2350a Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4P 2C9

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I know this place recently went up for rent and I wanted to let people know who are looking some hard truths about this place. The folks renting this place out are very good at lying to people and hiding the truth from them. A family owns the building and rents out both the commercial and residential units. They do not care at all for the needs of the tenants in the residential unit and are extremely rude and uncompromising. There is a major pest and rodent infestation (mostly because it is loca

ted right above a restaurant. When I informed the property owner about this, she seemed to ignore the fact at first and then ignore me altogether after. Then after months of arguing and fighting, they refused to do anything about it. The place became really hard to live in, but thankfully all the kicking and screaming with the landlady allowed us to exit out of our lease agreement. My roommates and I hated living at this address more and more as each day passed. I would advise anyone looking to be careful when dealing with this family. They will sweet talk you at first and fill your head with lies. But do nothing to deal with the bedbugs, roaches, and vermin that infest this building. DO NOT RENT HERE!!

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