400 Avenue Rd
Toronto, ON M4V

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One of the units on the fourth floor definitely has bugs of some sort - stayed for a month (subletting) and had all these gross mysterious bites that were absurdly itchy. Luckily, they don't seem to have followed me to my new home.

There's a huge gap between the wall and the floor - it's an older building that doesn't look like it's been maintained all that well (the bathroom was just horrible in the unit I was in) so it's pretty easy for bugs to travel from unit-to-unit.

Be warned.

First floor apartment has a bed bug issue. I stayed the night on couch and woke up with bites all over. I found one and bottled up to show landlord of building, but have not heard back from the tenant nor landlord. There are definite issues.

I lived in this building (4th floor) and unit had bedbugs when I moved in. The landlord did an extermination twice with all clothing bagged and this eliminated the issue but mentallly it was still there

A friend of mine lives on the third floor of this building, and has bedbugs for almost a year now. Her landlord says her unit is the only one with this problem, but that seems very unlikely. It has been a nightmare for her family. They have had exterminators in dozens of times, but they keep finding more live bugs.

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