177 Redpath Ave
Toronto, ON M4P

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A warning to anyone renting an apartment facing Redpath Avenue. Yhey will close off your windows and balcony all summer long for repairs. Ask for a serious rent reduction because I guarantee they will not tell you about it.

I've lived here for 4 years on the 14th floor and I find the building very clean and well kept. The on site management are friendly and fix things right away. The only item that bothered me was the A/C leaked on occasion but was fixed quickly.

I would recommend this building.

See tenant comments for 200 Roehampton Avenue (owned by same North Edge Property Management)

A few facts about 177 Redpath Avenue.

The so-called on-site gym in the building has equipment that tenants left behind when they vacated. They either don't work or are being used by someone when you want to use it. By moving into this building, you will only be paying extra rent for nothing.

As for the sofas in the lounge area of the laundry room, one former tenant told me that she had herself thrown out her sofa in the garbage area of the building but was surprised to find it in the laun

dry area when she visited a friend in the building a few months later.

Given AVCAN's (new name North Edge Property Management) track record, we doubt very much that this sofa as the others in the lounge were sanitized.

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I've lived on the 9th floor for about 2 1/2 years and have seen maybe three roaches in that whole time. That's it. Place is pretty clean otherwise.

I am thinking of signing a lease in this building if anyone knows of a persisting problem with ANY sorts of pests can you please let us know!?

i have lived here for just over a year now, on floor 16, and also haven't seen much of any type of bug at all, maybe a spider and that's about it. it's still important to be aware and check, buildings with low tenant turn-over rates (like this one) have less of a chance of having a problem than ones with many tenants coming in and out, but bed bugs are hitchhikers and can be picked up even in the subway. so for ANY apartment / condo building... be aware, check and if it occurs report.

Not only are there bedbugs but there are cockroaches - the Propery Manager had been notified and they do not care- as long as there is rent collected they don't have much concern for their tenants

I live on the 10th, haven't seen any bed bugs. Lived here for 3ish years, haven't seen much of any type of bug at all. I am concerned though that management hasn't adressed the concerns of some tenants.

this is freaking me out because I live here. I spoke to the super who diligently went through all maintenance requests with me and showed me the EMPTY pest control folder and she told me that no one has come to her about this. I hope she is not lying. If anyone has bed bugs in this building other tenants should have the right to know so we can get out. I lived thru this once 4 years ago, it was horrible, we threw out all of our stuff, moved and started over. I thought living in a building a litt

le bit more expensive then most would curb these problems but I've got to admit that if I ever have to live thru bed bugs again I will go crazy.

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Hi there,
is this still a persisting problem at 177 Redpath?

Can someone tell me if there is still a problem with bedbugs here? I just applied for an appt there and would like to know thanks!!

In early August my boyfriend was in the elevator with a man from the 9th floor who said he had bedbugs and had told the building's management about it. My boyfriend inquired about what was being done from the landlords of the building and she played dumb. No notices were published in the building and no inspections were provided to safeguard the tenants or their possessions. My boyfriend and I (having just moved here from Edmonton) have kept diligent watch over our apartment and our new bed and

futon. Despite our efforts we now have bites on our legs and the bedbugs are definitely somewhere in our house. We have not found any sheddings from the babies so are hoping that they have not hatched yet. We are on the 3rd floor and the original reports came from the 9th. I am absolutely devastated and SO disappointed in Avcan management for not doing anything. This is just terrible.

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