200 Roehampton Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

Found 52 reports:

Super providing own applause at
doesn’t count. Tenants have had to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board numerous times.

Everything is clean and the staff is very helpful. I read some of the postings on here and can say it seems like I am reading about a different building. I have not experienced any of what is being said. I would recommend this building. I am wondering if it's the same person posting over and over again.

It's amazing how many reports this building has received since 2015. Glad I'm leaving this place.

When I moved here a couple months ago, I asked the couple in the office about all these reports on this site. They told me a lot of the pest control they know of is from checking this site regularly as some tenants refuse to let them know about pest control. Then they ensured the unit I was applying for was sealed up so no bugs could get in. So, I decided to rent from them. I was nervous but needed to move quickly. Right away I heard rumors of bedbugs and roaches and mice. I HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHI

NG in my unit or on my floor. It's very quiet here and everything is very close. I love it here. I would recommend this building to anyone.

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I have been living here for over a year now, and I have never had any pest control issues. The office is closed sometimes, but then I usually run into the lady that works in the office, can't remember her name, in the hallways or I call and she meets me. The super also gets any work that I need done very quickly. The only issue I ever really encountered here so far is the laundry card loading machine broke down and I had to go to the next building to load my card. Besides that, this is a great b

uilding to live at from my experience. I am choosing to post anonymously because the person responding to another post on here seems very irate and aggressive.

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That is correct. This website has evolved from being about bedbugs to discussing other tenant issues as well.

The concern about:

• the Super’s office being closed during scheduled office hours, and

• the number of children/people living in the Supers’ apartment

has been making the rounds of the building for almost a year. When Property Management did not resolve them, it went public.

2. “The Office can’t be kept open during scheduled offi

ce hours because the supers are busy raising their children! So we should phone!” Umm….

Will not the phone ringing off the hook all day long drive these children crazy especially when they are sleeping, eating/being fed or studying?
Will not all of this bubble up later in life and create a social problem!!! Or do we not care???

Besides, the idea of phoning the supers is alien to tenants, some of whom are senior citizens and don’t carry cell phones with them or want to incur the extra cost of using a cell phone during the day on their limited retiree budgets.

So, for North Edge Property Management, the right thing to do is to gracefully refund a part of our rent money.

3. As for these Supers being the best we have ever had: the tenants should say that and not…… !!!

Over the decades, we have had two sets of very good Supers who stayed for a long time. Many tenants still remember them fondly and with gratitude for the ways they took care of the tenants. Then, in-between, we saw a huge turnover in Supers.

With the present Supers there have been so many foul-ups in the short time they have been here, tenants ask `when is the next one’!!!

4. The incident with the tenant child happened for a large part because of the (mis?)handling by the adults around him. Ever realized that HIS future has been ruined? Every background check – whether it is for a job or a bank loan or international travel – is going to bring up this incident. HIS life was ruined for him. How fair is it to that child?

Why write it on this public forum? It is because it happened in a public space. A lot of people in the neighbourhood witnessed it and were impacted by it. The public has a right to know more information than has been put out.

Umm... There is patterns of behaviour that is emerging - Goof up, distract and blame someone else …… and then hide behind two charities:

• Catholic Children’s Aid Society
• Hope for Children

There were notices put up in the building that North Edge Property Management is partnering with two charities. The notices were then taken down very abruptly. While tenants have heard of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society, they haven’t heard of Hope for Children.

The second charity’s representative was in the building yesterday, BANGING (NOT KNOCKING), on apartment doors DEMANDING (NOT ASKING) for money!!!

There is never a dull day at 200 Roehampton that is for sure. 

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I really thought this was for bedbugs only. Also, I love the superintendents here. Anytime the office is closed, I call the phone and they meet me immediately. When I had a pest control issue it was taken care of right away. What I don't understand is why some people feel the need to put all of the supers personal information on this site. What they do in their own home and how many children they have has nothing to do with how the building is run or pest control issues. How would you feel if so

meone posted all your personal information for your coworkers to see?The building has issues, yes but I have never had better superintendents.

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I found a bedbug in my clean white sheet which was sitting on my chair. I used the sheet to lay down on the floor to do sit-up and it was kept on the chair. It is very clean & had been washed not long ago.

I kept all my mattress and box spring in the protection bag. Not sure, how this creature showed up. This really upsets me and I am really annoyed that the building is infested with bed bugs, roaches and all others.

I heard from other unit owners that lower floors from 1 to 6 are heavily


Can landlord/tenant board do something about this?


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Moved in October 2015. "Fully renovated" apparently means painting (directly over the dirt and 18 years of nicotine stains from the previous tenant, who died here), and placing new linoleum over the old linoleum in the bathroom. But, I digress.

Didn't see any bugs for the first month, but then they "cleaned" the garbage chute. I guess this disturbed them, because all hell broke loose after.

COCKROACHES. EVERYWHERE. I stepped on one going to the bathroom in the middle of

the night. One fell ON MY HAND/ARM when using the garbage chute. Seen about 6 in my unit now, and DOZENS, literally, in the hallway, crawling on the walls, floor, and garbage chute.

Today I heard mice/rats in the walls for the first time. Fucking awesome.

This place is a very expensive slum. Don't move in. Unless you like being in constant fear and disgust, then go ahead!

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Heard in the building:

1. The superintendent’s office is closed during office hours when the building is supposed to have on-site supers. Tenants want the property management to reduce/refund some of the rent AND hire Supers who do not have so many personal commitments

The present supers are raising a family of three teenagers and a grand child.

• Their eldest daughter had a baby when she was 16 years old and the supers are raising that child.

• Their 13-year-

old daughter is an actress of sorts – like her parents - and is being home schooled

• The whole family was on a Reality show recently.

• One Super used to be an Elvis impersonator who won a 72-ounce slab of beef eating contest in 46 minutes and 15 seconds. He is a nice guy. A lot of the tenants like him!!!

These are absolutely amazing accomplishments, but the supers in this building have to

• Service tenants in nearly 300 apartments and

• Coordinate the work of maintenance and construction crew who walk in and out of the building all day long.

• They have to fill-in for the supers of another building on the property that belongs to the same owners

• There is balcony reconstruction going on in the other building which has shared side and back space.

So as you can see there is high traffic in the super’s office and a lot of work to do.

The last time we had a child growing up in the super’s apartment, we all saw the disastrous effect it had on her!!!

In this case, there are five big people all crammed into a small apartment that has ONE washroom

(Catholic ?) Children’s Aid Society please can you re-locate this precious family to more congenial surroundings. The tenants want Supers hired who can make the building their priority.

2. Tenants would like to know if the City of Toronto sent a bill for that episode involving a tenant child. Scores of policemen, ambulance, fire brigade and the tactical unit responded to that incident. The whole area was cordoned off causing loss to businesses in the area and people returning from work or going on night shift.
If the supers had just called 911 and let the experts handle the situation from the very beginning instead of interfering in the personal affairs of a tenant who:

• they did not know
• understand the cultural differences
• Have the training and conflict resolution

skills to resolve a domestic issue

Maybe this whole episode would not have happened.

The tenants would like to know, did the tax payer pick up the tab for it or was a bill sent to the property management (which will inevitably be passed down to the tenants in some form).

The tenants are very worried!!!

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Apartment building has many many pests. in our unit alone we have had ants, roaches, moths, and bed bugs. Building is also infested with mice (have found a dead one in the main lobby once). If you listen carefully, you can hear them in the walls - we are lucky because they are currently unable to get into the apt.
They've stopped taking care of this apartment ages ago. They no longer clean the hallways or stair wells - the same blood smear in the hallway has been

on the wall for over 6 months now. I'm guessing it is only a short while until the owners bail on this building to tear it down for condos.

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If you find your rent is cheap, you can pay ours.

Besides, there you go again ‘the rent is cheap’. The government just gave you a
2% increase for 2015,
1.60% for 2014 and
1% for 2014.

Our incomes are NOT rising as fast!!!

As Meredith said at 04/12/2015, “They are trying to line their pockets as heavily as they can. That is for certain.”

Giving you more rent is not going to improve the maintenance you provide and the tenants are not here to feed your


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Pest problems are definitely NOT under control. I have had them on and off for years in my unit. I report every time and pest control comes (eventually) and they go away, but they always come back because they only do my unit and not my neighbours. Many people don't report them so the supers just assume everything is fine. I have also seen cockroaches in the lobby, elevators, laundry room, and basement.

Rent is cheap since I've been here for a few years. Wish I never moved in and would never

recommend this place to anyone. Don't move here!

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I spoke to several tenants and here are their comments:

Pest control was brought in only after several tenants complained on this very public forum. The then property manager would do nothing until then. So, we thank the owner of this bug website for helping us.

It is true that some tenants are not reporting bed bug, roach and rat infestation. One tenant told me that she is scared her cat/dog will be taken away from her if she reported it. So she has made the executive decision to live wi

th the rats and roaches in her unit (and thereby infect other units) rather than report it. I guess there is no law to force her to report it.

As a precautionary measure, I had the pest control come in every few months; he went under my kitchen cupboards & washroom and checked things out. He found a huge hole near where the water pipes come in. The super then came in and plugged that hole. It didn’t take him that long at all and I didn’t have to leave the unit.

The other precautionary measures I took were to de-clutter, minimalize, and keep my unit clean. So far it is working even though the unit across from me was infected and the City had to come in to help that lady.


The owner/ landlord/property manager don’t get even a commission for selling tenant insurance? Really?

It used to be that if the tenants insisted on repairs, they would get a mysterious flood in their unit or back-up of sewage. So when the break-in’s occurred after a really aggressive campaign to sell tenant insurance, tenants naturally wondered if there was a connection. How can you fault them?

There is no way a stranger can walk off the streets and break into select units. This has prompted a few tenants to install hidden cameras in their units (folks, there are some very affordable ones available in the market)


Just last week there was a leak in the sewage system in the building and water dripped through the electrical system into the foyer of the building. It took a week to fix it.

The problems in this building are bigger than the Supers. The property management (as in owner / landlord / property manager) needs to take responsibility. As for the sweepers, they are probably not being paid well, don’t have the necessary training and are over-worked. So don’t blame them either. They are doing the best they can.

A lot of the tenants like the idea of a tenant’s blog (as suggested below) – to buy and sell – get rid of clutter, announce births, deaths, anniversaries and general news. Any one with the expertise and internet connection?

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Also, just to be clear. Anonymous posted on 3/31/15 some misunderstood information. North Edge Properties does not sell renters insurance. We have a third party insurance company that will offer tenants insurance at a lower cost to our tenants so it is more affordable. Living in a Toronto high rise renters insurance is extremely important so we sought out the best price we could and are letting our tenants know what is out there. We get no kick back of any kind for this. It is just one way we ar

e trying to be more considerate of our tenants financial needs.

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September 4, 2014 I do appreciate all the positive comments about how the current supers are running the building. Just to update everyone, pest control is in once a week to make sure if anyone is experiencing any issues it is taken care of immediately. It is for preventative measures as our pest control is finally under control. I do encourage all tenants to let the supers know if they are experiencing any issues as we find more times than not, tenants do not exercise this right.
Also, please

remember bed bug registry is for bed bugs. Any other issues you may have needs to be taken up with the office and not on this particular registry.
The only cases of bed bugs currently reported to the office is 1. This is an ongoing issue with this unit, it has not spread and the health department is aware and trying to assist the tenant to avoid any further infestation. The office has treated numerous times to make sure infestation does not occur and we have been successful.
This was not written to defend or make excuses, it is simply an update.

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July 4, 2015

Does anyone know how to start a blog? I don't know how but would very much welcome a tenants' blog!

When checking out another rental building, the person with whom I dealt was actually concerned about renting to someone from 200 Roehampton Ave. because, "...it is known that we have bedbug problems."

It has been explained to me that the broken garbage chutes (springs, missing flaps) virtually throughout the building are a potential fire hazard because if something were to

ignite there is nothing to stop it from rising/ spreading. They are also harbingers of 'pests' which can then enter the hallways and apartments!

A history of complaints/violations against rental buildings is posted on the City of Toronto website under Property Standards if anyone is interested. (200 Roehampton Ave. -- Ward 22)

see full report...

Please start a website or blog for tenants and by tenants like the one below:


Ensure that no property management cheats come on and provide their own kudos. No, if there is anything nice to say about the building or the management, it should be heart-felt and come from the tenants, not from property managers who pretend to be tenants -- as you can see in some of the comments down under.

Sure. Put up a notice in the building and tenants will come.

This building has a serious bedbug problem. They have been on many floors in the last couple of years. Adjacent apartments are not treated even though the department of public health strongly recommends treating adjacent apartments on either side and above and below. There have been repeated infestations. The trauma is immense!!!!

Most of the garbage chutes have broken springs and/or missing flaps! This is not permitted.

We often have to 'fiddle' to have our keys work

on both the front door and back door. The front door is very heavy which makes it difficult for senior tenants and people with parcels, baby carriages, etc.

There are missing tiles in the floor of one elevator which tenants complained about last year. We were told it could not be repaired but this is not the case and it must be repaired.

Just because rent is low in this building for long-term tenants does not mean that this building does not need to be kept in excellent repair as a few of these posts suggest! City of Toronto Property Standards regulations apply to all buildings.

Would anyone be willing to meet?

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The lobby also always smells like rotting garbage/vomit/decay. during the day, when they have the garbage room open, it is almost unbearable.

If your rent isn't cheap - which mine <b>definitely</b> is - why are you still here?

I've been here 2-3 years and my rent is $300 cheaper than they're charging now for the same unit. Yes, it's comparable now to other buildings in the area and I don't understand why anyone would move here at that price, but when I came - it was the cheapest thing anywhere near here.

If you're paying so much and things are so bad - why are you sitting here complaining about it? Do something about it like I


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I checked with government agencies. Our rents (including those of the long term tenants) are comparable with others in the GTA . There is a law in Ontario that landlords cannot increase the rent above the guideline amount UNTIL the tenant leaves. The guideline amount takes into account inflation. This applies to the Yonge and Eglinton area as well. So let me not hear that our rents are cheap and that is why the attitude of the owner/landlord is too.

Our rents are fine as it is. The governmen

t says so, too.

BTW, the property manager admitted to a few tenants a few months ago, “If we are charging rent and not doing the repairs, then we are making money even off the long term tenants.” So, there you have it from the horse’s mouth. There were lots of witnesses when she said it.

Two weeks’ notice in the middle of winter before throwing out tenants’ locker contents is not acceptable. It is was the Property Manager signature on the letter not the supers. The supers do the more menial stuff even though most of our supers have been tech savvy.

My point is that many tenants are away for months in the winter / summer after giving them post-dated cheques, some are recovering in hospital. Some are working long hours and may not have had the time to attend to it. Sorry it just isn’t acceptable especially when we are asked this information every time a super changes, and that is so often in this building.

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I sound like I'm excusing their behaviour and saying all landlords are crooks. That's not what I meant to convey.

I'm sure there are worse landlords out there, but these are by far the worst I've ever had the displeasure of renting from. I am not excusing their behaviour. Move out if you can and please don't move in if you're considering it.

If you've been here that long, your rent is definitely cheap. My rent is really cheap and I've been here about 3 years. When I say cheap, I don't mean it's easy for me to afford it, I mean you can't find anything livable and on the subway line for anything near what I'm paying here.

Rent in Toronto is expensive. That's just a fact. I think the price I'm paying, for a place in Toronto, matches the quality of the building.

That said, I just looked at the cost of my unit on their website an

d they're asking more than $300 more than what I'm paying now, which is absurd. THAT is not worth it. What I'm paying isn't even enough to make me want to stay - I have to accept that for some safety and cleanliness I need to pay more, but what they're asking now, that's just ridiculous.

The lockers and communication - yeah, it's poor. They don't give notice when they need to come into your apartment, they're not forthcoming with details and instructions. But I don't think we can require a super to be tech savvy. As you mentioned, they're usually up there in age. Great point that they could have checked old records and at least tried to find the owners of the stuff, but they did give plenty of notice.

As for those notices telling us to sign up for online billing and selling rent insurance - I didn't even look at it. I wouldn't even consider it.

I had a paycheque bounce once, so my cheque to them bounced. Before I even realized it happened, I received a letter in my mailbox threatening to evict me by the end of the month. Nobody came to talk to me. We are just a pot of money to them. And no, they're not using it appropriately. They're trying to line their pockets as heavily as they can, that is for certain. But that's this line of business and in the game here in Toronto, we're on the lower end, especially for a location like Yonge and Eglinton.

see full report...

Correction: It was not Easter last year but the Xmas holidays in the comment below.

The locker situation affected me years ago. Luckily for me, by the time I got back from a trip and could fill out the locker form a.g.a.i.n, the supers had left and the property manager was fired.

I feel bad for the person below whose stuff was thrown out of the locker. Every superintendent we have had in this building [over ONE DOZEN in my time) has asked for our locker numbers, probably to see which lockers they can give out.

I know for sure that the property manager has several such lists. Some are in their rental registers. I have seen it myself. Out of courtesy to the tenants, they could have looked up those lists and asked the last known tenant if it is their stuff before throw

ing out people's precious belongings.

Besides, a lot of people give post dated rent cheques and go away for many months in the winter / summer. I have myself told the supers that if they want to contact me don't stick something on my door or under my door. Leave me a voice mail message or send me an email. Some how they find it difficult to follow that.

Even though they have a web presence to tell us that our rents are due on the first of every month and that they are selling tenant insurance, can they not have sent an email or phoned this tenant below?

I was so upset that I found a flier from the North Edge property Management - saying they are selling tenant insurance and our rents are due on the first of every month and we can pay through automatic bank transfer - I found it hanging on my door knob when I came back after the Easter holidays. I was told it was hung up on the Thursday or Friday before. Was that not an open invitation for someone to break in - what idiots they are.

It was the property manager Sarah Topash who was sitting in the supers office when the previous supers were fired in the middle of a brutally cold winter (minus 40 degree temps).

Both the supers were seniors and one had a known medical condition. To fire them and instantly make them homeless at that time was criminal. I hope action is taken against The property manager and the owners for that.

I want to say this to the Roth children and the property manager, if you have power, you must use it carefully and judiciously. It is not to be used on a whim, in anger .... otherwise there are consequences. I hope you have to face the consequences for it and not be able to get away with it - like your dad and the previous property manager did.

As for increasing the rent, I think we are paying plenty. I want to know how the monies we are paying is being used. I would like a forensic audit of the Roth family finances and all the various companies they have floated.

Not much money is being spent on maintenance, that is for sure. Look how filthy the inside of the door to area which contains the garbage chute is - full of dirty finger marks. It is wonder an epidemic has not broken out in this building.

That said, the supers are only employees. Please do not take out your ire on them. If you get to know them, they are lovely people, hard working and helpful. They, too, have a family to support.

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Many of the complaints here are very valid. Pest issues, security, maintenance, treatment by Property management staff. These are all things I've witnessed and make living here an unpleasant experience. I would not move here if I was aware of how bad it is and I definitely wouldn't recommend moving here.

Some of the complaints are not valid, however.

The property management staff are rude. The woman that had to come to our building and sit in the office after terminating the previous supe

rs and before the new ones moved in clearly didn't want to be here. She obviously thought this building was a dump and didn't want to spend any time here. I would prefer a Property Management company that didn't treat their properties and, by association, their tenants, like a burden but rather would want to invest in making the building the best place it could be.

The new supers are great though. As were the last ones. Where they're from isn't important. I'm not sure why they required us to submit the storage locker information again, but they did give ample warning. A letter was delivered to every unit and signs were posted all over the building. I assume records were lost, or perhaps kept poorly, so the new Supers were doing their due diligence to get things ordered again. If you ignored all the notices you received, that's on you.

I'm not sure what the poster's issue with mentally ill tenants living under a subsidy is. Clearly they've never dealt with or had a family member deal with such issues.

It's a low-income building. As a result, you have a collection of people who can't afford high rent. Seniors, disabled people, immigrants, and the generally underprivileged. Drug use, which I assume means marijuana, is a symptom of living a difficult life. Again, you chose to live here because it was so cheap. Did you expect to be living with a bunch of aristocrats? I have never felt unsafe. The break-ins definitely challenge that feeling of safety, so I hope that is dealt with appropriately, but seeing people of mixed races or smelling some weed doesn't mean the people are "sketchy."

As for the lobby, mailroom, and laundry room being a place where people leave items the no longer need -- that's very normal. And I'm very happy to see that. Again, these are people of low-income living here. This is a way to share items we are done with so someone else can benefit from them. What's the alternative? Be wasteful? Throw everything away? Contribute to the landfills poisoning our earth while simultaneously forcing those less fortunate to live without? No. This is one of the benefits of living in a building. Don't like being social? Go buy a house on a secluded island.

This is the result of living in a crappy building. For the rent to stay cheap, the place needs to stay a crap-hole. The solution is to raise the rent, force the poor people out, make the repairs, and charge about $500 more per unit. I want out of here as soon as I'm able to leave. If they raise the rent, I'm out for sure. But I acknowledge that the rent is as cheap as it is for a reason. Nothing is going to change until they change the income level required to live here.

see full report...

The problems present in this building are aplenty.

I don't know the landlords, but the Supers have always been great. It's disappointing that there's so much turnover, but they are always friendly and do try to get things done. I think the task of fixing this building, without proper support, is bigger than any Superintendent(s) could handle.

They're also just human beings trying to get by like the rest of us. We're in this building because we require cheap rent and they're here for the

same reason, I'm sure. If a previous poster was suggesting that their Jane & Finch origins (if true) are a negative, then that person is being incredibly ignorant and prejudiced.

I grew up at Jane & Finch and let me tell you, life isn't easy up there. Growing up there doesn't make me or them any less valuable as people. Nobody chooses to be poor and the system is built against you when you are.

I think this building is in bad shape. My assumption is that it's a result of poor management and neglect. I would not recommend moving here to my enemies, let alone people I love. I hope something is done to change this. Regardless, Ray and Pricilla are doing their best, I feel, and I wish them the best of luck in running this building.

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What am I supposed to do!? You can smell the cockroaches in my place the second you walk in. I've been treated by pest control but they're still here!

I have no food in my apartment because of this problem but still they remain.

I can't afford to move, but I can't afford to stay. The roaches crap and puke on everything, I shudder to think about how much feces I've ingested.

I see I'm not the only one being forced to live in these conditions. Is there nothing that can be done

about all of this? Are there no laws that require the landlords take care of this problem and all the others, like robberies?

What are my options? Who can help me??

If you care about yourself and your loved ones, DO NOT MOVE HERE!! The price is attractive, but I promise you it is not worth what you have to deal with.

see full report...

The North Edge Property Management is selling tenant insurance to its tenants. With the increase in break-ins in the building, it has left many wondering "Is there a connection?"

At the very least it is a conflict of interest. Something like a doctor selling life insurance to his patients!!!

The property management is supposed to protect all tenants not just those who buy tenant insurance from them.

I would also love to get more info on the burglaries etc. In my own suite I had pharaoh ants mostly in the kitchen but those have disappeared recently. I see from a previous poster that a pest control company is spraying the building so that might be why. It's too bad there isn't a pest (human) control company for our noisy next door neighbors. (That's more bothersome than the ants.)

Are you sure the owners have changed? I was told, the properties are still under the charge of Papa Roth but he has turned over the management of the rental buildings and other properties like parking garages in Toronto and Hamilton to his children.

Bianca Roth has, I was told, 'inherited' four buildings in the Toronto area which she manages with her half or step (not sure) brother, Adam Roth.

The company used to be called:

1. AVRO Property Management, then it became
2. AVCAN Prope

rty Management and now
3. North Edge Property Management.

John: Can you shed more light on the February 2015 burglaries, please?

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Here's what's happening here. Do yourself a HUGE favor and don't move here. I realize it's cheaper than most places in the area but trust me - there's a reason... I'm moving out!!!

Building is literally crumbling. Nothing is maintained or repaired. I cannot emphasize how embarrassing it has become to live here. The underground garage leaks water all over. Large puddles and debris. Hallways are unpainted, ceiling tiles are stained, light fixtures are old and dirty. Graffiti on the wall in u


Three Superintendent's in two years. Two property owners in last two years as well.

New property management company staff are incredibly rude and condescending. Rarely (if ever) do they return your call.

New Supers (from Jane and Finch) threw contents of my storage locker out because they said I didn't update a form that was allegedly sent to all residents (March 25, 2015).

Cockroaches, Pharoh Ants and Mice are everywhere.

Car broken into twice. Several apartments broken into last month (February, 2015)

Mentally ill tenants live under a subsidy.

There are "sketchy" people living here and I've witnessed open drug usage. I've also witnessed individuals treating the premises like a garbage can - litter especially bad on weekends.

The lobby and laundry facilities are treated like a rummage sale is going on. People are placing old, nasty clothing, books, shoes and other assorted junk for people to take (instead of throwing in the garbage where it belongs).

see full report...

It is APRIL 2015. Here is an update:

1. The building now has a pest control company coming in every week. They wear protective garb and use pesticides that kill the roaches. While the roaches in my apartment seem to have gone, I wonder what the use of such deadly pesticides is having on the health of the tenants.

2. The rest of what I wrote In Dec 2014 is part of history. Can't change history.

3. We now have even newer superintendents. They seem such a lovely couple, sincere and hard

working but I wonder how long they will last. Will they FLEE like the several supers we have had before or will they be let go and rendered homeless in the middle of the coldest spell of winter when the City of Toronto was taking in people? Not sure.

BTW, glad to see others posting as well below.

4. The elevator on the left broke down a few weeks ago with a diabetic senior in it. Luckily he had a sandwich and a drink on him and was heard saying after he was rescued OVER AN HOUR later, "I didn't want to die in this elevator." The right elevator continues to break down regularly. Use at your own peril.

5. The owners of the building have not yet reached out to some tenants who were not compensated for the bad (and old) property manager and the disgusting living conditions that they had to live in because he would do no repairs.

Some of the tenants got compensated for those years. Not all. Is that fair? Not in my opinion.
So, I will continue to exercise my democratic right and give regular updates about the building - roaches, bed bugs, rats, and all until the building owner compensates all those who were affected. BTW, there are very few of the older, long term tenants left. Most of them have taken off in one way or the other. You know what I mean!!!

6. The Owners of the building need to overhaul their attitude. That is for sure. Someone tell them that you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you. The older tenants provided financial security for the owners and they saved them lots of money on repairs that frequent changes in tenants required. We saved them big money on new appliances and months of rent on vacant units. Yet they treat us badly. So until they reach out to us all…..

Keep checking this website for the latest news about this building.

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Everything. Cockroaches like crazy. Pharaoh ants. And now.. bed bugs. I hate this place. Landlords are terrible. They do everything on the cheap. Do NOT move here.

Thinking of moving into this building, anyone still experiencing issues with bed bugs/roaches or mice?

It is December 2014 and 200 Roehampton has all of the problems mentioned on this website.

1. cockroaches

2. rats

3. bed bugs

4. bad landlord - the grandkids have inherited the building from grandpa Roth and the new property manager they must have got at a deep discount somewhere. She is such a joke with a bad attitude.

5. There is a high turnover of tenants. The right elevator keeps breaking down with people in them. Tenants move in with heavy furniture, experience reality and mo

ve out as quickly as they moved in. As a result the elevator keeps breaking down.

6. Many tenants started using the stairs out of fear of being caught in the elevator only to find out there are kids (and others) from two schools nearby lurking in the stairwells doing drugs.

7. Major break-ins into apartments have happened in the building in broad daylight. The landlord wanted to keep it secret but word got out. Maybe the police should come in plainclothes and unmarked cars next time. In November 2014 alone there were three apartments were broken into at 200 Roehampton and five at 177 Redpath Avenue that the same landlord owns.

8. Tenants have had to take the landlord to the Tenant board many times and won major settlements.

The company used to be called AVCAN Management and is now called North Edge property management when two of the grand kids got these two (or more) of the buildings.

The present supers in both buildings are good people who go beyond the call of duty to help tenants. They deserve better jobs and better bosses than this one.

The landlord treats the tenants very badly. Do you want to move in here? That is your decision to make after reading this.

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No issues with this building. I've been a happy resident on the 11th floor since 2010. Our neighbors across the hall are a nice family.

The new supers are great. They've been here for less than a year and already know almost every tenant by name. Very helpful and quick to resolve maintenance issues.

Elevators are busy but this area is high traffic, young professionals. Laundry facilities are good, I think I only had an issue once or twice in the two years I've been here where I couldn't

get a machine. Can't expect anything different on a Saturday - you'll have the same issue at any building!

Reality of the situation is that it is an old building. I'm only moving out because we're in a 2 bdrm and my roommate is moving back home and I can't afford a 1 bedroom in this building.

Also, I'm not the most anal person about cleaning but I did do a thorough sweep/swiffer/mop session at minimum every 3 weeks. Old building = old vents = a lot of dust. I've never once had an issue with bed bugs/mice/cockroaches.

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We have move here recently (after summer 2012). So far we haven't had any issues. There are many tenants who own dogs in the building and that is probably what brings these pests in. It seems that the owner changed the management and superintendents, they seem friendly and they say they have dealt with these issues.

We will see if that is the case. We will post if we see a problem.

We moved here in December 2011 (9 months ago). The building is literally falling apart, they rent to anyone whose cheque clears, there are mice roaming the hallways on the 6th floor, and we just noticed cockroaches in the kitchen. Don't even get me started on how busy in and out traffic is (elevators are always filled with people night and day). The turnover rate is very high and like I said they rent to anyone who applies. This has resulted in people moving in with big dogs, partying on the

balconies, fights, etc. The elevators are often out of service (one was shut down due to vandalism this past weekend Sep 8-9). The hallways smell like baby shit - literally! I think someone saves dirty diapers... There are hoarders and low income people living here and the lobby and laundromat are usually full of junk from people who think others want their trash. DO NOT MOVE HERE IF YOU LIKE: Clean, sanitary, peace and quiet. TRUST ME!!!!

see full report...

Lived here for 2 years in between 2010 and 2012. Absolutely disgusting building infested with mice to the point where my boyfriend and I witnessed one running around the halls. Landlord is a joke and goes into people's apartments without notice, almost walked in on me several times in the morning, assuming I'd be at work. He is rude and doesn't know how to deal with people. Save youself the trouble, DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!!

Any issues with bugs at this building? I am supposed to be signing a lease later this week, and after seeing these reports am second guessing. Any help?

Any problems with bedbugs, cockroaches, or mice, in this building?

I recently moved into a penthouse unit in this building despite seeing these bedbug reports because a) they are a few years old and b)I specifically asked the superintendent about them and he reassured me that there were none.

I underwent a ridiculously hassle-full process to have my rental application approved because the management was too lazy; I had to receive official copies of numerous letters because management refused to call my actual references.

Despite all this trouble, I signed

my lease and moved in. After living here for only 1 week, my bedsheets, clothes, everything is infested with bed bugs. I have allergies and had a terrible reaction after the bedbugs; I ended up going to the hospital ER. I talked to the Superintendent who refuses to address the problem. I have spoken to many neighbours since then and have found that it is not only my unit that is infested.

Please save yourself the trouble and do not move in here! The bedbugs and terrible superintendent is not worth it!

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The super is lazy and rude guy poorly speaking english! This means you can't expect to solve the issues here!!
He has no idea how to talk to people and i found that he was very double face when I saw that he was talking to maintenance staff!!! Because he treats them like a slave!!!
Bed bug and lazy super!!! No reason to move into this building!!!

We've been living here in 200 roehampton ave for 2 years, bed bugs since day 1, apartment has been sprayed 3 times, waiting on fourth spraying. We are moving out, tossing all our furniture. We are done with this place.

I live here in 120 Broadway Avenue for 9 years now, and in the past three years, my unit was infested with bed bugs. I told the super about the infestations but had not done nothing. So, I just did all the things I can do. I cleaned every Friday night, vacuumed and sprayed in the beginning. I was feeling so sorry for my whole family especially my kids that I was seeing every morning with so bed bug bites. I pulled and my resources researching on how to eliminated bed bugs, and finally, I was ab

le to do so by steaming everything, from beds to couches, my kids stuff toys, and especially the floor. Thanks God I finally got rid of them. If you are planning to move in this place, forget about it. The building maintenance is very poor and the super is very lazy. All the carpets in the hallway are reaped off. The super does not clean at all. The grass in the front is growing tall and ugly, the garbages are mostly scattering the area, and if it's winter time, the super if hybernating too, doesn't shovel. I forgot to tell you that there's always something broken here from the main door to the elevator. Poor seniors living on the 4th flr that could hardly get up and down by stair....So don't move in this place...The super is rude and mean...

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When I first moved into this building there was a million cockroaches that I obviously didn't get the pleasure of meeting until I moved in. They came and put gel in the cupboards and gave me some powder to put down. They NEVER sealed the cracks like they said they would. Now there is lots of people in here complaining about bed bugs. FUCK THIS BUILDING!

We were planning on moving into this building until one of the occupents told us that since April 2009 (5 moth period), more than 4 units were sprayed for cockroaches and more than 6 for bed bugs.

It pays to talk to residents before signing anything!!

I live in 200 Roehampton ave. Apartments and First we had a Bed bugs but now we have carpet beetles and it won't go away! They come and spray and it's more than three months now and we still have loads of it. Don't know what to do? through out all of our furniture and pack all of our clothes but i have to go to work and etc but it's soo hard to live with clothes packed and clean every day even there is time for rest. i contacted to the landlord and pet control came by couple of times but still w

e have this bugs inthe apartment one of the bedroom and it keeps coming alive from the apartment cracks and holes under the heater. contacted to authorities many times but no luck they don't seem to care especially city's municipality they are soo lazy and ignorant to help don't know what to do i am paying full rent for two bedroom and sleeping on a coach in the living room.. Terrible and disturbing to live with this creatures in the same house and they fly i couldn't belive....

please let me know what to do?

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This building is infected with Bed Bugs. They do come and spray, but only spray one apartment at a time. This has been called and registered with Toronto Public Health. Please be aware of this when looking at renting in this building.

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