50 Rosehill Ave
Toronto, ON M4T

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People, please help!!! We are about to submit an application for this building TODAY! I need your input, should we move in or no??

My apartment got bed bugs on the 22nd floor. Several weeks earlier my neighbours had "their floors redone", the fumes of which made me vomit for three days and almost go to the hospital. What I now think is they were having fumigation done. I got no warning of any refinishing or fumigation from the management. Later I discovered bedbugs in my unit. Management acted ashamed of me and were generally unhelpful in this and other maintainance requests. Ended up moving to get rid of the infestion, co

ntinued to pay my $1500 rent for 6 more months to get out of the lease. Management went into my unit without consent to clean and prepare the unit for showing but failed to find a new letter. Confiscated my key despite me continuing to pay rent for these "showings" -- giving me no opportunity to see if they were in fact double renting the place. Sigh. Awful experience, first time living alone.

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My neighbour on the 5th floor has had them a couple of times. The apt. was sprayed and we are crossing our fingers. I've heard of reports in other units as well though management has not issued any warnings or information about bedbugs to the building in general.

Building has bedbugs.

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