411 Duplex Ave
Toronto, ON M4R

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I currently live in this building and while I have yet to have any problem with bedbugs, there is a major infestation of cockroaches in the building currently.

The management don't care in the slightest about the tenants so I don't see this being resolved any time soon.

If you're thinking about moving in here, I would advise against it.

I lived here before and Yes it is true that there's bed bugs in this building. This is the main reason why I left and moved to a different building.

Wish I can say the same for my furnitures. I had to throw them away as they were infested with Bed bugs.

June 25, 2015

Yup!!! I've only been living at this location for exactly a year now. All my furniture is brand new, and for about 2 months now, fighting the battle of removing bed bugs. Never in my life have I experienced such a problem.

I'm extremely mad at the management, when I had reported this issue, they tried to blame it on me. They asked if we invite people over, and blamed my friends as being the reason for this problem. The management continued to tell me that this building has n

ever had a problem before, but after reading all these reports, it's clear that this has been an ongoing issue for years now. This issue has NOT been resolved.

After getting the apartment sprayed, a few weeks later, I received a note on the door at around 8pm saying they're going to do a second spraying the next day. I had just finished unpacking everything back into drawers the night before (since I've been living out of garbage bags). There was no notice that there will be a second spraying prior to the note, and they gave me no time to even prepare. I stayed up all night, repacking everything into garbage bags, and moving furniture around. I broke my t.v in the process, and they never showed up to spray.

I'm absolutely furious!!!! I have been putting bedbug pesticide powder and spraying the mattress myself to try to rid the problem..... nothing is working. I went out and bought a $100 mattress cover to trap them in.

The whole building needs to be inspected. IT IS INFESTED WITH BEDBUGS!!

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My doctor told me the marks on my body were bed bugs. I couldn't believe it! Went to Management with a couple of dead bedbugs in a plastic bag. They wouldn't even look at it. They wanted to arrange a spray treatment, but I checked it out, and it is not 100% effective. The sheet for Preparation for Treatment even says that "you may continue to have activity for approximately 2-3 weeks following the treatment". So you're spreading the infestation whenever you go out! The sheet goes on to sa

y "if bedbugs continue to be noticed beyond this period, please let your superintendant know so ANOTHER treatment can be arranged".

I told Management I would pay the difference to have a HEAT TREATMENT done. It's $1,000, but worth it to have the bugs gone in a couple of hours. I love the location, but if this happens again, I will have to move. Anyone know a clean building?

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This is the same person that posted 01/14/2012.

At the time, the office helped out and we had the unit sprayed twice. After that, no bugs. Until today. We have them again, so now we have to go through all the trouble of washing, rewashing, cleaning, and recleaning everything, live out of ziploc bags, and deal with the night-time paranoia of "will I wake up with bites tomorrow".

I used to think many of these reports were from angry tenants, but I love this building, and now I have no choice

but to tell people to not move here.


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I have lived here for two years and have no bed bugs. Not sure why but I don't.

I'm the same person who posted my complaint below back in 02/10/2010. I still cannot believe this apartment complex still has bed bugs up until this point. It's been 3 yrs since. I'm disgusted that the issue persists even after all the complaints seen below. It's obvious that management does not care that there are bedbugs in this building. All I can say is: WARNING DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! EXPECT TO HAVE BED BUGS IF YOU DO. And to the comment below this one where he says 'I don't know what all the f

uss is about'....REALLY??? Come on, I'd rather live with roaches and mice than to experience the hell that bed bugs had put me through!

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I am not sure what the fuss is about. There are bed bugs everywhere in Toronto, even in our fanxy hotels. Check it out for yourself. I have benn living here with my girlfriend for over 10 years and I still have never had a bedbug problem. I have also asked 4 friends on 4 different floors and they also have never reported a problem.
So, from the reports I read here, there may be a few units that have problems, but we have never had a problem.
J & L

I've experienced a few bites in the last 2 weeks, and thought it was just an allergic reaction to something unrelated. I inspected my bedframe and mattress earlier this week, no sight of anything. I woke up Today with more bites, did another inspection, and sure enough I found one. I managed to catch it alive in a ziploc bag which I will bring to the rental office. I will update this site to let you know how they handle it. I'll be armed with this website, as well as the City of Toronto's bedbug

website so they can't just blame it on me. I often see furniture or mattresses discarded near the laundry room, so it's obvious that I'm not the only one dealing with it. I love the building and the location, but if they don't handle this well there is no way I'm renewing my lease!

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"Don't RENT in 411 Duplex"

People if you don't want to loose your night's sleep then follow my advice. This building is full of bed bugs.

I was renting a 1br on 9th floor and found bed bugs in my apartment. When i brought the issue to management's notice they blamed me for the bugs. They said i brought it to my apartment. The management is HORRIBLE. Instead of treating the problem they play the blame game.

I suffered for a month but then I knew what i had to do. I moved out of this shi

t hole.

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I have been in this building for over a year and discovered beg bugs last month. I was EXTREMELY UPSET. I immediately went down to management and requested that my apartment be sprayed!

I have been living out of garbage & zip lock bags for the last month - although 2 treatments have been made I am not yet sure if the problem has been solved (i have seen a few dead ones but not sure if any others are left).

Now if it isnt bad enough listen to this - i have recently found out that 2 weeks be

fore I had discovered that I had beg bugs that the apartment RIGHT BELOW MINE HAD BEEN SPRAYED FOR BED BUGS. As a result the bed bugs came up through the walls into MY apartment. Management never let me know about this & made it seem like it was my fault for having them. Management should had sprayed the apartments beside, above and under the original one with beg bugs. but they dont care. they just want to save money on paying contractors to perform the spraying.

I have spent lots of money washing & drying my entire wardrobe not to mention the lack of sleep, anxiety, stress & panic attacks due to this.

I am searching for other apartments in the area so I can get the HELL OUT OF HERE!!!

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I had to move back home a few weeks ago after only being in this apartment for two weeks because of bed bugs. I had bites all over my body, found one in my hair while I was washing it, had to launder all of my clothes and live out of ziploc bags.

Now all of my new furniture is in storage as I'm scared of bringing the bugs into my new place. Two days after moving out, I found three large bugs alive on a file folder I was about to bring into my parent's house.

They sprayed the place three

days after I filed a complaint, but the fumes were so thick and toxic I had trouble breathing. I couldn't live like that.

Management tried to blame me. Asked me where I had gotten my furniture from. Asked if I had slept over at anyone's house or if anyone stayed at my place. Told me bed bugs can come from anywhere.

If it took only two weeks for me to be getting bitten every night, to be seeing live bugs around the apartment, it is IMPOSSIBLE they didn't know about this problem. When the previous tenants moved out and they were cleaning, changing the floors, painting, someone must have seen a bug. But, according to them, I must have brought them in.

I spent weeks crying, having panic attacks, not being able to sleep at night. I've filed an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board asking for compensation for what I went through. You should do the same if you're having a similar problem. Unless the walls are torn down and inspected and sprayed, and the holes in the walls/baseboards are sealed, no amount of pesticide spraying would resolve this problem.

Do not move in here. I would not wish for anyone to go through what I did.

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Back in 2010, there was a newspaper article about a tenant that got bedbugs in the building on the Toronto Star. When tenants got alarmed they approached the management about the bedbug issue they lied and said that the problem was taken care of - misleading others into thinking that the bedbugs were gone.

Management of the building lied when tenants asked if there were bedbugs in the building.

The truth is, THERE ARE BEDBUGS AT 411 Duplex Avenue.

Also, if you approach them about havin

g bedbugs they accuse you of bringing the bug, and are extremely unprofessional when dealing with the problem by giving unsound advice and not knowing properly how to deal with said issue when tenants complain.

It is already distressful having to lose sleep, losing your furniture, and money on top of that...having to deal with management. It is really unfortunate that they don't know how to respond with better service and care for the tenants, especially when dealing with bedbug issues.

Hopefully, more tenants will speak up (about issues in the building) and hold management accountable.

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I have lived here for 25 years.There has never been any type of bug in my apartment till this week, I feel like the office staff looked at me like I was dirty and talked to me as if I've done this to the building. This is all due to their Neglect to public health safety. Now that I've been in formed of the situation of all the reports in the yonge egg area for so long it's over the city of Toronto public health has to step in and what dose Rob Ford plan on doing to stop this parasite Pandemic. I

really hope that more people come forward with.

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Absolutely do not rent here. It's a hot bed of bed bugs and management refuses to tackle the problem responsibly. People are throwing infested beds in the main corridor where the laundry room is located so in essence the problem spreads as people walk by. Plus the hallways are never vacuumed. The building is in obvious decay.

I'm SO PISSED OFF! I killed a bedbug from my apartment tonight. I have never had bed bugs before. I squashed it from my bed, and it left blood stains. The bug left blood all over my fingers.

I was bitten three times by bed bugs in my apartment over the space of 3-4 months jan-april of 2010. I never saw a bug and washed my floors, bed and the whole area about 2-3 times a week. The first time it was only one bite and I thought it was just a mosquito but the second time I recieved about 11 bites all along my body which took forever for the scars to go away, the last time it was three bites a few weeks later. I couldn't sleep for months after the second attack. Again it must have been a

very light infestation since I could not find a single one to show to the landlords but it was disgusting and kept me from sleeping for months. So far I haven't been bitten for 5 months so I'm hoping that it was just a bug or two coming through the neighbours wall since now that they have moved out the bugs are gone.

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We lived in the building for 4+ years, and during our last year there (winter 2009), my girlfriend received bites on her face and legs. Immediately we suspected it was bed bugs so we completed an inspection of our bed to find the bugs crawling under our mattress.
We asked the the superintendent to fumigate the apartment, which they completed willingly, but neglected to fumigate apartments around us. We know for a fact other tennants (through discussions with them) had the same problem but we

re not doing anything about it. We had to throw half our furniture out including our bed and mattress. It was a horrible experience to sanitize the rest of our furniture and belongings and sleep with the lights on just to avoid getting bitten further. We did our due dilligence by cleaning everything we had thoroughly before moving to our new place. We have been bed bug free for almost a year now, but my girlfriend is traumatized by the whole experience. We highly recommend that you do not live in this apartment since there are bed bug infested units with tennants living in them and doing nothing about it!!

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We could not move in due to apt. not being "cleaned" for Sept 1st. It was to be sprayed also. CAPREIT.

We moved in and started itching within 2 weeks.

It took FOUR weeks to get sprayed. I had to provide ziploc bags of the bedbugs (once I figured out what they were partly due to this site) and threaten to write Head Office.

The night after the treatment I bagged four more.

Everyone in the building talks about it openly.

My kids don't deserve this. Nor do I. What am I paying for???

Beyond disgusting.

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Have had the exterminator come twice and there are still bed bugs in the apartment.

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