107 Redpath Ave
Toronto, ON M4S

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I lived in this building for a few years and just recently moved out. In my years there I never had a problem with any kind of insects. The building is very clean, extremely well maintained, and very well managed. The unit was spotless when I moved in, I had a great tenancy there without any issues with any pests, and upon my move out the management came in to do an inspection to make sure all was in good shape and there were no concerns.
The management takes a lot of pride in this buildin

g and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking to live in this neighbourhood. I would still be there if my circumstances/needs hadn't changed.

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Has anyone experienced bedbugs or any other pests recently? I am considering moving into this building. Any information would be very helpful.

The person posting this report made NO MENTION of this to the Building Superintendent. How can a problem be resolved if it is hidden by the tenant?

Bedbug eggs lay dormant a long time in upholstery
and quite likely CAME IN on this tenants
furnishings or mattress.


That would be the mature approach.

The problem will be rectified.

I moved in here not that long ago, and what a big mistake! My apartment has these bugs crawling all over the place, and nothing I do seems to get rid of them. I have tried a number of the recommended means, and still nothing. They are so repulsive!

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