30 Erskine Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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Gatehouse Properties (specifically the property manager of this building) was contacted back in June 2009 about the upper two apartments having bedbugs. He got those two units sprayed but neglected to inform the other four units in the building. One month later (sprayed bugs will travel elsewhere !) the middle unit and the one directly below started to experience the infestation. Another spraying took place. One month later...all six untits had to be sprayed. The building has had two more sprayi

ngs since and we are still seeing the odd one here and there. This building has not been properly cleaned in over a year. The common areas (stairs, laundry room) have a rug that is 12 years old and is filthy. There are holes inside and out of the building that go unpatched. There is no way that this infestation will ever get under control unless the manager and/or owner gets it together and takes care of this building properly.

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