26 Balmoral Ave
Toronto, ON M4V

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Lived there for two years, noticed them after one fucking week. got sprayed three times and they always came back. these 2 apartments should be burnt to the fucking ground, with all of the crazy tennants inside them, Jack steinmen is the most useless jew on the planet

My friend is covered in fucking bites! Are you fucking kidding me!?!!!

It's Hell.
I wish I'd done the research before moving here. The cheap rent and the sketchy residents should have been a dead tip-off. Instead, I eagerly moved in. That was last April.

I'm about two months from the end of my lease, and I can't wait to get the hell out of here.

I was lied to when I moved in; I asked the question, repeatedly, and was told there wasn't any pest problem in this building.

I will try to warn anyone I know: do your homework! A simple Google search would have s

aved me from this nightmare. I will have to discard all my furniture.

Good luck to the next unlucky person :(

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I'm thinking of moving to 26 Balmoral. Is the situation with bedbugs over?

My friend currently resides at this address. The unit is absolutely infested with bedbugs. The problem is so bad that all clothing was washed and bagged (living out of garbage bags for now)... I took suits to the cleaners... and when I placed them on the counter, a few adult bedbugs fell out. All furniture (which by the way, constructed of wood) needs to be disposed of. They have nothing left. Even without a bloodmeal for almost a month (they had to spend nights out of the home), and two fu

migations later, the problem has intensified. We will see what the outcome is once a permission to break the lease has been entered. Although spraying is effective, if there isnt active participation amongst ALL tenants in this building... the bedbugs will continue to thrive. These bugs can last 6 months even without a bloodmeal, and their populations increase exponentially at a very fast rate. Shame on the owners to claim diligence in this regard. Spraying is simply a bandaid... for an affliction that requires much more...

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When I moved in, I was told that the new policy now is to have a fumigator come in whenever someone moves out and a new person is moving in. I've been living here a few months now and so far I have had no problems.

My name is Emily Hampshire. I moved out last month after living almost a year of hell. James the super, told me that there were no bugs of any kind when I moved in last year. After 1 month, I found bites on me and yes after checking the baseboards there were bedbugs. I didn't want to break the lease, else be charged by the Landlord and Tenant Act. The owners Jack Steinman and Beverley Epstein should be held accountable for renting units they know have these malicious creatures. The whole buildin

g should be condemned. The provincial and municipal governments have enabled these owners to continuing to renting these units. Thanks Jack and Beverly for ruining my life for one year. And James is not to be trusted in whatever he says.

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I've had to have my apartment sprayed and am living out of plastic bags.

I found one big bed bug in my apartment. The super has tried to assure me that I don't have bed bugs, but the building is infested. At least 2 more apartments have had to be sprayed.

I know of at least 4 units in this building that were infested with bed bugs. The Super has tried to deal with it, but until they fumigate the whole building they are going to get rid of them.

Those 2 buildings are infested.
I have a friend that lived in one and he had to buy a year contract with a bug company. The deal was for so much money, they would come in as many times as you needed them over the year.

After just a few months he was already up to 6 visits by them and i know they didn't expect to do so many and perhaps count on people paying and only doing 1-2 visits per year---so i know after the 6th time they began to ignore his calls but I saw them myself and know he wasn'

t crazy.
But when you don't spray the whole building and only one suite, they go next door or up or downstairs and eventually find their way back, which is what they seemed to do in his case.

Id stay clear of those 2 buildings.
This was all taking place at least up until the end of 2009.

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Before I moved in, I repeatedly asked the super if there were any cockroaches or bugs in the building and he said no way.

I moved in the beginning of September 2009, but didn't notice anything until last week Oct 21 2009. I hadn't noticed the bites on my arm, but my girlfriend had stayed over and had bites. Then we took a good look at my bed, and yep they were there, a good many 15 of all ages. On the side of my bed(which had been blocked by it) were bed bug feces, and various bed bugs of all


Later, I saw them on my clothes that were hanging up, and I have killed about 10 adults and captured 4 live specimans.

I immediately threw out my bed, sheets, etc. and left my bedroom empty. I have placed diatomaceous earth around the periphery of the baseboards where I live, and have put petroleum gelly on the floor to act as a "moat". I have laundered all my clothes and keep them in garbage bags.

I have contacted my landlord via email and fax last Tues Oct 27, but have not heard back from them.

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