23 Oriole Rd
Toronto, ON M4V

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We had bedbugs here and were sprayed 4 times two weeks apart. Total nightmare. Lived out of bags for 2 months. Management was slow to get it treated and doubted that there was even a problem. They do not keep the building clean.

My unit was sprayed 8 months ago for bedbugs even though I had no problems with them. Apparently my neighbor had had problems. I'm not sure why people are saying that only the infected units are being treated as I had to have 2 preventative treatments done. At least I'm glad they did that for peace of mind. As Im looking to move closer to my work I can see a lot of apartment buildings are infected, oh well, good luck to me.

We had bed bugs on the 4th floor in Feb 2011. The apartment was sprayed twice 3 weeks apart but the bugs came back. We decided to move out as it is very difficult to eliminate bed bugs in an building as old as this. Management was cooperative and did perform their due diligence as soon as they were informed of this issue.

By the way they reacted, it seemed they had experience dealing with bed bug.

However, as is the case with most disputes, management was not particularly helpful with

respect to compensation for many items and furniture that needed to be discarded or thrown out. In the end, we did get a fraction of 1 months rent because we insisted on damages and loss.

I assume bed bugs are an ongoing issue in older buildings such as this one.

According to the City of Toronto inspector, when a apartment unit is sprayed usually twice 3 weeks apart, it is recommended (but no enforced) that adjacent units be sprayed too. This was not done in this case.

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