28 Balmoral Ave
Toronto, ON M4V

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This is the most disgusting building that I have ever lived in. The whole building is infested with bed bugs and who knows what else. I have noticed that my apartment is full of bed bugs and everything is a joke to James, and I don't even want to go through him as I have heard horror stories about dealing with him and these situations. Once my lease is up I will be leaving this HELL HOLE of a building.
Somebody really needs to look into getting a new super for the building as James is the most

useless person in the world. He needs to be fired!!!!!!!!!!
If you are thinking for moving into this building don't, it will be the biggest mistake of your life!!!!! because you will have bed bugs as roommates!!!!!!!!!!!!


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This building is bed bug central. I have been living here since the summer, and I started to notice I was getting bitten at night, but I never in a million years that ghat it would be bed bugs. One day as I was taking my sheets off to wash them that is when I noticed the bugs on my new mattress that I had purchased just before moving in. When I did a search online to find out what this was I found out that is was bed bugs. Anything that is brought up to the super James he doesn't take it serious

ly, I know of other tenants in the building that are having the same problem with bugs and nothing is getting done to fix it. This building owner really needs to look at getting rid of James and hiring a more capable person to run the building, as nothing will be fixed as long as James in in this building.

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This building is infested with bedbugs. I have been having an ongoing problem with them for the last 2 months and James the super does nothing about it. This is the worst building that I have ever lived in and I regret ever moving here. Please anyone that is thinking of moving here please don't unless you would like to be dealing with bed bugs!!!!

I have been living in 28 Balmoral Ave for almost 1 year now, and I have started to see bugs on my bed. I happened to catch one that was living and I took it to the Super James(last name I do not know) he and another tenant told me that it was not bed bugs and that i had nothing to worry about. The other tenant then looked up on google and show me a picture of what a bed bug looked liked and they were the same. At this point James called to have the apartment looked at and I was told the earliest

they could come out was the Dec 17th, which was almost a week after i had let them know about this issue. I then had to get my own person in to fix this as i was not waiting for a week to have this fixed. James throws away mattresses that have been left in apartments with not protecting them properly. He only fixes this on a when someone says something to him.

This is not a nice building to live in!!!

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Bed bug central. Moved in and within a month my apartment was infested. Worst part is the building super James talks so much shot but won't do anything about it. One day he came in and emptied a can of the spray you can get at the store. It is highly toxic and he poisoned my cat. Needless to say I fought them and got one months free rent.
I also had to trash my brand new couch because there's no way to clean that and remove all the bugs.

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