345 Merton St
Toronto, ON M4S

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We lived at 345 Merton St. (Numert Investments) for approximately 5 years and the last year the bed bugs were running rampant and was so bad... it forced us to leave. I like to forget about the building from hell but feel others should know. New management took over and the cleanliness and sanitary standards of the building and its tenants went to the pits. They knows their apartments have bed bugs and nearly every floor has had reports, yet they continue to ignore it. Absolutely shocked to only

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Even the roaches were out of control and main level apartments have severe mould. We pleaded with the management over the issue and they first ignored us and when we enforced our rights, the harassment began. It got so bad that we had to leave, We think management was worse than the bed bugs. Jokes aside, my son was being bit nightly!

Be advised that this building DOES have bed bugs. Once you move in they ignore you and if you raise the bed bug issue they will start harassing you. Beware!!

Best of luck

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IM off topic please send me e-mail where i can post this people must know..Me and my girlfriend moved in about a year ago 2012. our experience here with managment bugs and cold has been horrible, and were not alone, other tenants are afraid to speak up due to harassment and nobady listens.. in mid february 2013 i was eating breakfest and left for about 20 minutes when i came back there was a kakaroach swimming in my milk usually they hide not here tre brave mid day they strool by, i have caught

about 8 since, back in december i woke up with a swollen spot on my stomack a big bite from some sort of bug, this didnt heal for months, we also have ants inside our apartment, the previous tenants were smokers when we moved in we asked, did anyone smoke in the apartment they lied and said no, now theres yellow residue coming out of the paint nikotine due to the fact they didnt clean the walls just simply painted over them,when we moved in i got sick the first time we used our oven it was not rinsed and chemicals were left inside, we have complained many times that it gets really cold at night they turn the heat off but heat is supposed to be incluede, they ignore us and treat us as if we are idiots nothign done about this, also one saturday morning we were sleeping in till 9am both naked when their employees enterd illegally i yelled at them to get out after 5 minutes they left sending me a threatening letter and denying any wrong doing, i stronglurge people to reconsider its a nice area but not worth the hassles these people are unprofessional rude invasive also good luck on communication with them, there is alot more that but i wont write a book, i just wish to warn fair people... all they do is fix the outside to attract people but the inside is making me sick i need to move asap im taking them to court to get out of the lease.

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