65 Broadway Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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Bedbugs and mice.

Do not move here. Do not. Consistently under construction because the workers are lazy along with dirty. There are roaches, mice, bed bugs have been reported. No worker in this building speaks fluent English. I don't know why we are all complaining and not bringing this to the housing tribunal?

Look elsewhere! The building has a ant and mice problem! Management don't care!

Mice, mice and more mice. I think we caught and killed 12 mice over the winter! And the super didn't really do much. He tried to fill a few holes but there were quite a few holes in the apartment considering it was "renovated". Its definitely a wide spread issue in the building as a whole. The renovated suites are just not worth the money! Look elsewhere!

Mice and bedbug .

I've given my 2 months notice in this building and can not wait to get out. Bedbugs and mice. The management doesn't care. I see the Orkin truck out front regularly. Makes it look like they're trying, but no progress gets made because the problems are building-wide and they only do the bare minumum when you complain. The problem will never be solved. DO NOT MOVE HERE! Unless, of course, you like to be bitten by bedbugs and have the desire to have all you belongings contaminated so that you have

to throw them out. If that's the case, then this building is for you! But seriously, F*ck you management at 65 Broadway.

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I love it that these slumlords are finally being called out. I lived here for five years and the building got progressively worse.


Incompetent management and ownership, buildings in terrible condition, various infestations, huge wait times to get repairs, atrocious administration staff who turns every conversation into an epic battle.

If you're reading this, you ma

de the right decision to research them before moving there. Now, run, run, run, run far away.

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Massive Mouse, roach and ant problem. Management don't care and offer no real soultions. When pressed the

This place is horrible. It's like a mice shelter, don't come even near this place or it will cost you your health and money!

This place is horrible. It's like a mice shelter, don't come even near this place or will cost you your health and money!

Definitely a roach and mouse problem the past 6 months. Extremely discouraging I am very disappointed.

Haven't seen beg bugs at 55 Broadway, but it wouldn't surprise me.

There are currently problems with ants, roaches and mice in common areas and in some units.

Bed bugs being covered up for several years.
BOTH 55 AND 65 Broadway Ave have infections.
ORKAN is treating these two buildings on a regular basis.
Tenants told there is a mouse and ant problem.

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