45 Balliol St
Toronto, ON M4S

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Last April, a nouse digged a hole in the wall of our bathroom. No need to say that it was super gross to find the mouse half dead in our bathroom when we came back from vacation (the door was closed).

Now, Augut, we found some back little thing moving fat in our kitchen!!! We set mousetrap and caught 3 in one night!!!

No need to say that we are super clean people.

After talking to other tenants, it seems that many of them have once in a while the same problem.,

It concerns only low

er floors

see full report...

I have noticed bed bugs since a month but thought of it as one-off incidents. But last night, I have been bitten badly on my arms and legs and its itching. I am going to contact the management and see how they respond.

Bed Bug Alert!!!

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