2928 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4N

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One of my friends wanted to move in the building because she liked my apartment. Then she showed me this webpage and the report from 2012. I have been in this building for 2 years and I never had issues with any kind of pest, not to mention bed bugs. We also don't have a front lawn. I don't know who posted this report, but I seriously doubt it reffers to this building.


My boyfriend and I went to see an apartment in this building (1 Cheritan Avenue). We saw the bed bug reports prior to our appointment but we decided to go regardless. Upon arrival we saw a mattress on the front lawn - covered in bed bugs! When we asked the superintendent if there was a bed bug problem in this building he told us that if we had any more questions we would have to call head office... Out appointment ended very quickly after that.

The unit was very nice but most l

ikely infested and the superintendent was cold and very unhelpful.

This building was a definite NO for us and we wouldn't recommend it to anyone else.

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I live at 2928 Yonge Street and I was just coming in from a lovely Sunday afternoon out in the gorgeous weather and yet another tenant is moving out because of bedbugs!!!!!!! When I called the tenant relations manager what do you think his FIRST CONCERN WAS???? "Is she skipping out on us?" NOT.. OH THAT IS SO TERRIBLE, THE POOR WOMAN.. NO ALL HE CARED ABOUT WAS THE MONEY. DON'T MOVE HERE AND IF YOU LIVE IN THIS BUILDING YOU BETTER START DEMANDING THAT THEY SPRAY YOUR APARTMENT IMMEDIATELY BECAUS


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I just read the anonymous report and I am so happy to see that someone is finally complaining about this building. I had lived there for years and I loved it but it really started going down hill when CAP REIT took it over. The bedbugs were the last straw. I moved out in August 2008. the manager did NOTHING when I found them in my apartment. I know they came from the crazy pack rat guy down the hall. He was in the laundry room and my clothes were in a basket waiting for an empty machine. The nex

t day i got my first bite. It was a nightmare. I am so happy I moved. i'll never rent from them again. Good Luck!!!

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There is an apartment on the second floor of this 5 story apartment building that is infested with bed bugs. Capreit is the management company and they have done the minimum after many months of complaining by other tenants on the same floor. After numerous complaints they have sprayed the 1st and 2nd floor. The man with the bedbug infestation is non-compliant with the recommendations of the exterminators. He uses the laundry room. He leaves trash and other items in the hall. At least 2 tenants

have vacated because their apartments have been infected. This has been going on since May 2008. Several of the other tenants have complained to the building manager, the Operations Manager and the CEO with no satisfactory result and no more effective action. New tenants are not told of the problem. The existing tenants were not informed by the management, several of the tenants have posted letters and fliers about the on-going problem. The tenants have called the health and building inspectors. They will have to go to the press. Capreit is a huge corporation and they appear to have no concern for this issue. DON'T RENT FROM THEM.

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