44 Dunfield Ave
Toronto, ON M4S

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Warning that bed bugs were found in this building (found in September and October 2015), I had to move out immediately after a few weeks of living there. Management will not take responsibility for it and expects you to pay for the treatment.

Any latest updates on this building?

I lived there in 2010 and 2011. It is owned by Compten Management.

All I can tell you is RUN AWAY FROM anything rented by these people. They will take your money and do NOTHING.

They do have all kind of bugs coming in during the summertime... flies invasion...

And on top of it, the hirise is filled with young people making a lot of noise for the most part so you will not sleep well. Management doesnt care, they will not do anything to fix that kind of problems.

Just do not rent with

them , they are not worth yout money....

see full report...

woke up with numerous bite marks..searched and found a couple bugs. told the super they were rude not helpful called property management they were even worse said I have to pay for it myself. Toronto health says the tenant is not responsible for the cost.

I'm new to the building (I lived on 50 Holly across the street for 1 year and have not witnessed any issues there) but am concerned about 44 Dunfield.

Are there any updates?

What floor were/are you on?

3 bites, then saw the bug. Reported and am told that they are at 33 Holly, but nothing has been reported here yet... I notice there are lots of reports for 45 Dunfield as well...
Apparently the tenants have to pay for the treatment themselves here. Minimum $250, but reading up, it seems that more than one treatment is needed. The TO Public Health site says that it is the landlord's responsibility to pay. hmmm.. I am a bit concerned, since if the tenants have to pay, obviously they are not goin

g to want to report the bugs to the landlords if they are short on cash, and they are going to try to solve the problems themselves, which is not a good idea.

see full report...

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