33 Orchard View Blvd
Toronto, ON M4R

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Hi there,

I'm looking to move into this building in April. Any update on the bedbug/infestation issues since the older reports?

Hi looking to move into 33 Orchard Blvd, can someone please let me know if there were any recent sightings of roaches, bed bugs or insects of any sort?

Looking to move into this building in September. Can anyone comment on the bed bug/cockroach status since 2013? thanks!!

Within one month of moving in,there have been numerous cockroach and dust mite sightings (from baby to adult sizes) in my unit. I have informed management, whom had gels applied in the kitchen and bathroom --- but to no avail. There is definitely an insect infestation issue at this premises. Think twice about living here, folks!

July 2012. Saw what I think is a roach in my bathroom. Notified management and they took care of it immediately with gels. Lived here for 3 years first and hopefully only incident.

I found three bedbugs last week... killed them. No bites lately. Waiting for sprayers to come. Management seemed concerned... so far.

Have heard of and/or seen the following issues:

- bed bugs
- cockroaches
- silverfish bugs
- pharaoh ants

Management will deal with the issues but to what extent I am unsure. Have never had to deal with a major problem yet.

Keep in mind this building is on top of the mall with restaurants and a food court, prime cockroach territory.

Is there still a problem at this building?

I am looking to move into it in May, 2011 and talking to several tenants they said there isn't a problem, but I'd like to hear other's experiences both good and bad.

Both my grandmothers lived in this building for two years in 2004-2006. Both had bed bugs and had to toss beds and all sorts of other stuff. Management does nothing and does not care. Do not rent from this building - DISGUSTING!!!!!! I live in 411 Duplex and I've heard from other tenants that there are bed bugs. I have seen little bugs in my apartment and my husband has had bites. I have not (yet). There are also mice!!!! Two tenants I know had mice in thier apartments. Again, DISGUSTING

. Both buildings are run by Cap Reit and are beside eachother. Gross gross gross and leaving soon as there really is not other solution.

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I suddenly found bed bugs in my apartment. After confronting the property managers they told me that I must have brought them in as "there is no problem in this building". After speaking with the staff that clean the building we found out that they have been spraying the apartment above mine for a MONTH!

After threatening to have an inspector from the City of Toronto in they let me out of my lease. However, I lost my furniture since it was full of bugs!

Stay FAR AWAY from here - they li

e about any problems and accuse you of causing it!!!

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