19 Lascelles Blvd
Toronto, ON M4V

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looking at renting here, any recent issues or concerns regarding bed bugs?

Thank you

Please read the posting I submitted for 25 Lascelles Blvd. 19 and 25 Lascelles are part of a 5-building complex called the Brentwood Towers

This is not fair to 25 Lascelles.

I lived in the building for 47 years before I moved back to my parents's house to tkae care of my aging mother.

Management has issued several information on bedbugs to ensure that residents report evidence, if any. Management takes the bedbug phenomenon seriously. I had a neighbor whose unit was checked several time

s because she moved in and brought a dead one found in her couch. Management treated the unit and inspected all of the units within the block, including mine, until they were satisfied there is no evidence.

I did not pay for the inspection. Management did. I understand from my then neighbor that Management also paid for the treatments (2) in her unit even if she believes the bedbug may have come from her previous apartment on Jarvis and Wellesly.

25 Lascelles and the other 4 buildings in the complex are well managed. I will go back to the complex should my family situation make me search for another apartment.

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Lived there for about 4 years and end of 2007, had a huge infestation (had to throw away entire bed, bedside tables, all electronic devices in the bedroom, etc. plus had to wash all fabric in my apartment so spent $$ in laundry and dry cleaning). I advised management but they didn't believe me at first, until I finally scotch tape one of those buggers to the bathroom door where I found it. Then, they sent pest control. I got rid of the problem but am now extremely careful and have moved out sinc

e then.
On a separate note, general management is not very good and unable to retain its tenants.

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