60 Pleasant Blvd
Toronto, ON M4T 1K1

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I am a tenant at 60 Pleasant blvd and I got bedbugs from my neighbor. I must say that the staff were very helpful and helped with my bedbug situation. The Management office made sure that my unit got treated right away. I followed their instructions on how to prep and now I am bedbug free. (I guess this can happen in any building, but glad it was taken care of)

Just recently moved out. This is one of the worst management companies you will ever encounter. Ask anyone in this or the 40 building. Stay away! I am hearing about bed bugs now and high (like $70) rent increases from my friends that still live in the building.

Treatment has been ineffective and situation is getting worse.
Management incented to push out tenants to jack up the already above limit rent increases for unsuspecting new tenants.

I moved out, and brought the problem with me. Over 1000 later I am free of this building and of the bed bugs.

60 Pleasant Blvd is INFESTED with BEDBUGS. To make matters worst the management company threatens the tenants who report the problem. The management company's behaviour is both shocking and inappropriate.

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