171 St Clair Ave E
Toronto, ON M4T

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Would like to apologize for comments made
on Oct25th. They were made in haste & anger.
I woke up that morning skin burning,itching & more bites. I was totally stressed out and said things that I heard through the grapevine that weren't necessarily true.
Both the Supt, & Owner have been helpful and problem has subsided.

Please remove comments made Oct 25th regarding bedbugs as I fear a backlash to solving the situation.Will repost if something is not done. Thank You

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I t is now Oct 25th told the supt, Oct 17th suspected bed bug...,denial denial...covered in bites ...Doctor confirms bed bug bites ...owner drops off bug spray from store. Find out building has had bed bugs before and land lady is famous slumlady of Toronto !

today is septempber 18, and in my building four units have been infested. my neighbor is one of them. I now have to bag up my whole apartment to get treated @ the same time she is. the super did not alert me, my neighbor did. she had to wait 2 weeks to get treated! now Im apartment hunting and who is 2 say I wont incounter the same problem. Im being chased out of my home by a bug!

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