75 Broadway Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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No Bugs to report but don't come here. The walls are so thin you can hear everything. Management has invested in making the units look pretty, way too expensive for the noise you have to put up with.


This is the absolute worst place to live, the management are rude and obnoxious. Plz do yourself a favor and stay the hell away from this place. Also newly renovated apartments are so cheaply built and wayyyy to overpriced. Becareful when moving out Timbercreek asset management will take your damage deposit with no explanation. They are the most unethical people I have ever delt with.

the old super has gone and the new management are amazing.we thought we had them and the management team inspected that day with a professional company.They said they could not find anything but treated anyway.the building treated with a heat treatment which made sure there was nothing in my unit and that was last year...we have never had a problem since.

The super st this location is terrible...doesn't know how to speak English!!!!

Have lived in this building for almost 3years until last July, I noticed wierd bites on my face and body every morning? Never have had them so I assumed it was a reaction to something until one day I woke up and had three to four horrific looking bites all the way down my leg? They were huge welts that we're pitch red and very itchy and sore. I had a bad feeling so I looked this up on the Internet to have it confirmed that I had bed bugs. I immediately informed the superintendent. They came the

next day so inspect and confirmed that I did in deed had them. We immediately threw out my bed and they called an exterminator for the following week. I then asked the superintendent if they were also going to spray my neighbors beside me as well as above and below. They said there were no reason to since they felt I brought them in? I argued that I never brought them in and that neglecting to spray my neighbors was negligence since .they will just shuffle around and come back again!!! I immediately handed my 2 months notice to get the hell out of there.
After the 2 sprays, everything seemed to be okay with the bed bugs but I could'nt wait to still get the hell out of there for fear of another episode.
The day I was moving out, I disassembled my computer desk to find a bed bug crawling on the floor!! To my horror, I still had them. Once I moved into my new place, I had to throw out every single furniture I had. For a building that charges so much in rent, I find it appalling they do not want to properly treat this to avoid spreading to other tenants.

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5 tenants have bed bugs! The super told me not to say anything to other people in the building! So beware!!

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