676 Mt Pleasant Rd
Toronto, ON M4S

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i caught a lot of bed bug right now beside me put them on a zip lock while typing this report i am just so pissed at this moment. i wanted to get out but i just recently move here.Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Super ay creepo! I been so nice to him I always give him food when I cook something nice, then he go start acting funny try get too close touch me sipsip. Owner dont care nothing but rent. We tenents complain to Toronto city they send investigator but nothing happen. Me my children still suffer from bed bug. Itong lugar na ito ay BIG JOKE. Filipino people lumayo kayo sa lugar na ito.

Our building has a bed bug problam for two years. Infesting is on two floors and apatments have bugs all over. Landlord does cheap spraying but it dont work and bed bugs come back. Many tenants move out and landlord brings in new tenants in the same apartment but not telling them. This happen to me and we suffer big problam. I have a little daughter who got bit very bad and was sick many times. I finaly move out this month but landlord dont care. He get another tenant and not do anything. Everyo

ne suffers.

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