2837 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4N

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Was in about 10 miunutes, did not unpack thank god! I sat on the sofa, opened my laptop and was jsut getting organized when I noticed bed bugs crawling out of the cushions at the back of the dirty sofa. I got a couple of bites. What a disgusting place. The clerk apologized but would not refund my charges for the day.

Definitely bed bugs. My back and legs are covered with bites.

Not the only problem with the Glen Grove Suites. The manager and his crony Marina are nasty and incompetent. Rest of the staff is wonderful, but the pair of them screwed with our bill. Also, be advised that while they advertise themselves as a hotel type place for short term stays, if you dare to stay in the short term they will threaten to kick you out. We were told to pay in advance for longer than we were sure if we would be sta

ying and they would refund us, but they're total scam artists so that isn't the case.

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This is Glen Grove hotel. it in fact has bed bugs. The staff was not shocked either.

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