8 Broadway Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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I'm looking to move into this building. Does the building still have issues with bugs or is it bed bug free now?

I moved to the top floor 6 months ago and have had no incidents or sightings of bedbugs. I take basic precautions, clean my unit regularly and never bring outside shoes into the apartment. I even use the basement laundry.

They are currently removing the hallway carpet at 8,10,12 Broadway and replacing it with solid Melamine flooring, which should also help with transfer between units.

Nov. 2014

I live at 8 Broadway Ave. I had some bites on my feet and
on my back. I did not know what was causing this. I had a
bug on my bed and did not know what the bugs were, only
to find out that they are Bed Bugs. I have had my unit
treated for the bugs 4 times, and living out of plastic bags
since the problem started. I am fed up, and I do not think
that the fumigator that has been doing the job is not
very good. There are pets allowed in the building, I did
not think that Bed

Bugs is considered a pet. I hate to think
of how many units in this whole building have this problem.

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Nov. 2014

I will be having my unit done for the 4th time. This has been going on since the last week of August. The fumigator is called Reliable and I do not think they are any good at all.They were only in my unit 15 minutes.They could not use the steam for under the bed, or under my couch & chair in that short time.Iam extreemly upset that this is taking so mutch time to exterminate the bedbugs in my unit.A

noticed bug or 2 crawling under door, than few in livingroom area, one on bed. Caught and bottled. Inpection date Dec. 4. Treated unit Dec. 11. Gave us check list to prepare for treatment previous to treatment. Lot of work. Will return on the 21st to reinspect, plus retreat. Bedroom and sitting areas heavily treated. Had to leave unt 4-6 hours for health reasons. Will watch for more. Sleep deprived from stress. Had visters from 12 Broadway. The bugs found where usually seated. Bedroo

m saw one after a few seen on furniture in livingroom.

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I moved here in june and had delt wit bedbugs three times what every spray its not working obviously..im dying to get out this apt I have a nine yr old asthmatic and a 2yr old plus ima expecting ehat yo do for now..

There has been a spread of bed bugs on the 7th floor. My apartment has not been treated yet (I just saw a bed bug earlier this evening) but I am aware of many apartments on this floor that have been treated several times for bed bugs. Bed bugs have been seen in common areas and have been declared on other floors.

I've been sprayed for bed bugs 3 times over 5 years. I'm only just getting my place back together after the 3rd time and it seems I may have them again. The last time I took a small bug to public heath and they confirmed it was bedbugs. they just move unit to unit via the air ducts. Just this morning I heard a neighbour complain about prepping her unit for the exterminator. As they live in the walls and vents they can show up anytime. Spraying individual units is not the answer. The whole build

ing has to be done.

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