3000 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4N

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I moved into this building at the beginning of September. I am struggling with bed bugs here for the first time in my life. Even I found cockroaches a few weeks after I moved in.
This building management sucks and they don't hear what people say.
I found a management notice at the laundry area and it says " We don't have a bedbug in this building".That's bullshit.

September 30th 2012

I moved into this building at the start of September. I lived here for about a week when I experienced my first bed bugs. I was surprised as I this is my first apartment and I had purchased all new furniture. I vacuumed the entire apartment and all my furniture and purchased a bed bug cover.

Sadly, less than two weeks later I found bed bugs when I was removing my sheets to again vacuum the mattress.

I told the building manager about the issue and he was very underst

anding but I was in the apartment for approximately 1 week after I talked to him and it still wasn't fumigated.

I decided to move out to avoid the entire issue which was also a challenge since you are expected to give 2 months notice. I lost my deposit but felt it was worth it to be rid of the situation.

I can't say how the bed bugs will be managed after I'm gone, but I would be really cautious if you're considering moving into this building.

I was pretty skeptical of the registry when I was looking at apartments but I would advise you not to make the same mistake. The whole situation was pretty stressful.

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This building is infested with bed bugs. Don't move here. I have bites on my face and arms, management blamed me for the bed bugs. I've been living here for over 4 years-only had bites the last two months-so clearly someone one else brought them. Regardless, there are bugs under my bed and in my drawers/closets. Its disgusting

I have had bed bugs in my unit for over a year. First noticed in Aug 2011, building management did not acknowledge my request to have the unit sprayed. I have paid to treat my unit 3 times privately, but since the building is infested they just keep coming back. So far my own personal cost has exceeded $1000...and I still have bed bugs


There have been bed bugs in my unit for the last month. I have noticed bites and just recently found an infestation. I'm hoping the building will do something about this.

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