the Landlord Djana Sacdanaku at Elm Place Inc., but only got her voice-mail so I left a complaint about it but have not heard back yet.

I also called Toronto Public Health (311), and reported the cockroach infestation. A public health officer will be coming within 5 business days to investigate the building. My husband and I keep a very clean apartment, we always do our dishes right away, always seal off all our food items that aren't stored in the fridge, and never leave crumbs or pieces of food lying around the kitchen. Yet we still have cockroaches. I personally think it's an issue in the entire building.

In short, if I had known about this cockroach problem beforehand, I would not have moved in here.

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