66 Broadway Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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Looking to possibly move into this building around May.

Are there still issues with bed bugs here?

I have been bitten several times since moving here in September 2010, and have now found bed bugs in my apartment. Notified the Super. Only action taken was to drop a pamphlet on fumigation in my mailbox with zero follow up or concern. When I called they made me feel as though it was my fault and implied I would need to pay for fumigation. Attempted to fix the problem on my own with no success. Realize now the previous tenant likely moved out for the same reason, as her stuff was sealed in gar

bage bags and she broke her contract early. Stay away.

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I've found bed bugs a couple times in my mattress a few months ago while living in this building. Fortunately, I just vacuumed them up and put a protective cover on the mattress and that seemed to solve the problem.

I am planning to move into this appartment on Jan 2012, is still there any issue with bedbugs?

I am planning to move into this appartment on Jan 2011, is still there any issue with bedbugs,cockroaches?

I have lived her for 20 years and have never had a problem.

Hey all,
This problem sounds scary. I'm getting a pretty decent offer on an apartment here and was wondering if anyone can confirm if this is a current issue.
Thank you!

Yes, i leave in this building. My apt. was infected in 2007, the management sprayed 2 times. I haven't seen from that time any bygs. I did not know are still in the building.

i have been badly bitten in 138 wellesley st. e. AVOID 138-142 WELLESLEY ST. E!

so we moved in in february of 2007. The landlord LIED to us and said there were no bug issues.
when we complained about cockroaches about 2 weeks later...the secretary admitted to the management knowing there was a roach problem, and scheduled a sprayer to come in. HE SUCKED. i know nothing and could have done a better job than he did. in 6 months, we only saw him 2x!!! In talking to other residents we learned that everyone has roaches. Bedbugs was another issue. about a month before we

moved out June/July 2007...we learned the apartment had become infested with bedbugs. There was a bunch of furniture being thrown out (beds, sofas, wood frames)
i had to take time off work, because of the rash i had developed due to the bites. apparently i'm allergic.
The landlord has done nothing. he says he contacted the sprayer.....he's never come.
we moved thank god. however the landlord said he'd have nothing to do with the costs of us drycleaning and washing EVERYTHING before we moved out. It put us back about $80.

2 Laxton Avenue
Toronto, ON
M6K 1L1

DO NOT RENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On an unrelated note, the landlord is involved in a tribunal with the Ontario Housing Tenants association (i'm not sure the OFFICIAL name)
due to him ILLEGALLY trying to evict tenants.

The superintendant couple...is of NO USE at all. The woman is developmentally challanged (bless her heart. she means well, but doesn't mind her own business.) She snoops in your windows, and that of other apartments in the area.
The man...does as he's told by his wife. I don't blame him. I wouldn't wanna argue with her if she was my wife. She assaulted me in the first 2 weeks i had moved in. She hit me, in order to keep me out of the building. (i didn't have a copy of keys yet, and attempted to enter when another teneant held the door open for me)

She WILL call the police at any given moment, i.e. if you threaten her; if you cause a disturbance; or if you just look at her wrong (SERIOUSLY, i am NOT making this up!!!!)

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Three affected apartments on one floor in an upscale apartment building. Exterminator has been here at least four times in various apartments including mine. I moved out.

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