33 Rosehill Ave
Toronto, ON M4T

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Which suite are you living in? Looking for a lease at this place now...

I have been dealing with this problem since March, 2015.. I've had 2 treatments arrangeed by my buildings management. I am being bitten again this week August 4th onwards. My mattress is new and bedbug protected as well as my pillows. I'm at a loss as to what to do about this. I've lived in the same suite for 22 years and have never had this problem up until March of this year.

Hey, I lived on the top floor in 1967 too!! I was the first tenant in that apartment. In one of the miniscule bachelor apartments. God were they small! My rent was $148 a month plus $12 for parking. Probably 300 feet of space or even less. No bed bugs though. Yes, the views were wonderful and the surrounding area was not too built up. My next door neighbor, in a one bedroom, founded Toronto Life magazine. I was a young guy then, 45 years ago. It was built by Cadillac Fairview, however, and they

had a very good reputation in Toronto.

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I lived in this building in 1967 on the very top floor and there were no bedbugs. The building was brand new. LOL 44 years ago! That's an OLD building. The bachelor apartments were miniscule but the views were very good in those days.

I used to live in this building in 2005-2007----i had an issue with bed bugs then.
So they have been in the building for years and are lying if they say they haven't been.

I had my own place exterminated but i believe mgmt there would take care of the problem if you had them.
I agree with others here that say the building pretends to be something it is not, exclusive.

Id love to know if ANONYMOUS is near the top, bottom or middle of that building??!!

I too have them, just found them a week ago and am in the middle of dealing with them now but spoke to someone who said someone else was evicted shortly after reporting them some time ago and claimed that they hadn't ever been in the building before but I found a homeless person and their bags sleeping in this building about 2 years ago and wouldn't be surprised if that is how they first got in.
They have a t

endency here, management, to believe they are an exclusive building. Its not but that attitude will prevent myself and it appears others, from reporting the problem.

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I discovered a few bites a month ago and I live in this building bur hearer to the bottom units. I see the other person says they live near the top?
I too didn't contact my building manager for fear I would be evicted.

This is not the sort of building or the people living here which I imagine would deal well with the idea of bed bugs and would automatically blame you for bringing them in.

The are trying to be something they are not here. They are trying to be a luxurious rental building b

ut the tenants are no more sophisticated then anywhere else. They just think they are LOL

Anyhow I got rid of mine with an exterminator that I paid for out of pocket. I dont know how i got them but if i get them again, I will then have to look at the building itself as being the culprit at which point I will expect them to pay for it or I will let the whole building know there have been several instances here of bed bugs, at least that we know of. How many do we NOT know of?

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33 Rosehill Ave - Go to www.bedbugger.com. It's one of the info sources references in "About" on this website. Read the FAQ's about bedbugs - they are really helpful. If you keep getting bedbugs, it is possible you have an infested neighbour who is also keeping quiet about their problem. Bedbugs are best irradicated if all adjoining units are inspected and treated at the same time.

Ijust got them again. I never told the managment I had them and wont this time either for its a snobby building and I imagine we dont talk of such things here.

I am not going to say what unit I live in but I live near the top floor and I had them January of 2008, September of 2008 and now again just last week but I wil hire my own exterminator to get rid of them but I dont understand why I keep getting them as this isnt a transient building

May 2008...I found them in my apartment but the building management was very good in bringing someone in to spray..twice and it appeared that all were killed.

About a month afterwards, I saw one more there although it was killed
his time management didn't do a thing and I moved out shortly afterwards.

They were very good at dealing with the problem so I wouldn’t personally have any discomfort at leasing there again as they were good about eradicating the problem, despite not doing

anything for the one lone bedbug that appeared about 3 weeks later.

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