77 Erskine Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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I'm planning on renting in this building and asked the super if they ever had any bed bug problems and if so, have they been resolved.

She said they never had a bed big problem ever. Can someone who currently lives in the building let me know of there is a pest issue?

No bed bugs or roaches, but ants and mice are definitely an issue. Property management company is terrible. If you're promised anything, make sure to get it in writing or you'll never see it happen. Repairs are cheap and poor at best after taking forever to have done. Lately the water is frequently turned off as well. Avoid.

I am considering a rental at 77 Erskine Avenue... Could anyone please tell me if it bed bug and otherwise pest free?

I did preventative pest control at this building up until the building was sold in November 2011.
There was never a presence of bed bugs, or other pests. The only issue was ants and that was about 5 years ago.

In 2008 around July we moved into this building and my wife, who is very sensitive to BB bites, woke up with bites on her body.

We reported to the manager who blamed us!!

We moved out finally after a few months of the bites with suffering and fear of sleeping.

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